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(or you don't pay + get $1,000)!

If you're fed up with content that never converts... hire the same team founders at $100M+ brands like AppSumo, Amazon, and Shopify come to for results.

Our private clients, customers, and fans. Hear from people who have acquired $5,000-$15,000 clients in 14-30 days using our content marketing method.

Let us explain how...

(all you need is ONE successful client or personal result)

How it works

We create step-by-step case study breakdowns on your best clients, then consult with you 1:1 on how to use them to get more clients.

The process and way we grow your brand with case studies looks like this:

Our best clients work with us over the long-term to keep this flywheel spinning and compounding their growth over time. More case studies = more social proof.

Note: All you need is ONE successful client or personal result for our team to turn it into a case study to get your flywheel started.

Who it's for

This service is for you if:

  • You have a B2B or B2C brand with proven client results
  • You have at least one current (or past) client for the offer you want help selling
  • You have a website where you can publish content
  • You want case studies you can use to attract more of your ideal clients
  • You want case studies your sales team can use to close deals faster

What clients are saying

"$3,500/month coaching client... Not bad from one article."

testimonial mike giannulis

"3 new deals in the pipeline which 1 has closed ($15k)."

testimonial grant horejsi

"I showed the post in a Google doc to 5 past clients and they all bought."

What we do together

This service follows our proven content strategy for consistently acquiring new clients with a small collection of high converting content pieces, Greatest Hits Content

Here is what we do together:

  • Intake form: Fill out 21 questions on the offer you want help selling.
  • Case study: We write your step-by-step case study breakdowns for you.
  • Publish: You upload the case studies to your website. 
  • Game plan call: We do a 30 minute 1:1 consulting call where we tell you how to use your case studies to acquire clients consistently.
  • Private consulting thread: A private email thread for 30 days where you can ask questions + get feedback on your client acquisition if you get stuck.

High-converting content examples

Examples of the step-by-step case study breakdowns we will write for you. 

The client case study (pictured below on the left) is based on a real-life client. This is best if you have client successes to showcase.

The personal case study (pictured below on the right) is based on a personal result. This is best if you have success doing what you do for yourself, but no client successes yet. 


ski slope strategy featured image

The Ski Slope Strategy: How I Made $100,000 Per Month (With A 5-Person Content Team)

Step-by-step case study breakdown of growing the blog into a $112,500 per month revenue channel.


How I Made $100,000 From One Blog Post (With $677.81 Ad Spend)

Step-by-step case study breakdown of making $100,000 from one blog post with $677.81 ad spend.

How much it costs

One-time payment of $5,995 USD with a first client guarantee. This price includes one step-by-step case study breakdown, 30 minute game plan call + 30-day private consulting thread. Volume discounts + monthly 1:1 consulting apply for 3+ case studies.

Important Note: We have financing options available where you can buy now and pay later with 0% interest. When combined with our performance guarantee below, EVERY CLIENT is guaranteed to make their money back (or they get a refund + paid $1,000 if we can't make it work for any reason within 90 days).

This is a true pay-for-performance offer where you will get paid, even if you don't get results. You will not find this offer anywhere else.

Most content marketing agencies charge a monthly retainer and you need to pay upfront for the first month with no guarantee of results.

Performance guarantee

We keep consulting with you 1:1 once per month until you get your first client from your case study breakdowns. If you do what we say and still don’t get a client within 90 days, you get a full refund plus $1,000 to pay for a new content marketing consultant.

What results you can expect

If you have a website and a proven offer you've sold before, you can expect to land your first client within 7-30 days when you promote your case studies following our consulting advice. Then many more clients after that.

Personally, we've had inbound leads from $100M+ brand's including Amazon, Shopify, HubSpot, AppSumo, Drift, and BigCommerce using this content strategy:


amazon email



drift job offer


testimonial shopify image


noah kagan twitter direct message


How to get started

If you have a proven offer you've sold before, at least one current or past client, and you're interested in getting our team to help you get more of your highest value clients in the next 7-30 days — book a call now by clicking the button below.

On the call you will have a brief chat with Jeremy (our Copy Chief) about what case study topic(s) we'll create for you if we were to work together 1-on-1. 

If you have any questions, email