How To Get 5 Clients Who Pay $10,000+ Per Month In 90 Days

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated July 18, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Bonus Material: Dream 100 Outreach Template

I used the 3-part client-getting framework on this page to get the Head of Marketing at Amazon to reach out to me to help scale their Kindle sales:

In this post I’m going to show you exactly how I (and my private clients) do it so you can get more clients for your done-for-you services, coaching and consulting too.

First, grab the Dream 100 outreach template to get the exact word-for-word message we use to get our dream clients eager to work with us.

Then read on to learn the 3-part framework we use to get $10,000+ per month clients without losing sleep.

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The $10,000 Per Month Client-Getting Framework

As you know, there are over 100 ways you could get more clients.

  1. Create a lead magnet
  2. Host a webinar
  3. Make YouTube videos
  4. Write blog posts
  5. Start a podcast
  6. Post on social media
  7. Send daily emails
  8. Run Facebook ads
  9. Ask for referrals from existing clients
  10. Give your service away for free

I summarized all of them for you here:

As you can see… there are so many ways it can be hard to know where to start.

In reality though, there are only a few ways to get the REALLY high ticket clients who pay $10,000+ per month.

If you've ever tried to sell an offer for this much before, you probably know...

  • Most leads you get from opt-in pages can't afford $10k/mo+ services
  • You need to do A LOT of "free strategy sessions" before you find someone who will buy
  • It can take months of follow-up and nurturing before someone trusts you enough to invest that much money with you
  • People investing at this level want to know the "expected ROI"

That’s why if you want to land big ticket, $10,000+ per month clients, you need a simple and replicable framework you can follow that doesn't rely on email opt-in pages and doing a whole lot of free strategy sessions.


The $10,000 Per Month Client-Getting Framework.

Basically, all you have to do is write one EPIC “signature strategy” blog post, get it in front of your Dream 100, then package it up into a content sales funnel.

We Used The $10,000 Per Month Client-Getting Framework To Get Five $10,000+ Clients In 90 Days

The truth is:

So many client-based business owners right now are on the verge of enjoying financial and time freedom. 

They have:

1- A great service for a specific niche market.

2- The knowledge of how that service gets results for their clients.

But they try to market themselves the same as everyone else, instead of using their knowledge to position themselves as a "market of one".

(Or even worse... they rely 100% on referrals that are unpredictable or 100% outbound cold outreach that stops working when they stop doing the outreach).

Positioning yourself as a "market of one" to attract big ticket clients is one of the fastest paths to grow any client-based business.

The reason:

When you have a well-thought out, unique approach that only you are qualified to do... high paying clients want to hire you.

They can only hire you, because you're the only one who can do it.

That's how I was able to get the Head of Marketing at Amazon to come to us asking if we're taking on new clients.

Take careful note of the first line in the email (i.e. I have read your articles and have been impressed by your "unique approach").

Also, what's important to note, is that I didn't gate our best content behind an opt-in page and offer it up as a "lead magnet."

If I did that, the Head of Marketing at Amazon (and other heads of marketing at other companies) never would have even read about my unique approach.

I know, because I asked them what article they read that got them interested in reaching out to me (and they told me):

Curiosity based opt-in pages with a headline and a few bullet points often attract the lowest quality leads and clients.

(I have a/b tested multiple opt-in pages and have spent $10,000s advertising ones like this. The "cost per lead" is great, but the number of leads that buy high ticket products and services sucks.)

If you want the highest quality clients, you're going to need some insanely actionable (ungated) content that makes you and your unique approach stand out.

After testing and advertising dozens of different article types (how-to articles, listicles, original research articles, review articles, growth studies, case studies, etc)... 

There is one type of blog post I've found to work the best.

Let’s go over what type of blog post that is now, and the three steps you need to turn it into a client-generating asset for your business.

The 3-Steps To Using The $10,000 Per Month Client-Getting Framework To Get $10,000+/Mo Clients

There are three steps to get $10,000+ per month clients using this framework.

Step 1: Write one “signature strategy” blog post.

Step 2: Promote it to your Dream 100.

Step 3: Put it into a content sales funnel for scale.

Below is a breakdown on how to do every step. But first let me tell you why this works.

When using content marketing to get clients, most marketers will tell you to write about keywords/topics that have a high search volume and low competition, so you rank on Google.

It’s a volume game where the idea is… the more content you churn out, the more traffic you will get over time.

content marketing boss image

If the marketer is more advanced, they will tell you to create topic clusters (multiple pieces of content under one broad topic) and to write your content so it matches search intent for the topic on Google and it ranks.

For example, here are three topics clusters for a blog wanting to attract ecommerce business owners:

This isn't a bad long term traffic strategy.

In fact, it works great over the long term to turn your brand into a category leader.

But it will NOT get the biggest clients capable of paying $10k/mo+ to your site.

Can you imagine the Head of Marketing at Amazon searching on Google for "how to grow my ecommerce store"?

This doesn't happen.

Before you even start thinking about "keyword research", "topic clusters" and "link building", you need to write one type of blog post:


Let’s go over how to do that now.

Bonus: I put together a template with the outreach message we use to get our biggest clients eager to work with us using our signature strategy blog post. You can access it for free inside this Dream 100 Outreach Template.

Step 1: Write One “Signature Strategy” Blog Post

In this step, you will document the unique strategy you use to get your clients results into three steps, give your strategy a catchy, brand-able name... then...

Start promoting it to your target clients.


Our primary purpose here isn't to scale organic traffic; that will come later.

The goal is to simply show you have a well-thought out, proven process that is unique so people want to hire you.

Think of your signature strategy post like your #1 'greatest hit.'

Luis Fonsi has "Despacito."

Justin Bieber has "Baby."

Macklemore has "Thrift Shop."

Luis, Justin and Macklemore didn't do "keyword research" on YouTube to try to rank their music videos... but still...

They all got over 1 BILLION views.


They created something that got new fans going crazy for their music, put them on the map as a music artist, and set them up to make millions.

With ONE piece of content, their lives and careers as music artists changed forever.

This is EXACTLY what your signature strategy blog post can do for your business.


How do you write a signature strategy blog post that will work, and not flop?

There are 3 parts to it:

  1. Hook
  2. Educate
  3. Action


The hook is where you "wow" your target client with a specific result in 2-3 sentences, then show proof of that result so it is believable.

The hook can include a big result you got, a social media comment you received, a diagram of your strategy, or pretty much anything that gets people excited to keep reading.

Without the hook, people will land on your article and bounce without reading the full thing.

Note: You DO NOT need to have a massive past client result or be making one of your clients millions before you can write a signature strategy blog post with a strong enough “hook”. You simply need to have one small result for yourself or a client other people want.

For example, here are some great small, specific results:

  • Closing one $5,000 coaching sale over a phone call.
  • Helping one person overcome their anxiety.
  • Teaching someone how to communicate with their pet dog for 5 minutes.

If you don’t have any results, then you can reverse engineer someone else's, like I did with my first ever signature strategy blog post when I had no clients.


The “educate” section is where you break down your signature strategy into 3 steps, then break down what you do for your clients under each step (with lots of screenshots for everything).

Lots of people mess this part up.

You don’t need to give super intricate details like download XYZ software > click on menu item #1 > create a new folder > label it "my stuff" > etc, etc.

That level of detail is not what big clients care about.

You want a medium level of detail that doesn’t overwhelm them with details. 

In the end, a suitable client will want to know you have a proven process and can help them get a specific result, not how to press all the knobs.


The final step is to tell people what to do next.

This can be to download a content upgrade, book a call, email you.

Without a clear next step, people will read your full strategy, be impressed, but have no idea how to get more of your help if they want it.

Don't have time to write a signature strategy blog post?

The fastest and easiest way to get your signature strategy blog post written without writing it yourself... is to use our One Greatest Hit done-for-you service.

With this service, you can get a step-by-step guide documenting the unique strategy you use to get your clients results within 2-3 weeks by one of our experienced copywriters.

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(first client guarantee included)


Let's take a look at the signature strategy blog post I used to attract the Head of Marketing at Amazon (and many others).

Here is the link to the post (opens in new tab): 

Take a look and see if you can find the hook, educate, and action sections.

You'll see it's super simple to make a post like this now you know the three key sections you need to cover (even if you're not a writer).

Bonus: I put together a template with the outreach message we use to get our biggest clients eager to work with us using our signature strategy blog post. You can access it for free inside this Dream 100 Outreach Template.

Now let’s go over how to promote your signature strategy blog post.

Step 2: Promote It To Your Dream 100

This is where the magic happens.

If all you did was write your post, then publish it on your blog... you will get a grand total of zero new clients (no matter how good your post is).

publish and pray

There are many ways to get traffic to a blog post...

But there are only two main methods that are effective at driving big ticket, $10k/mo+ clients.

The first method is called The Dream 100.

You might have heard of it before from the book The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. 

In a nutshell, you:

  1. Make a list of your Dream 100 clients.
  2. Find a way to turn them into your clients.

Your Dream 100 clients are the peeps you'd lovvvvvve to work with, but who you would find it almost impossible to reach using other methods like paid traffic or organic traffic...

Which is why you need to manually send them your signature strategy blog post.

My preferred method to do this is using LinkedIn because most CXOs tend to be active on it. 

(However if your Dream clients are more active on Facebook or via email, then use that channel instead. Your Dream client's most active channel is the best channel).

When reaching out to people in your Dream 100, what you write in your message is extremely important.

You don't want to come across as desperate or start asking people to hop on a call to talk about their "challenges" in message #1.

That will get you ignored.

Your message needs to be short, simple, and memorable.

For example, Content Mavericks email subscriber Mihael reached out to me to share an article he'd written on Zendesk following Content Mavericks methods.

I then shared it on my social media, and recommended Mihael send the article out to SaaS founders who look up to Zendesk with a short ps of "if you need any help creating content like this, i'm open to new projects atm."

Mihael did EXACTLY that. Sending this message out to his Dream 100 SaaS clients:

After sending EXACTLY 10 messages out of 100 planned... he got on a call with one of his dream SaaS clients.

Bonus: I put together a template with the outreach message we use to get our biggest clients eager to work with us using our signature strategy blog post. You can access it for free inside this Dream 100 Outreach Template.

Before the call, Mihael spent two hours creating a content strategy for one of the SaaS founders companies which impressed the founder and got him the gig.

What Mihael did is replicable for nearly any client-based business.

All you have to do is change the PS on your message to match what you do.

For example, if you sell an SEO service and your post is about your signature SEO strategy, you can put:

P.s. if you need any help creating an seo strategy like this, i’m open to new projects atm.

Or Youtube ads:

P.s. if you need any help with your youtube ads like this, i’m open to new projects atm.

Or an employee travel SaaS:

P.s. if you need any help with your employee travel, i can help you save about 20% on it.

Don't overcomplicate it.

The CEO who replied to Mihael's message said it stood out because of the shortness, the name drop, and the little ps.

If you try to connect with your Dream 100 using a message that is three paragraphs long, you will be ignored.

Don't have time to do the Dream 100 outreach yourself?

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to connect with your Dream 100 and land them as clients without having to spend your own time looking for new leads... is to hire a Lead Generation Bee.

For $229/mo a lead generation bee will use your LinkedIn profile to make 100 connection requests per week, send two follow-up messages, and reply to your prospects up to two times. 

Your designated lead generation bee will use the filters available on LinkedIn to find your target audience, send them a personalized connection message, and follow-up if they don't reply.

(real humans, not actual bees)

Now let’s go over how to get traffic to your signature strategy post at scale using paid ads.

Step 3: Put It Into A Content Sales Funnel For Scale

The Dream 100 content promotion strategy is great for reaching big clients you can’t easily reach via paid ads or organic traffic.

But what if you want to scale your traffic?...

And build a big audience with your one signature strategy blog post... while picking up clients at the same time?

The answer:

Paid ads + your content sales funnel.

It took me spending over $100k of ad spend promoting content to figure this one out.

In the past I used to pay to promote individual pieces of content on places like Facebook, then retarget visitors with a case study of my services.

It worked great... but...

If you've ever tried to sell anything online you'd know that just because someone sees your content or product, it doesn't mean they're going to buy or hop on a call right away.

In fact:

50% of people never buy.

Then of the remaining 50%:

  • 15% of people buy in the first 90 days.
  • 85% of people buy after the first 90 days.

When you're spending lots of money on ads, this can lead to big cash flow issues.

And to make the problem worse, 15% is more like 0.2% when you're selling something high ticket for $10k/mo+.

Lots of people simply can't afford it, unless their personal/business income is mid 6 figures or 7 figures.

This means you don't generally get one high ticket client, until you buy 1,000 leads.

If your cost per lead is $10, that's $10,000.

Is spending $10k to pick up one $10k/mo client worth it?

You bet it is. 

But most people can't do it due to cashflow.

The solution:

Your content sales funnel.

Let me share one of my small budget ad campaigns so you can see an example of how ads to content work, while solving for the cash flow issue most people experience with ad costs not being recouped for one month or more.

This is a campaign that ran over one month for $50/day on Facebook to my signature strategy blog post.

The audiences are 1% value-based lookalikes on the Big 4 (US, UK, Australia, Canada). 

To make a value-based lookalike audience you go into your shopping cart, download your customer list with lifetime value per customer, then upload that into the ad network to make the lookalike audiences.

If you don’t have a customer list of 20+ people, then you can use interests to target instead.

The content sales funnel is facebook ad > blog post > content upgrade > product upgrade (full funnel pictured below).

Facebook Ad

Blog Post

Content Upgrade

Product Upgrade

The content upgrade helps to build your email list.

The product upgrade helps to build your buyers list, recoup the cost of your ads and give your customers a quick-win.

It’s not meant to make you a heap of money, just help you break-even on your ads, build your buyers list, and wow people about what you do so they want more.

This is key if you want to acquire high ticket clients, without breaking the bank running ads to your content.

We’ve tested price points up to $250 on the product upgrade and seen conversions. However generally the higher the price point, the lower the conversion rate.

We find a $5-$50 digital product is the sweet spot for cold traffic to maximize the number of buyers (with 1-2 order bumps).

No matter the business, anyone can have a low-ticket $5-$50 product to make this work. 

It’s just about finding what you can offer that will give your customers a quick-win so they will trust you and be more likely to want your help when it comes to your larger done-for-you service, coaching, course, software product, etc.

If you look closely at the Facebook ads screenshot from before you'll see there are:

  • Two audiences with no product upgrade sales (Lookalike AU 1%, CA 1%)
  • Two audiences with product upgrade sales (Lookalike US 1%, UK 1%).

This is common. Not every audience will convert.

With a $5-$50 sale we’ll generally let one audience spend up to $250. This allows us to buy enough data to see if one audience will convert traffic to product upgrade sales at less than $50.

If there are no sales (or the cost per sale is too high), then we’ll turn it off so the budget directs to the audiences generating sales and the cost per sale moves closer to break-even.

Using this strategy we are able track every email lead from our signature strategy blog post back to a sale inside our CRM.

For example, if you look at the "Source" field of the contact record below, you can see from the UTM parameters that this person clicked on a Facebook ad in their newsfeed in our US 1% lookalike audience to read our signature strategy blog post.

They then entered their email on a content upgrade that shows on exit intent (ECU: ski-slope-strategy) to become a lead, then bought three low-ticket products to become a customer.

This is pretty advanced stuff.

So I recommend you check out my facebook ad here for this funnel (it’s a short story + link to the blog post).

Download the content upgrade, then buy the product upgrade to see what happens.

When you get this working you have the potential to grow a $100k/mo client business with one blog post over the next year.

Want To Get High Ticket Clients?

If you'd like help to write a single blog post for your business you can use to bring in the highest paying, lowest stress clients in your market...

I want to invite you to signup for our One Greatest Hit service where our team will help you implement the strategy in this post.

We'll help you acquire new high ticket clients without having to make videos, run webinars or do "blogging" all the time. Click here to learn more.

P.S. You don’t need to sell a service for $10,000/mo or more to do this. If this process can bench 500 pounds, it will bench 20 pounds even easier with a $500, $1,000 or $2,000 service.

P.P.S. I didn’t get a chance to go over the emails you need to send to turn your leads into $10,000+/month clients in this post. Inside my More Traffic Less Content uncut video I go over an example of the "900 word emails" I use. Model the example and send it to your email leads to pick up new, high-end clients for your own business right away.

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