7 Reasons An Advertorial Would be Disapproved in RevContent

Considered as the fastest growing content discovery platform and native ad network, Revcontent displays some 100 billion content recommendations each month on premium partner publishers including Forbes, NBC News, CBS Local, the E! Netowrk, and Fantasy Pros. It is known for many things including giving its partners higher RPMs, a fully customized native widget that […]

What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Advertorials

Advertorials are a new breed of digital ads that have taken online advertising to a whole new level. It is a clever (and arguably controversial) marketing strategy that is known for its capacity to spark conversation and to trigger a response among a target audience. One part advertisement and one part editorial content (hence the […]

3 Tips for Hiring an Advertorial Writer

Are you looking for an expert advertorial writer? Marketers around the world agree that advertorials (or native ads) are some of the best-converting ads out there. And they aren’t a new phenomenon. Even David Ogilvy, the father of modern advertising, agreed: “It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and […]

10 Key Concepts that Will Make You a Better Native Advertiser

Native ads are the chameleons of the advertising world. Unlike traditional banner ads that distract and interrupt customers, native ads actually provide a seamless experience for readers. It does this by mimicking the form of the content found in the environment it is in. For example, a native ad on Twitter would look like a […]