"I got over 4000 visitors to my site and then retargeted them with a case study of my services. Got two clients out of it just like that! People that come to me after reading that article are so pre-qualified it's unbelievable!" - Alex Fedotoff

How Anybody Can Scale A Business To

6-Figures With Five Pieces Of "Greatest Hits Content" And 60-Days Hard Work

Without the High Monthly Cost of Hiring an Agency.

chris von wilpert

by Chris Von Wilpert

chris von wilpert

by Chris Von Wilpert

✔ YES Chris! I'm ready to STOP being scattered very thin, trying too many things, and living month-to-month with unstable cash flow. I'm excited to build my own audience, attract my highest paying clients ever and earn an extra $10k-30k every single month.

In the past, getting 12-figure clients like Amazon to contact me for help would have been impossible: 

amazon email

Can you imagine the Head of Marketing at Amazon watching a 1 hour webinar, replying to a cold email or searching on Google for "how to grow my ecommerce store."?

It doesn't happen.

You MUST have insanely actionable content and a unique approach to get noticed by high paying clients and scale your business with content in 2021.

Put simply, that's what my course can help you do better than anything else — get high paying clients and scale to 6-figures using the scaling strategies companies like Sumo.com (8-figure business) and Amazon.com (12-figure business) come to me for.


First, I know that's a huuuge claim.

I DON'T expect you to start making $55,000/month in 30 days after taking this course... that's simply not realistic. 

I just want you know... that is the power of the content we create and the unique "greatest hits" content approach we use.

If I've only been doing this a few years (I wrote my first ever blog post on Jan 1, 2017 on Medium) and can charge $55k/mo, you can sell your $10,000/mo agency retainer, $500/hr consulting, or $30k coaching program using this approach.

How do you know if this will be a good fit for you for sure?

Let me ask you three questions: 

  1. Are you stuck with little-to-no website traffic?
  2. Are you creating content already, but it's not converting?
  3. Do you want a small roster of high paying clients who can provide you with steady, monthly cashflow to reinvest and scale your business?

If you are in one of those three situations, I can help you... because...

I know what it's like.

I used to have one client paying me $15,200 a month for my digital marketing help:

But after 15 months, the CMO I was working with hired a Global Marketing Manager to replace me and do all their marketing in-house.

That day I lost $15,200 a month income.

For two years I tried everything to target more high paying clients who'd pay me $10,000/mo+ for my help:

1- Running Facebook ads to a lead magnet.

2- Running Facebook ads to a webinar.

3- Sending 10 minute personalized videos via email.

4- Hiring an agency for $3k/mo to send cold emails.

5- Posting daily on social media.

Nothing worked.

Back then I had:

  • No audience (no email list and 80 Facebook friends from high school).
  • No marketing team (just me marketing my business + helping my clients).
  • No funding (all I had was the money I'd saved from working with my past client).

I was determined to get a handful of high paying clients and reach the $30,000 a month level, but nothing I did seemed to work. 

I heard about this thing called "content marketing," but I wasn't a writer and it seemed like A LOT of work to write something new every week.

But I'd tried EVERYTHING, so I decided to give it a shot.

I'd never written a blog post in my life.

(I hated Grade 12 English class and got a C+).

After three months of publishing weekly content, it wasn't working.

No one cared about my listicles, personal experiences, or ultimate guides.

That's when I stumbled upon this new greatest hits content strategy I now use.

I packaged what I knew into ONE "greatest hit" to attract my ideal clients:

blog post topic I knew my ideal clients would lovvvvvve to read.

Then instead of scaling content production, I scaled content promotion to get my blog post in front of them and offer my help.

The results were unlike anything I ever expected.

Noah Kagan (CEO of 8-figure AppSumo.com and Sumo.com) asked me to use my strategy to get traffic for his site.

The blog post became Noah's most popular blog post ever, getting more traffic than all his viral giveaways, which is why he made me this video:

I started getting soo many client requests, I had to create a client waiting list with companies like HubSpot, Shopify, Drift + others on it:


hubspot job offer image


drift job offer

Nathan Latka

testimonial nathan latka


shopify job offer image

Ryan Levesque

testimonial ryan levesque image

More and more people started asking me how to do what I was doing to attract a consistent, predictable flow of high paying clients for their own businesses using my "greatest hits" content approach (and scale their business using my strategies).

The problem:

I wasn't sure what I did would work the same for everyone else.

So I documented and templated what I did and opened up a few spots for people to take my program across a few different businesses:

  • Grant Horejsi: $15,000 appointment booking service (Agency)
  • Shane Melanson: $5,800 real estate coaching program (Coach)
  • Mohammed Ali: $6,000 marketing consulting offer (Consultant)

The results?

Grant Horejsi from Austin, TX wrote his "greatest hit" to attract enterprise B2B leads for his agency's high ticket service.

He landed a new $15,000 client in 14 days (plus added an additional $52,000 to his sales pipeline):

"That post generated $15,000 in net new revenue, and we did that in 14 days."

Shane Melanson from Calgary, Canada wrote ONE "greatest hit" to attract professionals earning mid-six figures/year plus for his real estate coaching program. 

He landed two clients at $5,800 each in 30 days: 

"I was able to land two high paying clients at $5,800 each." 

Mohammed Ali from London, UK wrote his "greatest hit" to attract small business owners who need marketing help.

He landed a new $6,000 client in 10 days: 

"10 days later it's already got me a $6,000 client." 

And it didn't stop. 100s more people starting following my program and getting high paying clients to run high profit businesses with steady cashflow:

Are you inspired? Do you see that creating ONE "greatest hit" can transform your business?

Notice that Grant, Shane and Mohammed aren't "content writers."

But that didn't stop them from writing their greatest hits content. They know it's their unique knowledge and experiences that makes their content unique.

They know their content will be 10x more insightful than some cheap content writer their competition is hiring off UpWork or the newest content writing site.

EXPOSED!!! The Dirtiest Secret Pro Content Marketers Don't Want you To Know

Professional SEOs and content agencies will HATE me for saying this...

This is the secret that allows them to charge $6,000/mo+ to publish "weekly content" for their clients.

You ready to hear it???

I'm talking about the lie that you need to "do keyword research to find high search volume, low competition keywords on Google." Or even better the lie that, "you need to churn out weekly content to see results from content marketing."

I can say this to you, because I have no agenda of trying to get you to hire me for content marketing or SEO services.

Sure, Google search-focused content marketing has some great long-term benefits.

But it's NOT going to get a consistent, predictable flow of high paying clients for you in the next 30-120 days.

This isn't conjecture or theory. Google's official documentation says it:

Google SEO results

In fact:

There is no guarantee it will ever work for you because Google's algorithm is out of your control. According to a study by Ahrefs of over one billion pages, only 9.37% of content ever gets organic traffic from Google:

ahrefs search traffic study

Grant, Shane, and Mohammed didn't pull their pants down, bend over and wait (for a 9.37% chance) Google might stick it's algorithm in.

They didn't write to satisfy a search engine algorithm that changes weekly.

They looked at their ideal clients challenges — what keeps them up at night — to create one "greatest hit" that would get them knocking down their door to do business with them NOW.

You can do it too!



Not sure the best way to find content topics that will work to attract high paying clients?

I can help.

Inside my Greatest Hits Content program, one of the first things I help you do is uncover your ideal clients biggest challenges and turn them into your first "greatest hit" that will get them excited to work with you.

Chances are, you've tried other marketing tactics before like cold emailing, facebook ads, social media marketing, and webinars... but they didn't work like you expected.

(Or you hate the "time stuck" of having to send new cold emails every week, post on social media daily, or show up on a new webinar every week.)

I created my Greatest Hits Content program for people like you and me...



greatest hits content system

What Is Greatest Hits Content? Your most popular, highest converting content. You make a greatest hit once, then promote it over and over again using low effort/high leverage marketing to attract high paying clients without getting burnt out. 

What Result Can You Expect? At the end of the course you will have five "greatest hits" driving high quality visitors to your site daily, converting your visitors into email list signups, and email signups into clients.

What Conversion Rate Can You Expect? The hygiene standard for greatest hits content is 10% from ice cold traffic to email leads (bare minimum 5%, up to 25%) and 10% from email leads to clients.

How Fast Can You Expect To Get Results? After publishing your first greatest hit you will start getting new leads daily, and can expect your first client within 30-60 days.

Will You Be Able To Scale Your Business Using This System? Yes, our best result using this system has been $112,500 per month (from the content channel only):

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

What Will You Be Doing: You'll put what you know into five greatest hits, then use them (over and over again) to build your brand and target high paying clients.

This is the same system all my clients listed above used to grow their audience, pick up new clients, and scale their online business with less content. 

I'm so literal, detailed, and thorough in my instructions there's little room for f* ups.

Either you do the work and get the results, or you don’t do the work and don’t get the results. I've fully documented and templated everything for you and will be available to support you every step of the way.

Here's exactly what you'll be doing:



As soon as you join you'll get an email (and video walkthrough) from me telling you how to find the perfect content topic for your business BEFORE you write anything.

The topic will be original and unique to you, so you have a content asset you can use over and over again to build your audience and attract new clients.

Even if you have no audience, track record, or past client results, this method will work for you.

greatest hits content topics



Now you have the perfect topic, I'll show you how to write your first greatest hit using the same writing template I use (and train my team to use).

If you can write a 6th grade reading level, this template will work great for you.

Here's how it will work:

  1. You write your first draft (then post it in our #feedback channel).
  2. I edit your first draft .
  3. You write your second draft.
  4. I edit your second draft.
  5. Your first greatest hit is ready to publish.

Note: Remember to join The Boardroom when purchasing the course to get access to my personal feedback and unlimited content critiques. 

Whether you've written anything before or not, this process will give you the best of both world's:

Your unique expertise on the topic (that no one else has) + my years of experience writing 100's of high converting pieces of greatest hits content (that no one else has).

I will give you my detailed feedback and rewrite key parts for you.

We'll get your content past the point of being “just informative” and convert to leads (even if you suck at writing):

BTW: If you need an intro to a high quality writer who can interview you and write your greatest hits content instead, I can hook you up. I refer the best content talent in my network to my clients.



Now your greatest hits content is written, I'll show you how to get over 10% of your traffic to convert into leads.

You'll learn the exact same strategy I used when scaling a client's leads past 10,000 per month in five months:

sumo 10k email list

The leads you'll get from this strategy will be higher quality than webinars, lead magnets, and other curiosity-based opt-in incentives. 

This is because people will be giving you their full, undivided attention by reading your greatest hits content first (not opting in out of pure curiosity on a landing page).

I'll breakdown step-by-step how to do it in "three jabs" (including the lead generation tools I use and how I set them up):

greatest hits content conversion



Now you have a high converting greatest hit, we'll start promoting it.

First, you need to know...

Most content promotion work is busy work:

  1. Email it to your list.
  2. Post it on social media.
  3. Optimize it for SEO.
  4. Build some backlinks to it.
  5. Check you have enough LSI keywords.
  6. Ask influencers you mentioned in it to share it.
  7. Repurpose it across LinkedIn, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, SnapChat, BroChat, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Stack Overflow and your cat's kitty litter tray.

All that stuff is great and will get you some traffic...

But it's NOT going to move the needle on your traffic results.

Your traffic will spike, then drop like a rock:

traffic spike

I'm going to show you the 80/20 of what works to get traffic to your content.

You'll learn the two most effective content distribution methods I use for getting high paying clients to find you (who would otherwise never find you if all you relied on was Google organic traffic).

These require the least amount of time and effort for the biggest, ongoing results.

First, I'll show you a free method to get people in your market (who have spent 5-10 years building an audience) to promote your first greatest hit:

big dawg true fans image

This is the exact method you will use to get 100-1,000 leads in a day (with ONE greatest hit): 

greatest hits content partnership leads



If you're sick of waiting around 6-12 months for Google to bless your content with organic traffic... DON'T... because this method will get your traffic flowing from day #1 and never stop.

I'll show you how to set up small budget content distribution ads that drive a small trickle of leads every day, starting with a $5/day budget.

These style of ads typically result in a 10%+ share-to-reaction ratio (i.e. >10% of people who like the ad, share it with their friends).

Whenever this happens, I giggle to myself (you will to): 

greatest hits content s2r ratio

This is the exact method you will use to stop your traffic fading beyond a month and get bulk social traffic, while Google organic search traffic kicks-in long-term.

With Google SEO, your traffic potential is limited by the number of people searching for your topic and related topics (even if you rank #1-#3).

So if your business is in a saturated niche where Google searches are hard to rank (i.e. most industries online) or people simply don't search for what you do on Google, this framework will allow you to scale your traffic beyond the search volume limits you get on Google. 

Pretty cool,  right?

greatest hits content ads



By this stage, you'll now have:

  1. GREATEST HITS CONTENT: insanely actionable, high-quality blog post.
  2. TRAFFIC: consistent, daily traffic going to your greatest hit.
  3. LEADS: high-quality, daily leads converting off your greatest hit.

The only thing missing now will be: CLIENTS.

While some leads will be ready to pay you top dollar (after falling in love with your greatest hits content).

MANY of the leads you attract will be your "struggle bunnies", "ask holes" and "tire kickers" who just want your free content. 

This is OK. Typically, 50% of leads NEVER convert to a sale.

Using a very specific type of bottom-of-funnel content, we'll "trigger" your ideal, 5-star clients who are ready to buy now (in the first 90 days):

greatest hits content emails

Then I'll show you how to "trigger" the other 85% who will be ready to buy later (after 90 days).

I did this for a new brand making $5k-6k/mo. After using the bottom-of-funnel content we made a 4x quantum leap in revenue to $23k/mo in one month:

greatest hits content revenue

BTW This was all done without creating any new content for SEO. If I waited for Google to send me traffic, it might've been a year before I made this quantum leap :)

By the end of this program you'll have:

  1. A handful of top-of-funnel content assets (i.e. your greatest hits content) driving new visitors and leads to your business daily.
  2. A handful of bottom-of-funnel content assets working to convert your leads into a consistent flow of high paying clients and revenue.

You'll never have to worry about losing one big fish client again.

And you'll love the reliable, steady cash flow that comes from having everything packaged together nicely into one content sales funnel (that doesn't rely on you having to create content for content sake every week).

PAY IN FULL BONUS ($998 value)


Imagine if you could fill all your client spots for the next year, in one week?

I'm going to give you the 5-day email campaign we used to fill all the client spots for our own program in one week, and collect $33,852 recurring revenue.

rapid cash email series sales

You'll get a short video walkthrough of the campaign with a PDF that has the exact email copy we sent, the subject lines, and when we sent it.

Simply copy/paste the emails, replace the content with your own, and send them to your email list (that you will build from your greatest hits content).


To make your decision easy, I’m going to make your purchase 100% risk free.

I'll give you 30 days to watch the training and try everything taught inside.

If you publish and promote your first greatest hit and it doesn't work, I’ll buy it all back from you.

Because I have so many clients who've sold everything from $29 up to $15,000 products and services in 30 days or less, I know you’ll never need the refund, but it’s there just in case. 

This way you have ZERO RISK.


Don't you just love it when you join a program, then get thrown into a Facebook group with a slap on the ass and a lollypop?

That doesn't happen in this program because your success is my success.

You have my "30 day guarantee" so I have to make sure you are successful... or I wouldn't have a business.

That's why when you enroll below, you can get 30-days free access to The Boardroom.

The Boardroom is our private group where you can get:

  • Unlimited strategic guidance on your topics and headlines.
  • Unlimited content critiques.
  • Unlimited help with how (and where) to promote your greatest hits content.
  • Unlimited help with your client projects.
  • Unlimited access to the step-by-step training.

My clients say that having this direct line to get feedback on exacts steps they need to do next is worth the price of the program alone.

And regularly share their results with me:

"After taking your course... content is our #1 acquisition channel." 

Savvas Zortikis (CEO of Viral-Loops.com)

"$3,500/month coaching client. Plus he's gonna become an affiliate."

testimonial mike giannulis

Mike Giannulis (8-figure founder & Blogger at OnlyOneMike.com)

"3 new deals in the pipeline which 1 has closed ($15k)." 

testimonial grant horejsi

Grant Horejsi (Partner at OutboundView.com)

Our first goal will be to create one "greatest hit" and use it to attract your biggest client yet in 30 days or less.

Most of my clients make their ENTIRE $3,000 investment back with one greatest hit, IF they know who their ideal client is, have a $500+ customer lifetime value and follow all the steps in the program.

One Time Payment of $3,000 USD

Can't afford to pay in full?

Get started for $598 today (then 5 payments of $598)


Money Back Guarantee

Try the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content Program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love it because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Support Guarantee

When you buy from Content Mavericks, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays).

Freshness Guarantee

This program comes with our always updated guarantee. Every month we scour it for any outdated tactics. If something has changed or becomes outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date.


How much time input is needed from me?

The great thing about this program is it's all built around ONE greatest hit to start (then a handful more to scale).

After writing your first greatest hit, you'll have a content asset you can keep marketing over and over again in as little as one hour per day.

I recommend you set aside one "marketing power hour" early in the morning, then go help your clients the rest of the day (or whatever it is you do).

Can I give access to one of my colleagues?

Your license is good for 1 user.

If you want to give someone on your team access, you will need to purchase the course for your team member.  

We can offer you a very generous discount for the next seat if you'd like to do this.

If you want to purchase access for 1-100 employees please contact support[at]contentmavericks.com with the number of team members you would like to purchase access for, and we can supply you with a quote.

Will this work for me?

Our most successful students typically sell a:

  • High ticket service ($500/mo+)
  • Software product ($500+ LTV)
  • Online coaching/consulting program ($500/mo+)
  • Online course ($500+)
  • Membership ($500/yr+)

If you fall into one of those categories AND you have:

1- At least one year of experience in your field.

2- At least one past successful client.

3- A clear idea of WHO your ideal client is.

This program will be a perfect fit for you to get results.

Note: The exception to this rule is if you just started your own business and already have multiple years past experience working for another company. For example, you just started your own SEO business, after spending 2+ years in different SEO positions.

How much time will it take to get results?

On average, our students report seeing good results after 3-4 weeks:

testimonial pete boyle

Like most things in life, the energy and inputs you put into something directly affect the output and results you get.

But one thing is certain with this program:

You won't be wasting time churning out weekly content and waiting 6-12 months for a blog post to rank on Google like other programs.

This program focuses on rapid audience building and the fastest path to sales conversions with a "less is more" approach.

Can this kind of content also work for B2C?

Yep sure can! Here is one of our unsolicited B2C testimonials: 

testimonial sonny soomal

Will I learn anything new that's not already on your blog?

Yes! You can learn a lot from the Content Mavericks blog.

However this is the 80/20 of our best marketing methods packaged into one end-to-end system you can follow. 80% of the strategies are not taught anywhere on the Content Mavericks blog or other marketing blogs.

You can purchase knowing you're getting access to our highest-level training not available anywhere else online.

Why does it cost $3,000?

The price is based on the value of the course.

I personally used the methods taught to generate over $20,000 profit in one month as a one-man business starting a new brand from scratch:

$20,000 per month samcart

So I priced the course at 7x less the value that would be achievable in 90 days.

(This is assuming the worst case scenario that someone signs up as a solo entrepreneur without a team, no email list and no marketing budget like when I first started and achieved the $20,000 milestone).

Price: $3,000 one-time then $198/yr.
Value: $20,000+ per month.

The $198 annual fee is a small maintenance fee that covers unlimited course updates. (this annual fee is currently being waved)

We do this instead of charging you for version 2.0, 3.0, etc of the course.

Note: I've used the methods to generate over $100,000 per month from the content channel for past clients:

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

I did not base the price on $100,000 value because I wanted ROI to be fast and achievable for small, solo entrepreneurs just starting out. 

I was managing a small 5-person team of freelancers when we hit the $100,000 per month milestone.