7 Reasons An Advertorial Would be Disapproved in RevContent

Considered as the fastest growing content discovery platform and native ad network, Revcontent displays some 100 billion content recommendations each month on premium partner publishers including Forbes, NBC News, CBS Local, the E! Netowrk, and Fantasy Pros.

It is known for many things including giving its partners higher RPMs, a fully customized native widget that enhances user experience on your site, dedicated account managers, algorithm and machine learning technology that makes intelligent recommendations, and its selectivity when approving partner sites.

Revcontent also implements policies that advertisers need to follow to ensure the quality of content they promoting. Advertisers who violate these policies often face sanctions like ad denial and account suspension for severe violators.

If you’re an advertiser on this platform then you might want to consider studying their policies so your advertorials won’t get disapproved.

Below are seven reasons that might lead to ad denial on Revcontent:

1. Improper Use of Trademarks, Service Marks, and the Intellectual Property of Others

A trademark is anything that is used, or intended to be used, to identify the goods of one manufacturer from the goods of others. A service mark is very similar to a trademark, except that it is used to distinguish services. Trademarks and service marks include words, names, symbols and logos. Anything that distinctly identifies a company, brand or product can be a trademark or service mark.

Advertisers must ensure that they get authorization from the owner before using it in their advertorials.

If Revcontent receives a complaint about the unauthorized use of the intellectual property of others, it will investigate and may enforce restrictions on the use of that trademark within the campaign. Meanwhile, ads using restricted ads may not be allowed to run.

2. False Comments on Advertorial-Themed Landing Pages

According to Revcontent’s policies, any comment on an advertorial themed landing page should be truthful and authentic. Some comments that might be flagged include:

  • Comments that update dynamically via javascript
  • Comments that default to current or recent date
  • Comments that are static and always current or recent date
  • Comments that are static and look like Facebook comments with no actual link back to Facebook

If your landing page is flagged, you will be asked to provide documentation establishing that the comments are truthful and authentic.

3. News Elements on Advertorial Themed Landing Page

Revcontent prohibits advertorial themed landing pages to have any reference to or image of a news reporter, article writer, news format, news imagery, news URL or first person depiction of using a product or service that is not verified as authentic.

4. Misleading Links on Advertorial Themed Landing Pages

Links that appear on advertorials must redirect to what it says it will. For example, Facebook-branded links should redirect to Facebook and nowhere else.

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5. Non-Compliance with Advertorial Disclosure Policies

Even outside of RevContent, advertorials are supposed to have prominently displayed disclosures that the specific piece of content is a form of paid advertisement. To avoid ad disapproval, make sure that the following are present in your advertorial copy:

  • The term “ADVERTISMENT” should be placed at the top centre, in capital letters, with font size no smaller than 14, and colour contrast ratio no less than 4.5.
  • The phrase “THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT AN ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLE, BLOG, OR CONSUMER PROTECTION UPDATE” should appear at the end of the advertorial. It be in capital letters, the font no less than 20 point size or 27 pixels, and the colour contrast ratio no less than 4:5.

6. Use of the word “Consumer”

RevContent prohibits advertisers to use the word “consumer” in the title, heading, and/or URL of an advertorial.

7. Privacy

As with most native ad networks and content discovery platforms, advertorials running on RevContent are subject to privacy policies. If you breach these policies then your advertorials might be disapproved or banned from the network.

Those are the seven reasons your advertorials might get disapproved on RevContent.

If you’re advertising in Rev Content then you’ll want to download these compliant advertorial examples. 

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