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If you’re a business owner or a content marketing professional, then our site should become one of your frequent destinations online. Our mission is to provide content marketing education and resources so reliable that you can safely bet your career or business on them. People asked us “how will you track that though?”

It’s not something we can easily track with Google Analytics or Mixpanel, etc. It’s not a mission that involves quantity, so quantitative metrics won’t work. It’s a mission centered around quality, so we track it using qualitative metrics. It’s the emails we get from people like Rosh Kahn saying our newsletter is “The 1 email I make sure to read every week.”  It’s when I’m at a conference and someone stops me to say “because of the information you put out I built a 7 figure business in the DIY home gardens space.”

It’s all in the feedback we get. That’s how we know we’re on track with our mission.

Who Are We?

The ContentMavericks team started with our founders Chaunna and Justin Brooke. Justin got started with just $60 in Adwords in 2007. Within a year he turned that $60 into 6 figures. He later built multiple companies including a digital ad agency as well as an online school for media buyers. They are both certified by Hubspot in Inbound marketing and have spoken on stage all over the world.

After launching our sister site, AdSkills.com, they began working with many of their media buyers to drive paid ads to content. It's with their combined experience that ContentMavericks came to be. One of the AdSkills students, Chris Von Wilpert, saw greater and greater results with the content he was creating. Soon, Justin and Chaunna partnered with Chris to bring you Content Marketing Masters. Combining the media buying skills found at AdSkills with the Content Creation systems refined by Chris and Justin creates a powerful content marketing system that drives massive traffic.  

The Content Mavericks team is fully virtual and includes members that live all across the world. The team is made up of some of the best content creators, customer support, and data analysts that all strive daily to deliver amazing training and support for our students. 

Where Should You Start?

Our pride and joy is our courses. We scour the Internet for the freshest most impactful case studies, the most thorough tutorials, and the most knowledgeable instructors. We put them all together in actionable, result-getting courses. While we only have Content Marketing Masters published right now, there are more courses in the pipeline.

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After you’ve browsed CMM you should checkout our weekly newsletter. This is our readers' favorite part of what we do. Every week we review 30 – 50 of the latest marketing articles published that week. We then pick out the top 7 and send them out with a short description of each in our weekly newsletter.

Also, in our newsletter we make one product recommendation of the week. It’s always a product that will help you get more sales for your business and we explain how in our newsletter.

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If you need help implementing any of the strategies or tactics you read about on our site, we can help you.

We have relationships with dozens of marketing service providers that we have already vetted. Just tell us what type of help you need and your budget, we can send you a personal introduction to a service provider who is the right fit for you.

This saves you from having to research service providers, sit through their sales pitches, and learn the hard way if they were good or not.

Every service provider we introduce you too has been trained by us, we’ve gotten references from them, and we made them show us proof that they can deliver results. You can rest assured that when we make an introduction you’re in good hands.

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