7 Best SEO Consultants 2024 (Rank #1 On Search Engines)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are thousands of different SEO consultants. We spent 87 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to boost your search engine rankings.

What is the Best SEO Consultant?

  1. PressPro — best of the best
  2. Content Mavericks — best for B2B businesses
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. Absolute Digital Media — best for eCommerce SEO
  5. Skalsik Growth — best for growth hackers
  6. Promodo — best for funnel marketing
  7. High Voltage SEO — best for scientific tests

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $3,000

PressPro is the go-to SEO consulting firm for increasing domain authority and generating quality backlinks. We think it’s the best because of its efficient link-building campaigns, impressive SEO case studies, and result-based pricing.

The Best Part:

  • High-profile publications. PressPro has connections with dozens of top-tier outlets such as Yahoo News, NBC News, and BuzzFeed. You’re guaranteed to get powerful backlinks that’ll boost your search engine authority.

The Worst Part:

  • Manual onboarding. Before you can sign up for PressPro's SEO packages, you need to have a chat with their Head of Digital PR to get a personalized offer. 

Get it if you want expert PR consulting services that translate into increased monthly traffic, domain authority, and quality backlinks.

I recommend you book a call with PressPro’s Head of Digital PR, then get started with the one-off test campaign ($3,000).

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Best For

PressPro is best for businesses that want to work with a reliable SEO consulting company to boost their SEO and generate solid backlinks.

Top Features

  • Well-crafted PR articles. PressPro’s team of seasoned copywriters and consultants produces SEO-optimized PR articles that are guaranteed to drive traffic, increase click-through rates, and boost your site's search engine rankings.

  • Tailored strategy. PressPro's Head of Digital PR will work with you one-on-one to craft a bespoke game plan that considers all your targets.

  • Fast execution. PressPro’s consulting team is dedicated to speed and efficiency, delivering backlinks within an average turnaround time of just 4-6 weeks. Your SEO will be firing on all cylinders in no time.

  • Significant traffic increase. PressPro’s strategic PR campaigns are designed to drive a massive increase in your website traffic, by showing signals to let  Google know you’re the real deal.

  • Risk-free pricing. PressPro's pay-for-what-you-get policy ensures you only pay for results. No backlinks? No billing. It's that simple.


PressPro offers three pricing plans:

  • One-off test campaign: $3,000 one-time payment, for businesses that want to try out PressPro’s SEO boosting campaigns.
  • Standard campaign: $5,000/month for businesses that aim for steady growth and consistent improvement for their SEO.
  • Scale campaign: $7,500/month for established businesses or industries that want to dominate their niches using robust backlinks from top sites.

Try PressPro today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best For B2B Businesses

Price: $5,995

Content Mavericks is the most straightforward SEO consultancy company in the market. We think it’s the best for B2B businesses because of its powerful proprietary content strategy, conversion-focused approach, and personalized one-on-one consulting.

The Best Part:

  • Guaranteed results. Content Mavericks guarantee is a crazy one. You either get results, or you get 100% of  your money back plus an extra thousand dollars to use towards new content!

The Worst Part:

  • Pay to play. Content Mavericks requires a one-time upfront payment of $5,995 USD to start working on your SEO. There are no installment options available.

Get it if you want to partner with an SEO consultant that guarantees results, with a strategy proven to win high-value B2B clients.

I recommend you book a call with Content Mavericks’ Copy Chief, then get your Greatest Hit Content done for $5,995.

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Best For

Content Mavericks is best for B2B businesses that want to leverage long-form content to climb search engine rankings and convert more B2B leads.

Top Features

  • Trusted by industry leaders. Content Mavericks has earned the trust of industry giants. Renowned brands like AppSumo, Amazon, and Shopify have turned to Content Mavericks for SEO consulting.

  • High-impact content. Content Mavericks specializes in creating 'Greatest Hit Content'  pieces — a comprehensive piece of long-form content that outshines all others in your niche, driving tons of organic traffic and converting more visitors into leads.

  • Organic backlinks. Content Mavericks’ writers create exceptional “Greatest Hit Content” pieces that naturally attract backlinks, without you even trying.

  • Dominate search rankings. Content Mavericks' long-form content is a game-changer. It tends to soar up the SERPs, outperforming other pieces in your niche… Getting organic traffic even if you have low domain authority.

  • Personalized support. With one-on-one consulting calls and email support, you'll never feel lost or overlooked — they've got your back on every step of the way.


Content Mavericks offers a single pricing plan:

  • Greatest Hit Content: $5,995 one-time payment, for B2B businesses that want to boost their SEO and create impactful long-form content that drives traffic and conversions.

Try Content Mavericks today with a free consultation call.

Our Verdict — Best White-Label Provider

Price: Starts at $500/month

Loganix is the best consulting company for outsourcing content and SEO services. We think it’s the best white-label provider because of its excellent services, fast turnaround times, and team of well-experienced consultants.

The Best Part:

  • Expert SEO consulting. Loganix has a powerful team of consultants, writers, and advisors who will strategize, execute and optimize their SEO services to drive top-tier results for your clients’ rankings.

The Worst Part:

  • Frustrating cancellation policy. Loganix's approach is to typically offer service credits for future use instead of direct cash returns when you cancel a service.

Get it if you want to outsource SEO services without compromising on quality.

I recommend you book a call with Loganix to discuss your SEO needs.

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Best For

Loganix is best for businesses and agencies that want to offer top-notch SEO services under their brand without hiring anyone new.

Top Features

  • Custom SEO plans. Whether it's for your own business or a client's, Loganix provides tailored strategies to help you achieve your goals.

  • Experienced, native-speaking writers. The team at Loganix is equipped with native-speaking content writers from Canada and the U.S. who know how to craft engaging and SEO-friendly content.

  • Comprehensive SEO services. From detailed audits (for SEO and links) to thorough keyword research and gap analysis, Loganix has got all aspects of SEO covered for you.

  • Quality backlinks. Loganix carefully constructs each link to ensure they effectively boost your search engine rankings. Talk about quality.

  • Fast delivery. Loganix offers a quick turnaround time, delivering most services in as little as two days.


Loganix offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard Package: $500/month for businesses that want to boost their SEO game with services like basic SEO reviews, guest post links from sites with decent traffic, and link management by seasoned Loganix professionals.
  • Authority Package: $1,000/month for businesses that want to establish a strong niche presence on search engines with every feature in the Standard Package, plus high-authority backlinks from high-DA (40+) sites.
  • Dedicated consulting: Custom pricing, for agencies and resellers who want a white-label SEO consulting package.

Try Loganix today with a free strategy call.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. PressPro — best of the best
  2. Content Mavericks — best for B2B businesses
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



Free call

Starts at $3,000

Content Mavericks

Free call



Free call

Starts at $500/mo

Absolute Digital Media

Free call


Skalski Growth

Free call

Starts at $1,000/project


Free call


High Voltage SEO

Free call

Starts at $150

Here are the top 50 content marketing agencies we considered in this review:

  1. PressPro
  2. Content Mavericks
  3. Loganix 
  4. Absolute Digital Media
  5. Skalski Growth
  6. Promodo
  7. High Voltage SEO
  8. RustyBrick
  9. KoMarketing
  10. Zupo
  11. Straight North
  12. Northcutt
  13. SmartSites
  14. Hive Digital
  15. Pole Position Marketing
  16. SEO Inc.
  17. LSEO.com
  18. HigherVisibility
  19. seoplus+
  20. Local SEO Search
  21. Ignite Digital
  22. Anvil Media
  23. Vizion Interactive
  24. Propellic
  25. WebiMax
  26. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
  27. Artios
  28. SEO Berlino
  29. Intero Digital
  30. SEO Discovery
  31. BFO (Be Found Online)
  32. SEO Image
  33. Searchbloom
  34. CueBlocks
  35. CadenceSEO
  36. Coalition Technologies
  37. IGW (Infographic World)
  38. The SEO Works
  39. On The Map Marketing
  40. Victorious
  41. Ignite Visibility
  42. 180Fusion
  43. Directive
  44. novi.digital
  45. Bruce Clay, Inc.
  46. WebFX
  47. WillShall Consulting
  48. GoingClear
  49. Digital Current
  50. Red Hot Penny

Who is the best SEO consultant?

Determining the best SEO consultant can be subjective and depends on your business goals, objectives, and budget. In the given context, PressPro has the edge for companies that prioritize high-quality backlinks and domain authority. They specialize in securing powerful backlinks from high-profile publications like Nasdaq, USA Today, and NBC News. Their efficient link-building campaigns and result-based pricing align with what most business owners are looking for.

PressPro's bespoke game plans also make them an attractive choice for businesses that require tailored strategies, fast execution, and risk-free pricing. Their range of SEO services and significant traffic increases indicate a successful SEO campaign in the making. However, it's always advisable to conduct an SEO audit and competitor analysis before making a choice, whether you're leaning towards a renowned SEO agency like PressPro or considering others.

Are SEO consultants worth it?

Businesses often debate the value of hiring SEO experts versus utilizing in-house marketing teams for SEO campaigns. While your house team might know your business intimately, SEO consultants bring specialized knowledge that can be instrumental in improving online presence and conversion rates. They usually offer a wide range of services from off-page SEO to content optimization and search engine marketing.

How do I choose an SEO consultant?

Choosing an SEO consultant should be a strategic decision, influenced by various factors like your business objectives, target market, and budget. Always initiate the process with a comprehensive SEO audit and competitor analysis to understand where you stand. Consult digital marketing agencies or individual experts based on the gaps you identify.

Keep in mind that good communication skills are essential in any SEO consultant or digital marketer. Discuss your business goals openly and listen to their plans to improve your online presence, conversion rates, and user experience. The best consultant for you would align their marketing strategy closely with your goals.

Look at their track record, range of services, and client testimonials. Take note of hourly rates and measure it against their portfolio to ensure you're getting good value. Consulting services like PressPro, Content Mavericks, and Loganix offer various pricing plans tailored to different needs, making it easier for potential customers to choose what best suits them.

Can I pay someone to do my SEO?

Certainly, you can pay someone to handle your SEO. Businesses often outsource this to digital marketing consultants or SEO companies to capitalize on their expertise. Whether it's enhancing user experience, optimizing content, or building high-quality backlinks, SEO companies like PressPro and Content Mavericks provide specialized services that are designed to improve your digital presence.

PressPro and Content Mavericks, for instance, offer different pricing plans. PressPro has plans starting at $3,000 for a one-off test campaign, which might be suitable for businesses new to SEO. On the other hand, Content Mavericks requires a one-time upfront payment of $5,995. Weigh these costs against your business objectives and expected ROI.

How much should SEO cost me?

The cost of SEO services can vary widely based on your business objectives and the digital marketing agency you choose. PressPro's offerings start at $3,000 for a one-off test campaign, suitable for businesses that want to test the waters. On the other hand, their Scale campaign goes up to $7,500/month, designed for established businesses that aim to dominate their niches.

While it's tempting to go for cheaper options, remember that effective SEO is an investment. High-quality content creation, meticulous SEO audits, and effective email marketing campaigns require skilled expertise and time. Cheaper isn't always better, especially when it comes to important factors like high-quality backlinks, content optimization, and overall user experience.

Before deciding, consider your budget, but also look at the potential ROI. If an SEO company or consultant can significantly boost your conversion rates and target a wider range of potential customers, the investment might very well be justified.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best content marketing agencies this year:

  1. PressPro — best of the best
  2. Content Mavericks — best for B2B businesses
  3. Loganix — best white-label provider
  4. Absolute Digital Media — best for eCommerce SEO
  5. Skalsik Growth — best for growth hackers
  6. Promodo — best for funnel marketing
  7. High Voltage SEO — best for scientific tests

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