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7 Best Podcasts For Content Marketers In 2024 (Ranked)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated April 8, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Bonus Material: The Greatest Hits Content System Podcast 

Here are the top seven podcasts I consider indispensable for content marketer’s who want to master content creation and promotion:

Grab my most popular podcast EVER below to hear how I get more traffic with less content using FIVE blog posts.

Then check out a list of my favourite podcast episodes below (ranked by most impressive).

If you want to call yourself a content marketing expert - these are the podcasts and episodes you MUST LISTEN TO!

  1. Experts On The Wire
  2. The Animalz Content Podcast
  3. The Blogging Millionaire
  4. SuperFastBusiness With James Schramko
  5. Noah Kagan Presents
  6. The GaryVee Audio Experience
  7. The Content 10X Podcast

1. Experts On The Wire

Host: Dan Shure

experts on the wire podcast cover art

Experts On The Wire is run by one of the most respected SEO consultants in the industry: Dan Shure. 

Dan digs deep into the step-by-step process behind how content marketers in different industries grow their traffic.

Before I hop on a flight, I always hit up Dan to send me links to his best episodes to listen to.

Episode Format: Interviews with SEO, content marketing, and social media experts.

Average Show Length: 60 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Bi-weekly.

My Favourite Episode: How Saleshacker Grew 426% & Used SEO To Get Acquired w/Gaetano DiNardi

In this episode Gaetano explains step-by-step how he grew the Salehackers blog to 100,000+ monthly visits in 16 months. It’s a bit noisy in the coffee shop, but well worth a listen just for Gaetano’s LinkedIn traffic hack. 

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. Backlinko’s Content Process Revealed w/Brian Dean: The content creation process Backlinko used to get it’s first 150k unique visits per month and 70k email subscribers.
  2. 300+ Links From One Piece Of Content In A "Boring" Industry w/Kerry Jones: How Fractl got 300+ links to one piece of content in a "boring" industry.
  3. Growth Story - 0 To 100,000 Monthly Visitors (In One Year) w/Tyler Hakes: How Tyler helped scale College Raptor to 1 million visitors in a year with a marketing team of three.

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2. The Animalz Content Podcast

Host: Jimmy Daly and Jan-Erik Asplund

animalz podcast cover art

The Animalz Content Podcast is run by the team at Animalz who work on content marketing for companies like Wistia, AdEspresso, and AppCues.

The team has decades of content marketing experience, so you know you’re getting advice from the best.

I love how Animalz use data from their own clients to explain content marketing concepts in a simple way.

Episode Format: Discussions with content marketing experts.

Average Show Length: 20 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Weekly.

My Favourite Episode: The Shape of Successful Content

In this episode Animalz General Manager Andrew Tate uses data from 100,000+ view blog posts to break down the fives phases all successful blog posts go through. Prepare to have your mind blown on how top performing content works.

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. Content Pruning: How the Quickbooks SEO team deleted 2,000 blog posts and nearly doubled traffic to their content.
  2. Movement-First Content: A strategy for earning credibility when you’re just getting started with content marketing.
  3. Library vs. Publication: Why most blogs should emphasise quality, attack each topic they cover in-depth, and avoid chasing trends or timely news stories.

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3. The Blogging Millionaire

Host: Brandon Gaille

blogging millionaire podcast cover art

The Blogging Millionaire is a solo show run by stay at home blogger Brandon Gaille.

Brandon is known for taking his own blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months.

I love the step-by-step actionable advice Brandon gives on everything from the perfect blog post length to page speed.

Episode Format: Solo episodes that go deep on specific blogging topics.

Average Show Length: 10 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Weekly.

My Favourite Episode: Adding 931,000 Monthly Visitors by Optimizing Page Speed

This is craaazy! Brandon tells you how he took the page speed on one of his blogs from a 3.08 second load time to a 0.56 second load time. The result was a 931k increase in monthly visitors in 180 days. Woah!

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. The Perfect Blog Post Length Formula: How to calculate the exact number of words your blog posts should have. It’s scientific AF, down to the word.
  2. What To Do When Your Traffic Goes Down: Exactly what to do when you experience a dip in traffic.
  3. Turning Old Blog Posts into Top Performers: How Brandon added 190k monthly visitors with a simple update to a group of his old blog posts.

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4. SuperFastBusiness With James Schramko

Host: James Schramko

superfast business podcast cover art

SuperFastBusiness podcast is run by one of the earliest pioneers of content marketing. 

Back in 2012 before content marketing was “in fashion” James was teaching his signature Own The Racecourse content marketing strategy.

Top marketers like Ezra Firestone, Ryan Levesque, and Kevin Rogers have all used James’ strategy to grow their business to over 8 figures.

Episode Format: Interviews with digital marketing experts.

Average Show Length: 60 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Weekly.

My Favourite Episode: OTR - Own The Racecourse The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy Ever

In this episode James explains how the original OTR content marketing strategy he developed in 2012 is just as relevant today as it was back then. Hear how it works and how he’s using it to grow his 7 figure coaching business (SuperFastBusiness).

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. OTR Case Study – How To Transition From Freelancer To Business Owner Featuring Kevin Rogers From CopyChief: How James took a freelance copywriter under the stress of deadlines, client demands and uncertain income, to being in control of his work and life using content marketing.
  2. OTR Case Study: How To Transition From eBooks To A Membership Featuring Clint Paddison: How Clint went from ebook author to paid membership owner in an obscure niche (Rheumatoid Arthritis) using James’ Own The Racecourse content marketing model.

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Bonus: Listen to James Schramko interview me about the McDonalized content marketing system I personally use to get more traffic with less content below.

5. Noah Kagan Presents

Host: Noah Kagan

noah kagan presents podcast cover art

Noah and I have worked together to grow Sumo’s traffic to 1M+ visitors and $100k+ monthly revenue.

Inside Noah Kagan Presents you can hear the best behind-the-scenes interviews on how to grow a successful business using content marketing.

One thing about Noah: he tells it like it is. You won’t find any fluff in this podcast. It’s 100% actionable tactics.

Episode Format: Solo episodes with Noah about how he’s growing Sumo.com, and interviews with interesting business people.

Average Show Length: 60 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Weekly.

My Favourite Episode: How to Turn Blog Posts into a Business - with Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa went from $30 per project to $25,000 per project using content marketing. In this episode Noah asks Vanessa how she grew a successful 7 figure business off the back of blog posts.

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. How To Grow Your Business To $1 Million - And Beyond: The three biggest ways Noah grew AppSumo and Sumo to $1+ million — and how you can grow your business, too.
  2. The 8-Figure Email Newsletter - Morning Brew: How Morning Brew built an 8-figure newsletter with 1 million subscribers.
  3. Behind The Scenes Of A 6-Figure Online Business: How Neville Medhora built a digital info products business to 6-figures.

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6. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Host: Gary Vaynerchuck

the gary vee audio experience podcast cover art

The GaryVee Audio Experience is a legendary example of content marketing on it’s own. 

Gary’s team take audio from his keynotes, daily videos, and fireside chats to turn into daily audio content.

I love Gary’s rants on being patient, scaling content and admire how he’s built VaynerNation by multiplying his own content at scale across platforms.

Episode Format: Solo episodes, keynote speeches, highlights from Gary’s DailyVee documentary video series, fireside chats, and interviews.

Average Show Length: 30 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Daily.

My Favourite Episode: Why Producing More Content Is The Most Important Thing

Gary talks about “The GaryVee Content Model” and how to leverage a team to take one piece of pillar content and distribute it across multiple platforms as micro-content. 

Pay close attention to how Gary builds a system around his “pillar content”, then trusts his team to execute on repurposing it everywhere with 100% autonomy.

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. Talking Content Strategy with The McClure Family: How Gary went from $0 to $150M in 7 years by favoring content volume and scale over perfection and subjective quality. 
  2. Sitting Down With David Meltzer To Crush Instagram & Facebook Content: Gary explains why the micro content (small highlight clips) created from your pillar content is so much more impactful on social media. To show the impact Gary highlights how he got 1.4M views on one piece of Instagram micro content versus his vlog that only got 29k views for the whole episode.
  3. Content Creating and Speaking Your Truth: How to stop overthinking “what content will work”, and speak your truth by documenting your day-to-day journey as social media content.

7. The Content 10X Podcast

Host: Amy Woods

the content 10x podcast cover art

The Content 10X Podcast reveals tips and tricks to help you unleash the power of content repurposing.

If you’re a busy blogger, podcaster, or YouTuber creating great original content this podcast is a must-listen.

Every episode gives you a little nugget you can use to get more eyeballs on every piece of content you create.

Episode Format: Solo episodes with Amy on different ways to repurpose your content, and interviews with social media content marketing experts.

Average Show Length: 10 minutes.

Publishing Frequency: Weekly.

My Favourite Episode: Content Video Trailers: Promote Your Content with Short Videos

Amy talks about how to create short one minute video trailers for your blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos that you can share across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc to get people excited for the release of your content.

What You Should Listen To First:

  1. An Open Letter From Your Content: A hilarious look at what your content would say if it could speak. If you’re not already sold on the value of content repurposing, listen to this.
  2. What’s Working on LinkedIn with Sam Rathling: Amy interviews LinkedIn expert Sam Rathling about how to get really good reach on your LinkedIn posts.
  3. How To Use Analytics To Decide What Content To Repurpose: How to find your most popular past content that’s almost guaranteed to do well again if you revive it, give it a fresh coat of paint, and repurpose it.

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