Get your biggest digital

marketing clients, ever. 

If you sell a done-for-you digital marketing service and have a proven offer that's made $10,000 or more in the last year, I can help you get your biggest client yet.

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Here's how it works:


Write One Signature Strategy Blog Post

After writing content for 8-figure companies that sell to marketing decision makers, I’ve discovered a process for finding one content topic and writing it in a very specific way to get the biggest clients in your market wanting to do business with you.

I will ask you a few questions, find the topic you need to write, then give you my fill-in-the-blank template. You will send it back to me to edit/rewrite so your marketing asset is ready to promote.


Promote It To 

Your Dream 100

After your marketing asset is published, our next step is to get it in front of your Dream 100 clients that can't be easily reached via paid or organic traffic methods. We do that by sending a very personalized message to make sure your Dream 100 see it, read it, and want to hire you.

I will give you the message you need to send, plus the follow-up messages to send if you don't get a reply within 48 hours.


Put It Into A

Content Sales Funnel

Now that you have a marketing asset that works to a cold market (i.e. people who have never heard of you before), it's time to scale. We do that by optimizing your content for email opt-ins and product sales. 

We then create an ad campaign to start driving traffic to your marketing asset, to build your email list and buyers list. Once you grow your list by 100 people, I will give you the 5-day email campaign you need to send to turn those leads and customers into clients for your digital marketing service.

Want more information?


How do I qualify?

You need to sell a done-for-you digital marketing service, and have a proven offer that's made $10,000 or more in the last year. This program is strictly NOT suited for startups or beginners with no client experience. 

To be very clear – If you are NOT already working with at least one client in the business you want help with, this isn’t for you yet.

Can you help me get $10,000/mo digital marketing clients?

Yes, this process is proven to attract $10,000+/mo clients, however I can't guarantee to get you a $10,000/mo client if you've never sold a package for $10,000/mo before. 

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, when you invest with me I put skin in the game by giving you a "first client guarantee." This means if we haven't got you one new client in the first 60 days, you have the right to cancel our coaching agreement.

The kinds of clients that

see the best results

You Sell One Of These

  • Facebook/Google Ads Management
  • Copywriting/Content Marketing
  • Done-For-You Marketing Funnels 
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing

Common Traits

  • Have an existing website.
  • A proven offer you've sold before.
  • One or more successful clients. 
  • Willing to share freely.
  • Strong desire to scale.

What's it's like working

together 1-on-1

"$3,500/month coaching client. Plus he's gonna become an affiliate."

testimonial mike giannulis

"3 new deals in the pipeline which 1 has closed ($15k) and the other deals bring the total over ($50k)."

testimonial grant horejsi

"Awesome first day... I normally get 4k views... up to 8k already and 260 emails."

How much it costs

Pricing ranges from $1k to $10k depending on the level of service and how much support you want. Book a call to speak with one of my advisors and we’ll help you to find the best package for your budget and goals.

How does it work

Step 1. Please fill out the short questionnaire below so that we can learn more about you and your goals.

Step 2. Schedule a time to chat with my Head Advisor, Leandro Langeani, where you’ll discuss how we can help you get bigger digital marketing clients using Content Mavericks methods.

Step 3. If we both agree we’d be a good fit we’ll proceed to the next steps and get started working together to get your biggest client yet!