7 Best B2B Content Writing Services 2024 (#1 B2B Writer)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are thousands of different B2B content writing services. We spent 83 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to outsource content for your B2B business.

What is the Best B2B Content Writing Service?

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. B2B Writers — best for tech and IT
  5. The Content Panel — best for niche content
  6. Radix Communications — best for B2B copywriting
  7. Uplift Content — best for B2B ebooks

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: $5,995

Content Mavericks is your golden ticket to consistently attract high-value B2B leads. We think it’s the best because of its proprietary content marketing strategy, personalized done-for-you writing services, and guaranteed results.

The Best Part:

  • Foolproof guarantee policy. Content Mavericks really walks the talk. If they don't deliver results with their 'Greatest Hit Content', not only will you get your money back, but you’ll also get an extra $1k in your pocket to put towards new content.

The Worst Part:

  • No payment plans. Content Mavericks sticks to a one-time upfront payment policy, meaning you'll need to shell out the full amount of $5,995 before they start crafting your Greatest Hit Content.

Get it if you want a high-performing content writing service that consistently attracts high-value B2B clients.

I recommend you book a call with Content Mavericks’ Copy Chief, then get your Greatest Hit Content for $5,995.

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Best For

Content Mavericks is best for B2B businesses that want to consistently attract high-value clients with a proven, results-guaranteed digital content marketing strategy.

Top Features

  • In-depth research. Content Mavericks don't just scratch the surface; they take a deep dive into understanding your business through a comprehensive questionnaire and research process.

  • Customized writing. Based on their thorough research, they create a 'Greatest Hit Content' blog post that mirrors your brand's voice and targets high-value B2B clients effectively.

  • Strategy session. Content Mavericks will hop on a 30-minute one-on-one call to sweep away any confusion and give you clear instructions on how to use the ‘Greatest Hit Content’ blog post to draw in high-ticket B2B clients.

  • Personalized consulting. Content Mavericks offer one-on-one sessions until you land your first B2B client from your ‘Greatest Hit Content’ post.

  • Direct line of communication. A 30-day private thread is set up where you can shoot any questions or get personalized feedback for your business.


Content Mavericks offers a single pricing plan:

  • Greatest Hit Content: $5,995 one-time payment, for B2B businesses and brands that want to attract high-value leads using an effective content marketing strategy.

Try Content Mavericks today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best For Digital PR

Price: Starts at $3,000

PressPro is your one-stop shop for getting your content featured in top publications. We think it’s the best for digital PR because of its excellent B2B copywriting service, ability to secure high-authority links from top websites, and results-based pricing.

The Best Part:

  • Unbeatable media exposure. PressPro’s team will not only write content to market your business, but they'll also tap into their network of top-tier publications to ensure your story makes headlines and attracts new customers. Their network includes big names such as The Sun, NBC News, and USA Today.

The Worst Part:

  • No automated sign-up. PressPro requires you to hop on a call with their Head of Digital PR to discuss your specific needs and receive an offer before getting started. 

Get it if you want top-notch copywriting services that not only generate B2B leads but also get your business featured in high-profile publications.

I recommend you book a call with PressPro’s Head of Digital PR, then get started with a one-off test campaign ($3,000).

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Best For

PressPro is best for businesses that want to invest in a top-notch content writing service that not only generates B2B leads but also secures features in high-profile publications.

Top Features

  • Conversion-optimized copywriting. PressPro’s team of copywriters will ensure your content speaks to your audience and positions your brand as a trusted authority in the industry.

  • Headline-worthy titles. PressPro's creative team doesn't just stop at content — they craft catchy, attention-grabbing titles that are bound to make headlines and draw in readers.

  • Drives traffic. PressPro's content writing services have a proven track record of significantly increasing website traffic for B2B businesses by up to 2900%.

  • Value-based pricing. PressPro gets paid for the results they bring you, not the content they write. They charge based on the number of links generated for your business.

  • Money-back guarantee. If things don't pan out as expected within 90 days from campaign launch, you can request a pro-rata refund for any remaining links owed.


PressPro offers three pricing plans:

  • One-off test campaign: $3,000 one-time payment, for B2B businesses that want to sample PressPro's superior content writing services and run a test campaign to measure results — with a minimum guarantee of 5 high-quality backlinks.
  • Standard campaign: $5,000 one-time payment, for B2B businesses that want consistent growth through professionally written content that generates leads efficiently — with a minimum guarantee of 8 links.
  • Scale campaign: $7,500 one-time payment, for B2B businesses that want to significantly boost their online presence across top-tier publications through well-written content — with a minimum guarantee of 13 premium links.

Try PressPro today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best White-Label Provider

Price: Starts at $200

Loganix is the go-to agency for reliable white-label content writing services. We think it’s the best white-label provider because of its fast turnaround times, team of expert writers, and service satisfaction guarantee.

The Best Part:

  • Satisfaction guarantee. Loganix is so sure of the quality of their writing services that they offer a money-back policy if you're not entirely satisfied.

The Worst Part:

  • Cancellation refunds. When it comes to canceling a service post-purchase, Loganix tends to refund in the form of credits for their platform rather than returning cash directly into your original payment method.

Get it if you want expertly crafted, SEO-optimized white-label content for your B2B business.

I recommend you book a call with Loganix to discuss your content needs, then order one of their content writing services (starts at $149).

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Best For

Loganix is best for B2B businesses and agencies that want high-quality, SEO-optimized content that effectively communicates their brand message and engages their audience.

Top Features

  • Keyword research. Let Loganix do the detective work for you! Their team will unearth just the right B2B keywords to drive more traffic your way.

  • B2B content strategy. Loganix excels in creating and executing data-backed content strategies that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of B2B businesses. You can sit back and relax as they strategically plan and work on your content.

  • Strategic link building. Loganix is like a networking pro for your content. They write guest posts and get them published on other platforms within your niche, establishing you as a credible player in your industry.

  • High-quality copywriting. Loganix boasts a team of top-notch U.S and Canadian copywriters who craft well-researched, high-quality B2B content that speaks directly to your audience.

  • Ultra-fast delivery. Need quality content fast? Loganix guarantees delivery within seven days or less — no more waiting around for weeks on end!


Loganix offers multiple pricing plans:

  • SEO Copywriting Services: Starts at $149 per blog post, for B2B businesses that want to work with a cost-effective content agency that puts quality first.

Try Loganix today with a free strategy call.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer


Content Mavericks

Free call



Free call

Starts at $3,000


Free call

Starts at $200

B2B Writers

Free call


The Content Panel


Starts at $3.40

Radix Communications

Free call


Uplift Content

Free call

Starts at $1,500

Here are the top 50 B2B content writing services we considered in this review:

  1. Content Mavericks
  2. PressPro
  3. Loganix 
  4. B2B Writers
  5. The Content Panel
  6. Radix Communications
  7. Uplift Content
  8. Productive Shop
  9. Content Ideators
  10. Altitude Marketing
  11. Click Intelligence
  12. Writing Studio
  13. Fenwick
  14. Contently
  15. Brafton
  16. Clearvoice
  17. Skyword
  18. Animalz
  19. Codeless
  20. Pearl Lemon
  21. Mayfield Consulting
  22. Write Right
  23. Flying Cat Marketing
  24. RockContent
  25. IndustryArchive.org
  26. BunnyStudio
  27. ARC Digitech
  28. TIS Digital
  29. Goodman Lantern
  30. Logit
  31. Markable Solutions
  32. TextScout
  33. Welz Words
  34. ConciergeBee
  35. WriterAccess
  36. Scripted
  37. WordCandy
  38. Verblio
  39. Semrush Content Marketplace
  40. SEOButler
  41. Draft
  42. TextMaster
  43. Crowd Content
  44. Mint Studios
  45. Express Writers
  46. Edufficient
  47. Juris Digital
  48. Content Cucumber
  49. Pepper Content
  50. Breezy Content

What are B2B content writing services?

B2B content writing services specialize in creating high-quality content aimed at businesses rather than individual consumers. Unlike B2C content, the focus is often on solving complex problems and offering solutions in a professional tone. These services may include creating white papers, technical content, long-form blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts that cater to the interests and pain points of other businesses. Content types may vary depending on the target audience and marketing efforts.

Take for example Content Mavericks, a B2B content marketing agency that charges a hefty one-time fee for a single, impactful "Greatest Hit Content" blog post. Content Mavericks' business model focuses on quality over quantity, diving deep into research to create a piece of content that will attract high-value B2B clients. They are best suited for companies looking to attract such clients through a unique strategy, rather than a series of mediocre posts. They also promise unlimited revisions and even offer a money-back guarantee.

Is B2B content writing hard?

B2B content writing can be challenging, particularly because the content has to strike the right balance between being technical and engaging. The writers need to be proficient in the topic at hand, which often requires a level of expertise in fields like finance, technology, or manufacturing. Experienced writers often thrive in this space because they understand the industry jargon and can connect with the prospective customers or clients on a level that generalist freelance writers might struggle with.

Additionally, with B2B companies increasingly focusing on digital marketing agencies for driving their marketing efforts, there’s a higher demand for SEO content writing services. Writers not only have to write original content but also need to optimize it for search engines. Tools like Google Analytics are crucial to measure the success of the content. So, yes, B2B content writing involves multiple layers of complexity but can be very rewarding.

What are B2B SEO services?

B2B SEO services are specialized digital marketing services aimed at improving the online presence and visibility of B2B companies on search engines. They involve optimizing the website and content to appear higher on search engine rankings. This often includes keyword research, link building, and content optimization strategies.

Like Loganix, a service that's excellent for white-label SEO content, many agencies offer customized B2B content strategies to help businesses rank higher. They employ content strategists who use tools like Google Analytics to monitor how the optimized content is performing, and whether it's effectively reaching prospective clients.

What makes B2B content successful?

For B2B content to be successful, it has to be in-depth, high-quality, and tailored to solve specific problems that prospective customers or clients are facing. Moreover, it must be well-distributed across appropriate content formats — be it via email marketing, content distribution networks, or social media platforms.

The quality of the content is crucial. Whether it's a white paper that demonstrates thought leadership or an email newsletter that keeps prospective clients engaged, high-quality, original content is king. Services like PressPro go beyond just creating quality content. They also make sure the content gets media exposure, thereby increasing its reach and effectiveness.

What does a B2B content strategy look like?

A comprehensive B2B content strategy goes beyond just writing blog posts. It encompasses various types of content, from blog content and white papers to social media posts and email newsletters. The strategy should be geared toward reaching a clearly defined target audience, and often involves content creation services like researching, writing, and revising until the piece is perfect.

Content strategy for B2B also extends to SEO and content optimization. It’s not just about what is written but also how it’s formatted, distributed, and promoted. Marketing teams or digital marketing agencies might work in tandem with SEO experts to ensure the content is optimized for search engines.

Companies like Content Mavericks and Loganix offer a more personalized approach to content strategy. They provide one-on-one consulting to really understand your business goals and your audience, then craft a single impactful post or a series of posts that resonate with your prospective clients.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best B2B content writing services to try this year:

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. B2B Writers — best for tech and IT
  5. The Content Panel — best for niche content
  6. Radix Communications — best for B2B copywriting
  7. Uplift Content — best for B2B ebooks

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