"I got over 4000 visitors to my site and then retargeted them with a case study of my services. Got two clients out of it just like that! People that come to me after reading that article are so pre-qualified it's unbelievable!  - Alex Fedotoff


Recommended by Noah Kagan, James Schramko and Justin Brooke.

EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special beta edition of The Greatest Hits Content System with 1-on-1 coaching thread will be promptly removed from the market after 10 sales. 

YES! I'm ready to STOP trying to convince small, cheap clients who want miracles to work with me. I'm excited to get bigger clients, willing to pay my premium prices, coming to me inbound. I'm ready to follow the Greatest Hits Content System so I can finally start to attract my IDEAL CLIENTS... and... at the same time... build a waiting list of celebrity influencers in my industry who can't wait to work with me.

What You're Getting: Join the beta program today (save $1,000) and get a simple content system to package your expertise up into 1-5 articles and bring in your biggest client yet as you follow along with The Greatest Hits Content System to get this done:

  • FIND YOUR BIG CLIENT CONTENT TOPICS: You'll find the five most popular topics your ideal clients want to read, like, and share using a three-question Greatest Hits Content Survey. You'll love how fast and easy it is to come up with original content you know is gonna work BEFORE you write it (even if you have no audience or track record).
  • CREATE YOUR CLIENT-ATTRACTING CONTENT:  With your five content topics in hand, now you'll learn my proven AIDA Article Template to position yourself as a thought leader and create slam dunk content every time. You'll be surprised how simple it is to get your content past the point of being “just informative” and convert to leads... even if you suck at writing.
  • GET CONSISTENT, HIGH QUALITY LEADS: You've never seen content convert like this. You'll use the same easy lead collection tools, but with a smarter strategy. You'll see how to convert 8-25% of your readers to leads using The Three Jabs Strategy. Finally, prove to yourself, clients and colleagues your content converts to leads (backed with data).
  • GET EXPERTS TO PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT: Now you have high converting content experts want to share. You'll use Red Packet Partnerships to get experts to promote your content to their email lists. This partnership method has helped drive 100-1000 leads in a day for hundreds of businesses.

    Getting an industry expert to recommend you to their fans is the ultimate "client-getting cheat code." You'll be thrilled how much easier it is to get clients to know, like and trust you when you're not the one trying to "convince" them.

    (FYI: Nobody teaches this and it's a major reason why people continue to struggle chasing SEO traffic, cold emailing, and wasting time repurposing their content across 20 different social media networks.)
  • GET PASSIVE, DAILY TRAFFIC: If you don't like the idea of waiting 6-12 months for Google to bless your content with organic traffic... DON'T... because now you won't need to. You'll be armed with the same (low cost) $5 Hit Record Method I use to stop my traffic fading beyond a month, and get new traffic and leads trickling in daily.

    Don't be surprised if you get new client requests come in weekly while this simple, low-budget traffic system hums along in the background (while you focus serving your clients).

    If SEO is your thing, that's cool! ...you just won't be tied to it!
  • CONVERT YOUR TRAFFIC INTO MORE TRAFFIC: With so much traffic you’re going to have enough lead flow to automate word-of-mouth referrals to your content. Most people WILL NOT naturally share your content. So you'll install the same (free) viral sharing tool I use to offer my leads free bonus content.

    MANY of the leads you get to share your bonus content will be your "hot prospects." A small percentage will see your bonus content and want to become a client right away. The others will send you free traffic and help fill your lead funnel for you (without you having to waste time doing manual email outreach).
  • CONVERT YOUR LEADS INTO CLIENTS: As you get this system humming, you're going to find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. New leads will be flowing through your site daily... yet... while some leads will be ready to pay top dollar for the results you deliver (after falling in love with your content).

    MANY of the leads you attract will be your "struggle bunnies", "ask holes" and "tire kickers" who want free content. 

    For your sanity, profits, and time freedom you must learn how to "nurture and pick" the clients who qualify to get the best results working with you. This is where 900 Word Emails in The Greatest Hits Content System come in to save your day.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR CLIENT ATTRACTION: As you "nurture and pick" the perfect clients, you'll discover some 900 Word Emails work better than others. You'll automate your top "client-getting email assets" into one simple automation for all your future leads to get.

    Then you'll do a little jig in your office while jammin' out to Celebration by Kool & The Gang... Yahoo!

    Don't be surprised if you need to set up a waiting list and start directing all your new leads to join it. You'll brag about their names any chance you get, while you cherry pick the clients YOU want (like celebrity influencers who already have an audience and sales funnel that works).


  • BONUS 1: OUTSOURCING KIT: You'll grow much faster if YOU aren't doing all the work. With this kit you'll have every tool, document, and template to outsource every part of The Greatest Hits Content System.

    Because this is a step-by-step McDonaldized SYSTEM nothing is left to chance. Every part of the system has templates and step-by-step guides so you can hand-off any part you don't want to do yourself to a team member.
  • BONUS 2: WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY: It all goes well until you get distracted by a Facebook post, go down a four hour rabbit hole, then lose the motivation to drive your business forward... doesn't it?

    That's why I'll be checking up on your ass every week! I'll be holding you accountable to attract your biggest client yet, and asking you to give me weekly progress updates via email.... because I truly want to see you succeed.
  • BONUS 3: CONTENT MARKETING MATCHMAKER: Hiring highly trained content marketers is a major pain point for small and big companies. They don't want to take their chances with freelancers or have to provide training.

    When you sign up to learn Content Mavericks methods you can plug-in to our network to get strategic direction on topics/headlines, and hire out your content writing and content distribution to our BEST talent.

    When I say hire, you can hire in-house or remote workers as well as agencies or employees. We’ve trained the content marketers for Sumo.com, Loom.com, GetResponse.com, and many more.
  • BONUS 4: CONTENT MARKETING MASTERS: Want to scale past 1,000,000 visitors and $100,000 revenue per month from your content channel? You're gonna need our Content Marketing Masters program (Price: $998).

    But don't worry, you're gonna get that for free too. After you have this system set up and a consistent flow of new leads and customers rollin' in, Content Marketing Masters can help you scale your traffic into the millions.


During our beta program, and on this page only, I'm going to throw in a 30-day private coaching thread 1 on 1 with me personally from June 1 - June 30! (Value: $1,000)

Due to my individual bandwidth, this is limited to the first 10 beta sign ups. If you're still seeing this offer, there are spots still available.

Tick the option to add The Boardroom on the checkout page to get your own private 1 on 1 coaching thread so you can run your strategy by me one on one.

If this system gets you one new client, it will more than pay for itself.

Our first goal is to create one article to attract your biggest client yet.

Won’t be hard if you have 1-2 years expertise you can package up into actionable content, a clear idea of who your ideal client is, and have a service, consulting or coaching package you've sold before.

One Time Payment of $998


Money Back Guarantee

Try the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content System for the next 30 days. We know you'll love our simple SYSTEM because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Support Guarantee

When you buy from Content Mavericks, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays).

Freshness Guarantee

The Greatest Hits Content System comes with the always updated guarantee. Every month we scour it for any outdated tactics. If something has changed or becomes outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time input is needed from me?

The great thing about this program is it's all built around 1-5 articles. So you can make progress on it in as little as one hour per day or one hour per week.

As with anything, the more time you can dedicate to it, the better. But you won't need to worry about the "weekly content grind" in this program.

You won't be chasing Google traffic and hoping clients find you. 

You'll be getting the biggest clients in your industry to chase you.

Can I give access to one of my colleagues?

Yep. You can give access to one direct team member.

If you want to get one of your colleagues to take the course while you closely manage them through it, now you can!

Will this work for me?

If you just started your business... very likely no.

This program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who have sold their online services and programs before.

To be successful with this program, you need:

1- At least one year of experience in your field.
2- At least one past successful client.
3- A clear idea of WHO your ideal client is.

In this program I don't teach beginner-level stuff like how to find your customer avatar, etc.

I'm assuming you already have some current/past successful clients and you know who you want to work with.

It will now be a simple case of packaging up your expertise into 1-5 articles and using my simple content system to attract your biggest clients.

Note: The exception to this rule is if you already have multiple years past experience working for another company. For example, you just started your own SEO business, after spending 2+ years in different SEO positions.

How much time will it take to get results?

On average, our students report seeing good results after 3-4 weeks:

testimonial pete boyle

Like most things in life, the energy and inputs you put into something directly affect the output and results you get.

But one thing is certain with this program:

You won't be wasting time churning out weekly content and waiting 6 months to a year for a blog post to rank on Google like other programs.

This program focuses on rapid audience building and the fastest path to sales conversions with a "less is more" approach.

Can this kind of content also work for B2C?

Yep sure can! Here is one of our unsolicited B2C testimonials: 

testimonial sonny soomal

Will I learn anything new that's not already on your blog?

Yes! This system and our best sales-generating content methods are not taught anywhere on the Content Mavericks blog or other marketing blogs.

You can purchase knowing you're getting access to our highest-level training not available anywhere else online.

Why does it cost $2,000?

The price is based on the value of the course.

I personally used the methods taught to generate over $20,000 profit in one month as a one-man business starting a new brand from scratch:

$20,000 per month samcart

So I priced the course at 10X less the value that would be achievable in one month.

(This is assuming the worst case scenario that someone signs up as a solo entrepreneur without many resources or a big marketing budget like when I first started and achieved the $20,000 milestone).

Price: $2,000 one-time.
Value: $20,000+ per month.

Because I did what I teach, all the examples, templates, and over-the-shoulder video walkthroughs of what I did are inside the course.

Note: I've used the methods to generate over $100,000 per month from the content channel for past clients:

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

I did not base the price on $100,000 value because I wanted ROI to be fast and achievable for small, solo entrepreneurs just starting out. 

I was managing a small 5-person team of freelancers when we hit the $100,000 per month milestone.