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Step off the content creation hamster wheel

This will make marketing a whole lot more fun for you… I pinky promise!

Let me explain:

Are you stuck creating content for Google rankings and social media with little to show for it?

Do you publish 1-5 articles per week, then wait for Google to send you traffic?

Then… crickets?

Don't stress out. That's what my buddy Freddie used to do too:

blog publishing image

Why are you doing that?

That’s an old way of content marketing (focused on creating MORE content).

It might still work for big brands who have:

  • A high domain authority that they’ve built up over several years.
  • A massive audience to promote their content to.

But it’s unlikely to work for you.


That strategy is boooooring AND overwhelming AF!

Wouldn’t you rather focus on creating less content with better results.

(And spend the extra time you save with friends and family?)

Today we’re going to show you how to step off the content creation hamster wheel and start making content marketing fun again.

(By creating less content).

You won’t need to wait around for Google to bless your site with traffic.

And you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on ads.

In fact: 

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Why choose Content Mavericks?

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$100,000 per month content marketing channel

Less work, more results.

With our methods you won't have to pump out daily or even weekly content. We'll show you how to create viral content pieces that will have your industry buzzing about your website long after you've published.

linear vs exponential traffic chart

You're gonna love our unique "less is more" approach.

As of 3:45 today, I have 19 new orders and 610 visits from the article - not to mention a few questions about wholesale, international shipping, and a few bloggers who are interested in writing about my company and product too! 

Lindsay McCormick

I got over 4000 visitors to my site and then retargeted them with a case study of my services. Got 2 clients out of it just like that! People that come to me after reading that article are so pre-qualified it's unbelievable! Thanks man... you are my top resource for content marketing. 

Alex Fedotoff

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*insert Austin Powers voiceover*