7 Best Franchise Marketing Agencies 2024 (#1 Company)

by Chris Von Wilpert • Last updated November 23, 2023

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Today there are hundreds of different franchise marketing agencies. We spent 118 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to attract new franchisees.

What is the Best Franchise Marketing Agency?

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. ChoiceLocal — best for franchisees 
  5. Franchise Hive  — best for lead generation 
  6. Sparktank Franchise Marketing — best for consulting 
  7. Walibu — best for custom marketing software

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: $5,995

Content Mavericks is the most straightforward marketing agency for attracting new franchisees. We think it’s the best because of its performance-based approach, high-converting ‘Greatest Hit Content’ strategy, and ongoing personalized support.

The Best Part:

  • 100% risk-free. Content Mavericks’ commitment to results means they keep consulting with you until you get your first client from their strategy or provide a full refund plus $1,000 if unsuccessful within 90 days.

The Worst Part:

  • No financing. Content Mavericks requires an upfront payment of $5,995.

Get it if you want a no-nonsense content marketing strategy focused on attracting and converting new franchisees for your business.

I recommend you book a call with Content Mavericks’ Copy Chief, then get your Greatest Hit Content done for $5,995.

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Best For

Content Mavericks is best for franchisors who want a results-driven content marketing strategy to find and convert high-quality franchisees.

Top Features

  • Proprietary marketing strategy. Content Mavericks' Greatest Hit Content strategy focuses on creating a single, high-converting blog post that’s created to attract new franchisees for your business.

  • Tried and tested. Content Mavericks has worked with $100M+ companies like Amazon, Shopify, and AppSumo. Their ‘Greatest Hit Content’ strategy has consistently proven to be effective both for the smallest companies and the biggest enterprises.

  • Hassle-free service. Simply join a couple of calls and complete a 21-question survey, then sit back and let Content Mavericks take care of crafting the perfect content for your franchise’s marketing strategy.

  • Expert consulting. You'll receive personalized advice through 1:1 game plan calls and a private email thread for 30 days to help answer your questions and guide you through the process.

  • Perfect for paid ads. Content Mavericks will work with you to create a customized, high-converting case study that showcases your franchise's success stories, making it perfect for running ad campaigns.


Content Mavericks offers a single pricing plan:

  • Greatest Hit Content: $5,995 one-time payment, for franchisors who want a results-driven content marketing strategy to attract and convert high-quality franchisees.

Try Content Mavericks today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best For Digital PR

Price: Starts at $3,000

PressPro is the fastest way to get your business out there to attract enthusiastic franchisees. We think it’s the best for digital PR because of its network of top-tier publications, experienced team of copywriters, and risk-free pricing.

The Best Part:

  • High-level PR. PressPro will get your franchise featured on big-name publications such as Nasdaq, MSN, and NBC News. This premium exposure puts your brand front and center for potential franchisees who are browsing these high-profile sites.

The Worst Part:

  • No automatic sign-up. To get started with PressPro, you'll need to schedule a conversation with their Head of Digital PR for a tailored offer — there's no option for automated sign-up or instant payment.

Get it if you want top-tier digital PR exposure for your business to attract potential franchisees.

I recommend you book a call with PressPro’s Head of Digital PR, then get the one-off test campaign ($3,000).

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Best For

PressPro is best for franchise businesses that want to attract potential investors and expand their reach through high-level digital PR.

Top Features

  • Data-backed PR. PressPro uses data analysis to fuel your franchise marketing campaigns, making informed decisions based on previous successful campaigns they've run for their clients.

  • A-level copywriters. PressPro boasts a solid team of skilled copywriters who know how to promote your franchise in just the right way, sparking interest and enticing potential investors to seal the deal.

  • Pay-for-performance model. PressPro operates on a results-driven basis, meaning you only pay when they successfully land your franchise a feature in the targeted publications — if not, you get your money back.

  • More franchisees. PressPro not only gets you featured in top publications, but also leverages those placements to drive a significant increase in website traffic and attract more potential franchisees.

  • SEO-friendly marketing. PressPro’s team incorporates search engine optimization techniques within your featured articles to boost your domain authority and drive more traffic.


PressPro offers three pricing plans:

  • One-off test campaign: $3,000 one-time payment, for franchisors who want to dip their toes into digital PR and evaluate its results.
  • Standard campaign: $5,000/month for franchisors who want to steadily grow their franchise network through digital PR.
  • Scale campaign: $7,500/month for franchisors who want to expand their reach rapidly and attract a significant number of potential franchisees.

Try PressPro today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best White-Label Provider

Price: Starts at $7

Loganix is the best agency for outsourcing white-label services for your franchisees. We think it’s the best white-label provider because of its experienced team of writers, fast turnarounds, and exceptional scalability to meet high volumes.

The Best Part:

  • It's incredibly scalable. Loganix has a large team of specialized pros for each marketing service, ready to quickly deliver custom services for each and every one of your franchisees.

The Worst Part:

  • Not-so-straightforward refunds. If you decide to cancel a service, Loganix mostly provides platform credits over giving your money back.

Get it if you want to offer white-label marketing services for your franchisees.

I recommend you book a call with Loganix to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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Best For

Loganix is best for franchisors who want to outsource efficient and scalable marketing services to support their franchisees with marketing.

Top Features

  • Personalized approach. Loganix gets to know each franchise you have and tailors their services to meet the specific needs of your individual franchisees.

  • All-in-one marketing. Whether it's SEO, PPC management, content creation, or link-building, Loganix has got your back every step of the way with its wide range of services.

  • Strategy development. If you're starting from square one, Loganix can help develop effective marketing strategies tailored to the goals and challenges of each franchise.

  • Expert supervision. Each service is overseen by seasoned pros at Loganix before it’s delivered for you to use for your franchise marketing. Quality control at its best.

  • Speedy delivery. They work fast — most services are delivered in as little as two days so you can keep things moving smoothly and focus on the big picture.


Loganix offers multiple pricing plans:

  • Get white-label franchise marketing services like SEO, PPC, link building, and more for your franchisees, starting from just $7.

Try Loganix today with a free consultation call.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer


Content Mavericks

Free call



Free call

Starts at $3,000


Free call

Starts at $7


Free call


Franchise Hive

Free call

Starts at $299/mo

Sparktank Franchise Marketing

Free call



Free call


Here are the top 50 franchise marketing agencies we considered in this review:

  1. Content Mavericks
  2. PressPro
  3. Loganix
  4. ChoiceLocal
  5. Franchise Hive
  6. Sparktank Franchise Marketing
  7. Walibu 
  8. Oneupweb
  9. Netsertive
  10. Thrive
  11. SOCi
  12. Lead PPC
  13. NineOneNine Marketing
  14. Consumer Fusion, Inc.
  15. Franatics
  16. Integrated Digital Strategies
  17. Entrepreneur.com
  18. Hot Dish Advertising
  19. Curious Jane
  20. Sharpnet Solutions
  21. Scorpion
  22. Local Hero
  23. SalesOptima Digital
  24. TopFire Media
  25. Location3
  26. Silvercrest
  27. Hyperlocology
  28. Franchise Direct
  29. Eulerity
  30. Reshift Media
  31. Rallio
  32. Bright Pink Agency
  33. Goodway Group
  34. Ignite Visibility
  35. AMP Agency
  36. Qiigo
  37. Crush 2.0 Agency
  38. Elysium Marketing Group
  39. NinthRoot
  40. Brand Journalists
  41. Amra & Elma
  42. Beehive Web Solutions
  43. Lyfe Marketing
  44. WebFX
  45. SEO Discovery
  46. Straight North
  47. Big Rush
  48. Wheat Creative
  49. Momentum Digital
  50. Growww Digital

What is the best type of franchise marketing?

The ideal type of franchise marketing is one that effectively leverages digital marketing strategies to reach the target audience. An integrated approach that combines various digital channels like social media advertising, online advertising, and even Google My Business can be highly effective.

Agencies like Content Mavericks specialize in high-converting content strategies, focusing on creating material that resonates with potential franchisees. Their "Greatest Hit Content" strategy is particularly geared towards attracting quality franchise clients who will become long-term business partners. This approach can be invaluable in the franchise industry, which relies on attracting the right kind of entrepreneurs to extend the brand's reach.

Marketing materials, too, must be high-quality, incorporating good graphic design and a consistent message across platforms. This ensures a strong digital and social media presence, encouraging engagement from potential customers and franchise owners alike.

The marketing program should be in line with the franchise model and business model, carefully tailored to meet marketing goals. By employing state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions like artificial intelligence tools for data analysis or mobile-friendly advertising strategies, franchise owners can take their marketing efforts to the next level. This is where having a dedicated agency for franchises can be a game-changer. These specialized agencies understand the unique needs of franchise clients and can adapt their strategies accordingly.

How do I market my franchise to franchisees?

To market your franchise effectively to franchisees, a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy is essential. The first step is to identify your ideal customers, i.e., the franchisees who would be a perfect fit for your business. Once you know who you're targeting, digital marketing agencies can help you roll out digital advertising campaigns tailored to this audience.

Platforms like Google My Business can be crucial for improving your online presence, making your franchise more visible to potential partners. Additionally, consider hiring a specialized franchise marketing company that offers tailored solutions for your industry. For instance, agencies like PressPro can get your brand featured in top-tier publications, offering invaluable digital PR. They leverage a pay-for-performance model, meaning they're committed to delivering real results.

SEO is another crucial component; therefore, working with an SEO company can improve your search rankings, making you more visible to potential franchisees. This involves creating high-quality content that not only ranks well on Google but also resonates with your target audience.

What is the best way to sell franchises?

Selling franchises is a multi-step process that involves more than just advertising. Effective social media management, reputation management, and even tailored franchise marketing plans are essential for convincing prospective franchisees to invest in your brand. Franchise owners often seek out companies with a solid, reputable business marketing model.

Firms like Loganix can offer white-label services, allowing for customization and scalability across different franchises. They can oversee a range of digital marketing services, ensuring that all your franchisees receive consistent, high-quality marketing support. This not only builds brand consistency but also assures potential franchisees of the marketing support they can expect when joining your network.

Moreover, you should collaborate with marketing experts who can help you articulate a clear and compelling value proposition for potential franchisees. This involves everything from showcasing the training and support you provide to demonstrating the profitability of your franchise model.

What is the most successful approach to franchise advertising?

The most successful approach to franchise advertising lies in implementing a variety of advertising strategies to capture the widest audience. Online advertising, social media advertising, and digital marketing campaigns should work in harmony to create a cohesive message.

Reputation management is also key to successful franchise advertising. Prospective franchisees will often conduct thorough research before investing, and a strong, positive online presence can go a long way in tipping the scales in your favor. Using digital marketing programs that include review management or customer testimonials can significantly improve your brand’s trustworthiness.

Agencies like PressPro can help you gain media coverage, adding an extra layer of credibility and reach to your marketing program. Additionally, technologies such as artificial intelligence can help analyze consumer behavior, providing valuable insights to refine advertising strategies further.

What is a franchise CRM?

A franchise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a specialized tool designed to manage interactions between the franchisor, franchisees, and customers. It's an integrated digital strategy designed to streamline various aspects of franchise operations, including sales, customer service, and digital marketing solutions.

Given the complexity of the franchise industry, having a CRM tailored to manage relationships between various stakeholders can be invaluable. It can track interactions with potential customers, manage digital marketing campaigns, and even help in reaching marketing goals through automated workflows.

It's a one-stop-shop for franchise owners to manage their day-to-day operations, keeping tabs on everything from lead generation to the performance of digital marketing campaigns. This allows for better decision-making, based on real-time data, making it easier to adapt strategies as needed.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best franchise marketing agencies to try this year:

  1. Content Mavericks — best of the best
  2. PressPro — best for digital PR
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. ChoiceLocal — best for franchisees 
  5. Franchise Hive  — best for lead generation 
  6. Sparktank Franchise Marketing — best for consulting
  7. Walibu — best for custom marketing software

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