How To Take The Headache Out Of Ad Network Compliance

We’ve met with many small business owners that have spent thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) to build a funnel. Excited and motivated to succeed, they setup an ad campaign only to be disapproved with a vague message from the ad network stating they will be unable to run ads to that offer. That’s an expensive mistake to swallow, but it happens all to frequently.

The hardest part is that you now have to go back to the drawing board with your front end offer, or create a business model that is reliant only on JV’s where you’ll be forever reliant on the traffic of others.

The good news is that we understand your desire to control your own business success and the desire to use paid traffic to make consistent sales without the highs and lows that JV promotions cause.

In fact, Content Mavericks was born out of the desire of our clients to want compliant pages that ad networks love.

You see, our founder also co-owns an in-demand digital marketing agency called IMScalable. That agency is sought out by info-publishers, authors, and product owners with 7 figure businesses that have been built on email promotions (warm traffic), but are now looking to scale with paid ads (cold traffic).

Over the past 4 years of managing millions in paid ad campaigns, they’ve helped many businesses launch campaigns that convert “cold traffic” into customers through the use of content – aka advertorials. They were doing this back in 2011 before “native ads” was even a thing.

Over time, they created systems for ensuring their clients remain in the good graces of the ad networks while also getting strong conversion rates. To do that, you have to regularly read the ad network guidelines and stay updated on important laws published by the FTC. You even have to watch the industry trends to almost predict the next move that the FTC or ad networks will make to ensure their users are safe and continue to use the platform.

It’s our relationship with IMScalable that has allowed us to build a team of researchers and writers that understand how to create and publish content that not only gets consistent results, but is approved by the ad networks.* We’ve carried over the same systems that has helped IMScalable ensure their clients are compliant in the ad networks to Content Mavericks.

We understand that you’re busy building your business and staying on top of the ad networks never ending guideline changes is low on your priority list, so we’ve decided to make it a priority for our team to stay updated so that you don’t have to.*

We don’t let compliance get in the way of conversions either.

We’re creating content for our own sites that typically gets anywhere from 20% to 25% click through rate. That’s from our advertorial to the destination page. This is a rare result and only possible because we control the entire experience. We’ve split tested different layouts and conversion elements for several years to get here.

Our typical result for clients is anywhere between 10% and 15% (if they do what we tell them). This type of result is not hard to achieve and very common. We’re looking forward to creating a compliant advertorial for you!

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