"We managed to get monthly recurring revenue of just over $1,000... from one article." - Pete Boyle

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chris von wilpert

by Chris Von Wilpert

✔ YES Chris! I'm ready to STOP burning time and money guessing with my content approach. I'm ready to follow your proven approach, starting with five greatest hits... then scale to 1,000,000+ visitors to turn my brand into a category dominator.

I understand that, as I read this, I’m also entitled to get one limited time bonus not available anywhere else: lifetime private group support so I can get strategic guidance on any question I have within 24 hours from someone truly invested in my success.

Since Content Mavericks was founded at the end of 2018, I’ve launched three products that have helped over 800 entrepreneurs across 25 countries explode their income (read the reviews).

austin powers more traffic less content baby
greatest hits content system
content marketing masters

What I’ve learnt is:

No matter what you sell: marketing agency services, software as a service, online courses, high-level coaching, monthly memberships, physical products, etc.

No matter how niche your business is: talking to your pet in the afterlife, SEO for addiction treatment centers, courses for DJs, software for Google ads automation, etc.

No matter what kind of marketing you do: paid ads, SEO, cold email outreach, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

You will always need content that converts, in ALL OF THEM.

Serving actionable content to a specific target audience is the foundation for a profitable business, short-term and long-term.

The “revenue potential” of the topics you pick will determine whether you will get the low-quality or high-quality leads and clients.

I created the three products (pictured above) to teach entrepreneurs the 80/20 of growing the two things most critical to any online businesses success — your content and your audience.

My approach is unconventional, and not for everyone.

Most people treat content like a commodity.

They whip up an article, optimize it for SEO, publish it, then bend over and wait for Google to stick it's algorithm in.

publish and pray

You WON'T be doing that.

I will show you how to build your business one revenue-generating content asset at a time, then use only the most effective marketing methods so it’s not overwhelming for you.

I will show you how to grow your brand into a category leader, using a small library of evergreen content to drive consistent monthly lead flow that you can turn into consistent, monthly cash flow.

(Not one-off cold emails and Facebook ad campaigns you need to spend $5,000 on first to "buy data" so you can “find a winning ad.”)

So if you want to scale fast… within the next 90 days... then have predictable, safe and sustainable growth... over the next 5-10 years:

I came up with an all-inclusive deal for you.

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With this deal you will save $4,300!

What’s the catch?

The one-time fee is $5,000 (or 3 payments of $2,000 if you need my help to finance it).

That might seem like a lot.

But you’ll save $4,300 on my three premium training products immediately.

You'll have lifetime access to private group support immediately.

And every month after, you'll save $99 on private group support — for life.

And... you get 30 days to decide once you subscribe.

So if you’re ready to secure a membership to the highest possible level, here’s what I suggest:

Subscribe to Content Mavericks Infinity now and see the strategies I teach today. Watch all the videos and read all the step-by-step guides.

If after 30 days you’re not completely thrilled? Simply send us an email to support[at]contentmavericks.com, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee

Try the Content Mavericks Infinity Program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love it because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here’s everything you’ll get when you act right now:

More Traffic Less Content

(Retail Price: US$500 here): How to get more traffic with less content for any website. This is perfect for beginners with little-to-no website traffic.

In this three video bundle, I (Chris) show you the nuts-and-bolts “greatest hits content” framework I use for getting traffic that converts to 500 - 10,000 email leads every month. 

Included is a 5-day email sequence to convert the email leads you collect into sales (the same one I personally used to collect $33,852 recurring revenue over 5 days).

"We tripled organic traffic...

with less content." — Tyler Basu

Greatest Hits Content

(Retail Price: US$3,000 here): How to get your highest paying clients with five "greatest hits". This is perfect for anybody who wants to grow a business to 6-figures without posting new content every single day.

Using just five blog posts, my most effective 80/20 marketing methods, and a handful of “900 word emails”, you’ll set up a foundation for your online business to start bringing in consistent leads every day, so you can sell offers up to $15,000 (like Grant did below).

"That post generated $15,000 in net new revenue, and we did that in 14 days."

 — Grant Horejsi

Content Marketing Masters

(Retail Price: US$5,800 here): How to get 1,000,000+ visitors and scale your product to the moon. This is perfect for businesses with a small content team ready to scale to 7-8 figure product sales.

After you’ve got your five “greatest hits” set up and driving daily leads, you’ll learn what it takes to scale your content channel to $100k/mo+ to bring in daily sales, starting with your first $1,000/mo in recurring revenue (like Pete did below).

"We managed to get monthly recurring revenue of just over $1,000... from one article." — Pete Boyle

The Boardroom

(Retail Price: US$99/month): A private Slack community where you can get unlimited content critiques and strategic guidance on any question in 24 hours.

Inside the group there are 7-figure agency owners, 7-figure course creators, 7-figure software founders, 8-figure ecommerce store owners, SEO specialists, paid traffic specialists, content writers, copywriters, and more. 

You’ll have a direct line to get feedback on anything from me and our small group of experienced online business owners. You can even hire or get hired by people you meet inside.

Tag me, and I can give you strategic guidance to find the right content topics to cover. For example, I've helped entrepreneurs find the right topics to sell:

  • $15,000 agency contracts.
  • $5,800 online training programs.
  • $3,500/mo coaching retainers.
  • $500 freelance writing gigs.
  • $29/mo membership offers.
  • $49/mo software products.

As long as you have something to sell, I can find revenue-generating content topics to help you to sell it. (see examples here)

Anytime you need something, our whole group of marketing experts will be in your pocket.

"Chris reads our articles and gives feedback, usually within a day, which is amazing!" — Lesley Sim

Content Mavericks training works best for entrepreneurs who meet these three criteria:

  1. You have a website where you can publish content.
  2. You have a clear, compelling offer for a product or service (that ideally you have sold before, or are ready to sell).
  3. You are willing to play the long game and build up a small library of content over time to grow a sustainable, long-term business.

If any of these are deal breakers, this may not be the right fit for you.

My training won't help you craft your offer, define your customer avatar, price your products, or motivate you to do work.

It will help you get a consistent and predictable flow of traffic, leads and sales to sell an offer you've already sold before (or are ready to sell), using a small amount of high converting content.

So, join if it's a good fit. If not, work on your offer first.

If you're IN... the first goal will be to get your first five "greatest hits" (aka top converting blog posts) up and driving leads/sales over the next 90 days.

Most of my clients make their ENTIRE $5,000 investment back with five greatest hits in 90 days, IF they’ve got a website and product or service offer they’ve sold before.

3-Pay Financing

Pay $2,000 today, then 2 x $2000 every 30 days

One-Time Payment of $5,000 USD

Save $1,000 by choosing the 1-pay option


Money Back Guarantee

Try the Content Mavericks Infinity Program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love it because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Support Guarantee

When you buy from Content Mavericks, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays).

Freshness Guarantee

This program comes with our always updated guarantee. Every month we scour it for any outdated tactics. If something has changed or becomes outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date.


How much time and effort (or investment financially) will it take to get my five greatest hits all done?

This will depend on your individual situation:

  • If it's your first time ever writing anything online, I recommend you allocate ~40 hours per "greatest hit."
  • If you're more experienced, allocate ~20 hours per "greatest hit."
  • If you'd like to hire a writer inside Content Mavericks to help you, you want to budget $500-$1,000 per "greatest hit."

This might seem like a lot... but you're making marketing assets you will be leveraging in your marketing daily to drive leads and sales.

You want everything your new prospects see to be remarkable so people are excited to subscribe and buy from you. 

If this stuff was easy and only took a few hours, everyone would be doing it. That's why most normal content falls flat.


I have no clients. Will this still work for me?

It can... but... it will be a little harder if you have no past client experience. 

There is content you can create (like topics covering other successful businesses and icons in your niche) to put you on the map.

For example, if you want to become a highly-paid interior design consultant you can start by creating content on a topic like "How To Design Your Home Like Oprah Winfrey" to get your first clients.