7 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies 2024 (Proven)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are 188 different real estate lead generation companies. We spent 160 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to generate both buyer and seller leads with..

What is the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Company?

  1. BoldLeads — best of the best
  2. REDX — best for finding seller leads
  3. Rezi Leads — best automated follow ups
  4. Real Geeks — best agent websites
  5. Offrs — best for finding early sellers
  6. CINC — best for finding buyers leads
  7. Market Leader — best for guaranteed leads

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Custom quote (Starts at $269/month, plus $250 minimum ad spend)

BoldLeads is a powerful all-in-one tool for converting more real estate deals. We think it’s the best of the best because of its great CRM, its automatic follow ups with the AI powered Text Concierge, and their collection of landing page templates.

The Best Part:

  • The “done-for-you” mindset. With BoldLeads’ automatic lead generation capabilities, their automatic lead nurturing system, and powerful CRM, you will be converting your exclusive leads with a lot less effort and time.

The Worst Part:

  • One night stands are not allowed. BoldLeads will only close contracts with a minimum commitment of six months, which can drive some people away.

Get it if you want the best follow-up nurturing system to close your exclusive buyer and seller leads with.

I recommend you book a free demo to figure out which plan is best suited for your lead gen needs.

(free demo)

Best For

BoldLeads is best for anyone looking for an all-in-one, automated solution to become more efficient in generating and following up with their exclusive leads… and closing more sales.

Top Features

  • Proven follow-up systems. BoldLeads offers a solid CRM which allows you to set up automated follow-up systems via email, text, and voice campaigns. It will then tell you which methods are yielding the best results.
  • Your own AI-powered concierge. While you focus on closing your deals one on one, BoldLeads’ Text Concierge will automatically qualify the leads that go through to you. Imagine what only spending time talking to the hottest leads can do for your bottom line.
  • It doesn’t spill the beans. All of the buyer and seller leads you get from BoldLeads are yours to keep. Give ‘em a ZIP code, get exclusive leads.
  • Save on web designing fees. BoldLeads comes with 40+ high-conversion landing page templates to help you design your site and landing pages just the way you want it.
  • A professional media buying team at your will. With your BoldLeads account, you get a team of professional media buyers to maintain your ad campaigns and keep the ads rolling, while you focus on what you do best. 


BoldLeads offers three pricing plans:

  • Lite: Custom price, for agents new to lead generation automation.
  • Professional: Custom price, for growing teams.
  • Advanced: Custom price, for big companies.

Try BoldLeads today with a free demo.


Our Verdict — Best For Finding Seller Leads

Price: Starts at $39.99/month

REDX is like a miner that finds diamonds in the rough. We think it’s best for finding undiscovered seller leads because of its unusual lead databases, coupled with its incredible auto dialer.

The Best Part:

  • It does the dirty-work for you. With the automated follow ups and power dialer features, you can spend more time with pre-qualified leads and less time digging through endless lists, and invest more time talking to only the cream of the crop.

The Worst Part:

  • Your leads won’t be looking for your help. REDX finds a lot of leads that aren’t actively looking for agents, or at least not yet. That means you’ll likely have a harder time converting them. On the other hand, if you’re the persuasive kind, this could be like a newfound gold mine for you.

Get it if you want to uncover seller leads before your competitors, and you’ve got great selling power.

I recommend you get started with the GeoLeads Plus plan for $119.98/month so you can uncover hard-to-find leads in your area, along with the Power Dialer add-on for $59.99/month.

(free demo)

Best For

REDX is best for agents who are great closers, and want to find the first ones to reach the right seller leads.

Top Features

  • It uncovers leads in the rough. REDX mines for leads on lists that most agents aren’t paying attention to, like pre-foreclosure records, FSBO listings, and expired listings, for example. They might be harder to close, but REDX will do most of the dirty work to deliver the right leads on a silver platter.
  • Only get the type of leads you want. Choose from five lead acquisition sources: Expireds, Geoleads, For Sale By Owners, For Rent By Owners, and Pre-foreclosure… and focus on the ones that work best for your business.
  • CRM on every plan. All of your leads are automatically added to Vortex, REDX’s CRM, which offers custom scripts that will always say the right thing, at the right time, for all of your leads.
  • Leads are auto-scrubbed. Every lead you get from REDX is checked against the DNC list, so you don’t break any laws when you reach out to them.
  • REDX connects you to more sellers. WIth the Auto-Dialer add-on (starts at $59.99/month), you are throwing more lines in the water, so you can connect to more contacts per hour, and spend zero time on bad calls.


REDX offers 10 pricing plans:

  • Expired Leads: $59.99/month for people looking for new and old expired listings.
  • Expired PLUS: $119.98/month for expired leads and more advanced features.
  • GeoLeads: $59.99/month for finding contact information for any neighborhood.
  • GeoLeads Plus: $119.98/month for finding contact information for any neighborhood and more advanced features.
  • FSBO Leads: $39.99/month for finding sale-by-owner leads.
  • FSBO Plus: $59.98/month for finding sale-by-owner leads and more advanced features.
  • FRBO Leads: $39.99/month for finding rent-by-owner leads.
  • FRBO Plus: $59.98/month for finding rent-by-owner leads and more advanced features.
  • Pre-Foreclosure Leads: $39.99/month for finding pre-foreclosure leads.
  • Pre-Foreclosure Plus: $79.98/month for finding pre-foreclosure leads and more advanced features.

All plans can be powered up with multiple add-ons, like the Power Dialer or the Ad Builder, for example — both starting at $59.99/month each.

Try REDX today with a free demo.

Our Verdict — Best Automated Follow-Ups

Price: Custom quote (Starts at $297/month)

Rezi Leads is an AI based lead generation and CRM system. We think it’s the best for automated follow ups, because it writes your SMS and email campaigns automatically, delivers a constant flow of leads, and it has an incredible ROI track record for their customers.

The Best Part:

  • Powered by AI. Rezi Leads helps you convert leads in volume with its automations and powerful CRM… while keeping it extra user-friendly.

The Worst Part:

  • Lazy website. Rezi Leads’ website does a very poor job at explaining the product and its capabilities. The best idea is to book a demo to really understand what the product can do for your business.

Get it if you want to leverage AI to follow up with your leads even on your sleep.

I recommend you book a free demo to figure out if Rezi Leads is for you.

(free demo)

Best For

Rezi Leads is best for techie entrepreneurs who want to leverage their time and closing powers with a powerful AI powered CRM.

Top Features

  • Hands-off conversions. Rezi Leads helps you convert more leads, as it creates all your follow-up sequences with a few clicks.
  • The easiest of set ups. Rezi Leads is really simple and easy to use. Even technophobes will have no problem navigating their system, and quickly learning their way around it, while techies can have fun tweaking at will.
  • Exclusive leads. I guess I could share my fries, but I certainly don’t want to share my leads. Rezi Leads won’t share your leads with other agents, so all of the buyer and seller leads are assigned to you, and only you.
  • Constant flow of leads. Users report that they get at least 30+ leads every month through their Rezi Leads account, so their pipeline never dries up.
  • It delivers results, it saves time. According to Rezi Leads, their agents historically see over 398% ROI while saving more than 20 hours a week.


Rezi Leads offers two pricing plans:

  • Lite: Custom pricing for agents looking for exclusive buyer leads. 
  • Pro: Custom pricing for agents looking for exclusive buyer and seller leads.

Try Rezi Leads today with a free demo.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. BoldLeads — best of the best
  2. REDX — best for finding seller leads
  3. Rezi Leads — best automated follow ups

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer




Custom quote (starts at $269/mo)



Starts at $39.99/month

Rezi Leads


Custom quote (starts at $297/mo)

Real Geeks


Custom quote



Custom quote



Custom quote

Market Leader


Custom quote

Here are the top 50 real estate lead generation companies we considered in this review:

  1. BoldLeads
  2. REDX
  3. Rezi Leads
  4. Real Geeks
  5. Offrs
  6. CINC
  7. Market Leader
  8. Boomtown
  9. Real Estate Webmasters 
  10. Zurple 
  11. AgentFire 
  12. PropertyMinder 
  13. Agent Image
  14. Audience.co
  15. USLeadList
  16. LeadSites 
  17. Catalyze AI
  18. Agent Dominator
  19. StreetText
  20. Revaluate
  21. Propertybase GO
  22. Lyfe Marketing
  23. Ylopo
  24. Parkbench
  25. Zillow Premier Agent
  26. Zoho CRM
  27. Placester
  28. Smart Zip
  29. Agent Locator
  30. Listing To Leads
  31. ZipTitan
  32. iNCOM
  33. zBuyer
  34. Placester
  35. Firepoint
  36. HomesIn.com
  37. Leads 2 Listing
  38. Inside Real Estate
  39. Tigerlead
  40. Proven Partners
  41. Sierra Interactive
  42. Brivity
  43. Kunversion
  44. Prime Seller Leads
  45. FiveStreet
  46. torchx.com
  47. Lisa Network
  48. Realtor.com
  49. Flipt
  50. RealSpace

Do lead generation companies work?

Yes, lead generation companies can be effective for real estate agents and businesses. Lead generation services provide a steady stream of potential leads that can help agents and businesses reach their target market. 

These services use a variety of strategies such as search engine optimization, display advertising, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, artificial intelligence, and more to generate quality leads. Many lead generation companies offer custom landing pages and other features to help agents and businesses maximize their marketing efforts. 

The cost of lead generation services can vary depending on the type of leads you’re getting, add-ons, and other factors. However, many companies offer a wide range of pricing tiers that are cost-effective for businesses of any budget. 

Lead generation companies can be an effective tool for real estate agents and businesses looking to generate a steady stream of quality leads.

What is a good price to pay per lead?

The average cost per lead for real estate lead generation companies varies depending on the type of lead, the quality of leads, and the strategies used to generate them. 

Generally speaking, a good price for beginners to pay per lead is around $20-$50, but this can vary depending on the services offered by the company and their track record in providing quality leads. 

Factors such as custom landing pages, search engine optimization, targeted marketing, and digital marketing assistance can also affect the cost per lead.

Many real estate lead generation companies offer pricing tiers based on the number of leads purchased, so it is important to consider your business budget when selecting a lead generation service.

What is the biggest challenge for lead generation?

The biggest challenge for lead generation is finding the right target market and creating effective strategies to reach them. 

Generating a steady stream of leads requires real estate agents and companies to invest in a wide range of tools such as search engine optimization, customer relationship management software, and real estate websites, for example. 

Individual agents must also be willing to invest in lead generation services or software that offer robust features and custom landing pages.

The cost of lead generation can be a challenge for many real estate teams and companies, as it takes a significant investment in time and resources in order to generate quality leads.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best real estate lead generation companies to try this year:

  1. BoldLeads — best of the best
  2. REDX — best for finding seller leads
  3. Rezi Leads — best automated follow ups
  4. Real Geeks — best agent websites
  5. Offrs — best for finding early sellers
  6. CINC — best for finding buyers leads
  7. Market Leader — best for guaranteed leads

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