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Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan

"Tech Entrepreneur & Australia's Best Dad"


Chris Von Wilpert is a writer, consultant and mentor with over 20 years experience in the tech industry. He helped grow $100M+ AppSumo in the early days, who promote the best tech products for entrepreneurs. Later he founded his own media site, Content Mavericks (the site you are on now).


  • Business
  • Breakdancing
  • Being a Dad


  • Crying babies
  • Tofu
  • An unhappy wife

Who is Chris Von Wilpert?

Chris started his first business (a snow cone stand — Snowy Joey) when he was 17. He grew the business while completing his Bachelor of Business Management degree at The University of Queensland, Australia.

After learning the skills to do marketing for his own business... and selling over 1 million snow cones... he started helping brands with their marketing.

He flew from Australia to Austin, TX where he helped a growing tech startup (AppSumo) scale their content marketing channel.

After growing AppSumo's content channel from $0 to $112,500/month, he decided to do what he loves best:

Promote great tech brands.

With experience consulting with $100M+ tech companies like AppSumo and Amazon, he started helping 100s of online entrepreneurs grow their business using content marketing and SEO.

Now this media site is his 24/7 thing. He teaches what he does (and how he does it) to over 10,000 students in this playbook.

Professional Qualifications & Awards

  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBusMan). Majoring in International Business and Business Economics at The University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Australia 30 Under 30 Winner. Winner of the 2015 Australia 30 Under 30 award issued by Australian Anthill.
  • Dux of Business Organization & Management. Top of the class at high school, St Joseph's Nudgee College in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Dux of Information Technology Management. Top of the class at high school, St Joseph's Nudgee College in Brisbane, Australia.

Favorite Movie

Dune — epic sci-fi movie set in the year 10,191

Favorite Restaurant

Maru Korean Restaurant — get the 500g Assorted Daily Wagyu combo

Favorite Software

Skool — like Facebook groups, but better

Biggest Achievement

Amazon Consulting — consulting with the Head of Marketing at Amazon

Dream Life

A wife that is happy 24/7 :)