A 7-figure content strategy for less than $7

"I offered him $100,000... for six months... to execute his content strategy for AppSumo."

Excerpt from the book "Million Dollar Weekend" by Noah Kagan (CEO of AppSumo, $70 Million Business)


The Ski Slope Strategy

The 7-figure content strategy we use to grow 7-figure brands content marketing channel to over $100k per month. Updated for 2024 with the latest AI strategies working now to scale a business blog.

Discover the best AI tech to make better content, faster

Our team's personal recommendations for the best AI tech in the content creator economy.


Cheap AI SEO Tools

Google SEO AI

#1 RankIQ

#2 Mangools

#3 SEO PowerSuite

AI Video Makers

 #1 Synthesys

#2 Synthesia

#3 TalkingFaces

AI Deepfake Apps

#1 FaceSwap

#2 TalkingFaces

#3 DeepSwap

AI NSFW Writers

#1 Frase

#2 Sudowrite

#3 Dreampress

Level-up your AI knowledge

Informative articles about the latest trends in AI tech for cutting-edge content creators.

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