Turn Your Business's Blog into a 7-Figure Revenue Channel in 12-24 Months, Using The Ski Slope Strategy

Learn step-by-step how I turned a business's blog into a $112,500/month revenue channel without writing a single word.

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"It's made the rounds within the team. Nice work (again)"

Dharmesh Shah, Founder at HubSpot ($1B+ revenue)

"This guy's not normal"

Noah Kagan, Founder at AppSumo ($100M+ revenue)

"If it takes me flying down and eating tacos with you, just say go"

David Cancel, Founder at Drift ($120M+ revenue)

From the Desk Outback (I live in Australia mate)

of Chris Von Wilpert

Brisbane, Australia

Re: $112,500/Mo Recurring Revenue, Using The Ski Slope Strategy

Hey, I'm Chris.

I helped a bald guy named Noah Kagan (founder of $85M AppSumo) scale his software startups blog using this strategy. 

Monthly recurring revenue from the "content" channel was repeatable and predictable (compounding like interest over time):

I was approached by the Head of Marketing at Amazon to help scale their Kindle sales using this same strategy:


Business owners were really digging the strategy! 

Companies like Shopify, HubSpot, and Drift also wanted to scale really fast using my strategy. So they hit me up as well:


testimonial shopify image


drift job offer

Noah Kagan

noah kagan twitter direct message



Nathan Latka

testimonial nathan latka

Now you can use this Little-Known Strategy to Write Less and Sell More Software, High Ticket Services, Coaching Programs, Online Courses, Digital Products, Physical Products and Affiliate Products at Scale.

The short 3-step playbook on this page will show you how.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy Of The Ski Slope Strategy Playbook:

✔️ $112,500 Per Month With A Tiny Content Team - See step-by-step how we turn blog posts into monthly recurring revenue so you can scale your business more predictably.

✔️ The Three Types Of Blog Posts You Need to write for The Ski Slope Strategy to work.

✔️ How To Find Content Topics In 60 Seconds - Faster than you heated up your dinner last night, I’ll show you how to find content topics that drive direct revenue, build a massive audience and rank your content. It’s easy when you use the “topic triangle framework.” 

✔️ Don’t Publish Your Next Piece Of Content Until You Do This: I’ll show you the first piece of content you need to publish so you can start to compete against other sites on Google in weeks, not months. I’ve made this mistake, and it’s cost me years of progress in the past.

✔️ How 7-Figure Blogs Grow - See a graphical representation of how traffic scales over time for 7-figure blogs. From “Oh shit! Why’s nobody coming to my site” to “Holy crap! They love me! I’m an influencer.”

✔️ How Google Actually Works (Based On $1,000,000+ Revenue From Organic Search) - Look at the data based on $1m+ revenue we’ve driven direct from Google, plus a study of over one billion pages.

✔️ Over 4,000,000 Pages On The Internet Get Traffic With Zero Backlinks - I’ll show you how they do it.

✔️ Google Is The Club. Content Is The DJ. __________ Are The VIP Tickets. The more VIP tickets you have to the club, the longer you can see the DJ backstage. 

✔️ The Organic Traffic Flywheel - See how “the rich get richer” and how once you get 1,000 RDs growing your organic traffic starts to get much easier.

✔️ Just Like Plants Need Sunshine To Grow, Your Blog Needs ____________ Assets For Your Organic Traffic To Grow. Here’s how to find these assets.

✔️ The Keyword Research Tool I Use - I’ll show you exactly where to go inside the tool to find the best content topics. No guesswork required.

✔️ The Keyword Research Myth - Why low competition, high traffic keywords are the worst keywords to write about when you're trying to scale.

✔️ Why Some Blogs With 100,000s Of Visitors Make Little-To-No Revenue and how you can avoid this ever happening to your blog.

✔️ If CPC>$10, Then Write It. My simple rule for finding topics that can generate revenue for the offer your business sells.

✔️ Revenue Potential * Traffic Potential = ?. How to find “level 3” revenue potential topics that get traffic so your blog actually makes money.

✔️ The #1 Mistake People Make When Scaling AKA trying to flex big traffic growth numbers and reach more people, instead of the "right" people. I'll show why getting less traffic is better, and how to do it.

✔️ How A 400-Word “How-To” Blog Post Gets 1,200,000 Organic Traffic Per Month and how to find topics like this for your site.

✔️ How To Write Blog Posts That Rank On Google (Almost Every Time) - See why writing “the best” content on the internet isn’t the best way to rank on Google.

✔️ It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Content Is. The Only Thing That Matters Is How Good _________ Thinks Your Content Is. Here’s how to think like __________.

✔️ The Biggest “Trick” To Ranking #1 On Google is something called “Empathy-Built Content.” I’ll show you an example of how to write it (or get someone else to).

✔️ Step-By-Step Breakdown On How To Write A Blog Post - I’ll show you how I come up with the headline, unique angle and bullet-point outline that will beat all the other content on page #1 of Google.

✔️ Warning: Do Not Use ChatGPT To Write Your Blog Posts - Instead use this SEO-focused AI tool that we use to get blog posts ranking on the first page of Google in 7 days.

✔️ How To Reverse Engineer Google’s Machine Learning Algorithm - Watch as I show you the “entities” Google detects in content, and the “salience” score it gives to each of those entities. You’ve likely never seen this before. Either have your competitors.

✔️ The New Content Optimization AI Tool I Use - Don’t publish a new piece of content until you drop your content into this tool if you want the best chance of it ranking on Google.

✔️ The Average Freelance Blog Writer Salary Is $56,324 Per Year In The USA Now - That’s ~$1,000 USD per blog post if your writer can write one high quality blog post per week. Here is the faster, easier, and cheaper way.

✔️ How To Get High Quality Blog Posts Written For You For Less Than $0.18 Per Word - If you don’t want to do all the grunt work, use this affordable done-for-you writing service.

✔️ Your 120-Day Game Plan - How to scale like a startup using 120-day “content sprints.” Follow this plan to scale your blog like a business, not a hobby. 

✔️ The Google Sheets Content Calendar Template We Use To Manage 100,000+ Per Month Traffic Blogs - Download it, add your content topics to it, and share it with your team so you can plan your work and work your plan.

✔️ The Fastest Way To Scale Your Organic Traffic Results In 120 Days - I will show you the #1 lever you can pull to drive results when it comes to content creation.

✔️ The Perfect Publishing Velocity Ratio To Front-Load Your Blog With High Revenue Potential Content - Publish according to this ratio for best results.

✔️ Three 120-Day Content Sprints - One for solo entrepreneurs, one for 6-figure business owners, and one for 7-figure business owners. Follow the plan that matches your level of business.

✔️ How To Make 7-Figures/Year With A Single-Author Blog Writing One Blog Post Per Month - I’ll tell you the three things you need to do if being a company of one and staying small is your goal.

✔️ How To Promote Your Content - We’ll look at the organic traffic trend line of three successful 7-figure blogs over 8 years. I’ll show the #1 content promotion method they all use to scale their traffic.

✔️ The Truth About SEO - Whatever you do, DON'T hire a marketing agency until you read this. If they don’t do this, whatever else they do won’t work.

✔️ The Patent Google Registered In 2004 For It’s Ranking Algorithm - I will show you the most important snippet from the 7,491 word patent. These 54 words reveal how Google ranks content straight from the original source, not some SEO guru.

✔️ r ⁡ ( A ) = α N + ( 1 - α ) ⁢ ( w 1 ⁢ r ⁡ ( B 1 ) B 1 + … ⁢ ⁢ w n ⁢ r ⁡ ( B n ) B n ). Watch me breakdown Google’s dynamic weighting model for ranking content.

✔️ The Best Content Promotion Method Is To Get __________ From __________ With __________. If you want to rank on Google as fast as possible, this is key.

✔️ How To Get Backlinks Without Sending A Single Email - Promote this one type of content if you want passive backlinks every month without your time input.

✔️ How To Catch Your Competition Who Has A 5-10 Year Head Start - This is the only way I know how, without selling your soul to content creation.

✔️ Why The Biggest Waste Of Time Is Repurposing Your Content across social media (I'll show you my simpler, more effective method).

✔️ Traffic That Spikes vs Traffic That Compounds Like Interest Over Time. We’ll look at two different marketers. Marketer #1 with slow organic traffic growth, and Marketer #2 with exponential organic traffic growth. Do what Marketer #2 does if you want to increase your traffic over the long-term.

✔️ Santa Claus Link Building - The most effective link building method we’ve found that results in “monthly recurring relationships” with other site owners. This method is more time efficient than guest posting, and site owners prefer it.

✔️ The Best Links You Can Get On The Internet (Hint: It’s NOT high domain authority links) - It’s high __________ authority links.

✔️ How To Find Anyone’s Email Address In Under Five Seconds - I’ll show you how, then give you the word-for-word email script you need to use to get other people to promote your content for you.

✔️ How Do I Know When My Blog Post Will Rank? - I'll give you a data-backed answer to this question and show you the one metric you need to focus on if you want to break into the Google top 10.

✔️ A Blog Post With 5 Backlinks That Gets 5,000 Organic Visitors Every Month - Here’s how you can do it too.

✔️ The Perfect Link Velocity Ratio To Increase Site-Wide Traffic - Promote your content according to this ratio for best results.

✔️ How To Never Be At Risk Of Getting A Google Penalty - My friend Will lost 400,000 visitors/mo overnight with one Google algorithm update (by not doing this).

✔️ How To Outsource Your Content Promotion For Over 50% Less Than What Experienced Agencies Charge - Scale your traffic, rankings, and revenue without being involved in the process at all.

✔️ 10,000 Email Leads Per Month In Six Months - Here’s the best way to scale up to this level (and beyond) in three stages.

✔️ How To Get Your Blog To Fund Your Blog’s Scale - You only need this one funnel and three offers to make this work.

✔️ How To Generate Revenue From Your Blog With Small Amounts Of Traffic - Show your visitors this 3-step sequence of intelligent, targeted offers to skyrocket your sales using The Ski Slope Strategy.

✔️ The Most Effective Marketing Funnels For Different Businesses - From 15 years experience I’ll tell you the best funnel to use for selling agency/coaching/consulting services, software, enterprise software, digital products, and physical products. Pick the funnel that matches your business, then use it to convert your visitors into customers.

✔️ From "Free Content Friend Zone" to "Paid Offer Fan Zone" - If you can’t move people between these two zones your blog will fail. This is the most important and most overlooked aspect of any blog.

✔️ How To Turn High Traffic "How To" Searches Into $$ - We’ll pretend you’re pregnant, but don’t know the gender of the baby. You’ll search “how to find the gender of my baby” and I’ll show you how to turn this search into $$$.

✔️ Step-By-Step Example Of How To Convert A Visitor Into A Lead, A Lead Into A Customer, And A Customer Into A Repeat Customer - After you set this up once, it keeps working. As your blog traffic scales, so do your sales!

✔️ The Lead Capture Tool I Use - Tools like this usually cost at least $99/month. I’ll show you where you can get a lifetime deal on the same tool I use. This way you can make recurring revenue from your blog without the recurring software fees.

✔️ How I Use Post-Specific Content Upgrades On My Highest Traffic Blog Posts to turn visitors into email subscribers at up to 25% conversion rates (once they've spent >1 minute "time on page").

✔️ The One Lead Generation Technique That Out-Converts Every Other Lead Generation Technique - I’ll show you what it is based on real-world experience going from zero to over 10,000 leads per month. I tested A LOT of things to find this out.

✔️ It’s Human Nature To Procrastinate - Here’s the one thing you can do so your readers get results from your content and remember you.

✔️ 56,260 Leads From One Blog Post - I’ll show you the offer we used, the lead capture form we used, and the four places we added the offer inside the blog post. Copy what we did to make your blog posts convert.

✔️ The 7 Letter Word Starting With “U” - This is the difference between blog posts that convert visitors to leads at 1-5% vs 5-25%.

✔️ How This Works In Weird Niches - One of my clients teaches people how to communicate with their pet dog. I’ll show you how to make your content convert in small, obscure niches like this with 10 different niche examples.

✔️ How To Turn Profitable Paid Traffic On Within 10 Minutes Of Publishing Any New Blog Post - I’ll show you inside my ad account so you can see how this paid advertising method is 10.47x better than standard interest-based targeting.

✔️ You Need At Least 1,000 Per Month Blog Traffic Before You Can Do This - Once you do, this will be one of your most profitable marketing activities.

✔️ Why I Don’t Pull My Pants Down, Bend Over, And Wait For Google To Rank My Blog Posts (HINT: It's how I get so many customers each day without SEO on these four other platforms).

✔️ “OMG They’re Everywhere!” - This is what your visitors will be saying once you turn on The Everywhere Effect Content Sales Funnel on your site.

✔️ Paid Ad <> Offer Combinations That Work - Model these five examples to turn your blog visitors into customers and clients using short, simple ads that are less than five sentences long.

✔️ AV/AL/AC: The Three Audiences You Need To Turn Advertising Into Profit - Set these up in every ad network before you run any ads, or your ads won’t work.

✔️ How To Pre-Frame Your Prospects To Want To Buy What You Sell - Here’s a list of the best offers we’ve seen work with The Ski Slope Strategy to pre-frame the sale. Pick one.

✔️ What The FEC? How to get people excited to buy from you by giving them actionable information, then offering a fast, easy, and cheap way to implement that information.

✔️ Case Study: $24,154,918 With One Piece Of Content - This is what one of the richest men in Agora told me about making money with content at a $5,000 mastermind in Jamaica (after he'd just made $24.1M with one piece of content).

✔️ You Need An Email List In Order To Sell Stuff To People, Right? Wrong! Your highest paying, highest converting customers will come from your __________ list.

✔️ How To Generate Daily Leads And Sales Using A Unique Hybrid Of Content Marketing And Online Advertising - I’ll tell you what ad networks to advertise on, how much to spend, and how long it will take to see results.

✔️ The Lean, 5-Person Content Team You Need For A $100,000/Month Blog - Here’s a list of the five team members you need and exactly what each of them need to do each week.

✔️ My First 7-Figure Blog - Here’s everything I did that didn’t work.

✔️ The Proactive Metrics Dashboard We Use To Track What Needs To Get Done Every Week - Download it, add your content team to it, and share it with your team so everyone knows exactly what they need to do each week.

✔️ $100,000/Year vs $1,000,000/Year Blog - The difference between 6-figure and 7-figure blogs, and what you need to do if you want to achieve “7-Figure Zen”.

✔️ What To Do If You're A Business Owner, Not A "Content Creator" - Do this if you want to leverage your time and only work 2 days a week.

✔️ And much, much more!

On the next page, you can decide to add-on my $100,000 blog post case study, 5-day rapid cash email campaign, and a few more goodies if you want to save some time and effort…

...but, as you can see, The Ski Slope Strategy playbook contains everything I think you’ll need to understand and implement this strategy (and a bit more).

The price of The Ski Slope Strategy playbook is just $4.99.

Your digital copy of The Ski Slope Strategy will be delivered to your inbox right away. Within 60 seconds after purchase you can start discovering how to turn your blog into a 7-figure revenue channel, like we’ve done multiple times.

Get Your Copy Of The Ski Slope Strategy Playbook Right Now

For Just $4.99


You’ll receive The Ski Slope Strategy digital playbook to your email in 60 seconds.

The Ski Slope Strategy: The Most Repeatable and Predictable Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Website Traffic, Generate More Leads, and Scale Your Revenue (with Little-To-No Ad Spend)

Whether you like it or not, more people search for stuff on Google than anywhere else online.

And guess where Google sends most of those people?

To blog posts.

Not videos (YouTube is #2). Not podcasts. Not webinars. Not eBooks. Not whitepapers. Not lead magnets. Not infographics. Not Instagram Stories. Not Snapchat snaps. Not Pinterest pins. Not Clubhouse rooms.

(And def not Justin Bieber's Twitter profile.)

Most of the world's website traffic (i.e. people who sit behind a computer and click and buy stuff) go to Google and visit blog posts.

The best part?

People who search on Google have INTENT.

Some have buying intent. Some have informational intent. But they all have one thing in common:

They are actively “in-the-market” looking for help right now.

Read that last sentence again.

No social media platform can match the "intent" of the traffic Google can send you. Which is why the "quality" of traffic you get on Google is THE BEST CONVERTING.

Much, much, much better than Facebook ad traffic.

(And more reliable as a traffic source... your marketing message never "fatigues" on Google because NEW people are searching every single day.)

The result:

You only talk to customers who are "in-the-market" for what you do. The traffic is "passive" so you can set-it-and-forget-it, and your cost to acquire a customer is zero (if you've set your content marketing funnel up right) — more on that in the playbook.

If you truly believe in content as a marketing tool, but have never been able to put all the pieces together into something that made sense to grow your business, I want you to know...

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here it goes…

The Success Of Your Business' Blog Is Not Personal, It's Math

Either you have the numbers, or you need to get the numbers. It’s that simple.

This is what most people's "blogging" strategy looks like:


Write one blog post. Publish it. Write one more blog post. Publish it. Send an email about it to your email list (maybe). Write one more blog post. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I call this the "Pants Down SEO" method.

You publish something, pull your pants down, then bend over and wait until Google sticks it's algorithm in and sends you traffic.

Results come at a slow, snail's pace over many, many years.

If your goal is to make $100,000 per month or more from your blog, no amount of blogging following this strategy will get you there.

This is what the math looks like using The Ski Slope Strategy:


Results compound like interest. You write less and make more profit… front-loading your blog with content topics that have the highest revenue potential, based on your specific offer.

That’s a big part of how I took a recent client from $1,000/mo to $10,000/mo to $100,000/mo and so on…

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

The example above is from the "content channel" using the strategy I'm about to share…no sales from other marketing channels are included!

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you...results like this are not typical. I’ve been doing this online marketing stuff for 15+ years. My clients get awesome results because we work together. Most people don’t put into action what they learn, and so they don’t get any results at all. All business requires hard work, risk, and persistence.

But for those that are willing to put in what’s required, I can show you how to transform your business using a simple strategy that works.

Get Your Copy Of The Ski Slope Strategy Playbook Right Now

For Just $4.99


You’ll receive The Ski Slope Strategy digital playbook to your email in 60 seconds.

This Works Even If You Don't Want To Write The Blog Posts.

Transparency time:

I usually spend less than 30 minutes a week working on the blog posts that are growing my and my clients' businesses. I’m a busy dude with a newborn daughter I like to hang out with during the day.

30 minutes a week is all the time I have to spare.

Sure, if I’ve got “the writer’s itch” I’ll sit down, bust out a blog post, then send it over to my team to publish and promote.

But most of my clients don’t really want to become content writers. It's really about what the content can give them:

  • Turning their brand into a category dominator.
  • Clients that chase them.
  • Evergreen marketing assets.
  • Passive traffic.
  • Passive revenue.
  • Authority and trust.
  • Building their own audience.
  • Getting away from the social media hustle.
  • 6-pack abs.

So, as a survival mechanism for my and my clients' sanity, I partnered up with one of my friends to develop a writing service you can use to get high quality blog posts written (and edited, and uploaded to your site) for less than $0.18 per word.

I reveal where you can go to get access to this service inside The Ski Slope Strategy playbook. So, even if you don’t like writing, you can have blog posts written for you, with your ideas, in your voice, in about two weeks.

No AI writing tool on the market can match the originality, uniqueness and in-depthness (not a typo, it’s my new word for the day) of these blog posts.

It’s too easy, y’all.

In fact, once you publish 50-100 blog posts (you may need even less), you don't need to create any more content.


Take a rest. Take the wife (or hubby) on a vacation.

Get Your Copy Of The Ski Slope Strategy Playbook Right Now

For Just $4.99


You’ll receive The Ski Slope Strategy digital playbook to your email in 60 seconds.

No Questions Asked

1-Year Money Back Guarantee

Here's My Promise:

I guarantee that you’ll find my Ski Slope Strategy playbook worth much, much more than you pay for it.

If you don’t learn something new you can use to grow your business or you simply don't like my stick figure illustration on page 15, let me and my team know by sending a quick email to and we’ll send your money questions asked.

This guarantee is good for 365 days from the date of purchase.

So, try this strategy now or try it 364 days from now, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll send your money back.

That's One Full Year To Try This Strategy!

About Your Author

Chris Von Wilpert

I Help Entrepreneurs Turn Their Blog Into A 7-Figure Revenue Channel

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I've been growing my own businesses since 2006... from selling snow cones to kids at sports carnivals in Australia to consulting with the head of marketing at Amazon on their content strategy to get more Kindle sales.

Here are a few of the people and companies I've attracted using simple, actionable blog posts:

  • Amazon
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • AppSumo
  • Drift
  • Noah Kagan
  • James Schramko
  • Ryan Levesque
  • Nathan Latka
  • And many, many, more.

When I’m not doing marketing and business stuff, I enjoy break dancing, playing football with mates on the weekend, and giving my newborn daughter lots of kisses before she grows up and thinks “daddy kisses” are gross.

I wrote this playbook over 2.5 months while raising my newborn daughter. I did it as a case study to show it really is possible to do anything you put your mind to. I hope it inspires you and helps you put all the pieces together into a content strategy that makes sense for your business.

Get Your Copy Of The Ski Slope Strategy Playbook Right Now

For Just $4.99


You’ll receive The Ski Slope Strategy digital playbook to your email in 60 seconds.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

After purchasing, you will get sent an email with your private login details. If you have any questions, email

Over and out,

Chris "If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door Blog" Von Wilpert

P.S. Hate reading? Here's a recap of this ultra-long page:

1. I helped a bald guy named Noah Kagan (founder of $85M AppSumo) scale his software startups blog to $112,500/month using The Ski Slope Strategy.

2. I was approached by the Head of Marketing at Amazon to help scale their Kindle sales using this same strategy.

3. For $4.99 you can get the 3-step playbook I use and learn how to turn your business's blog into a 7-figure revenue channel in 12-24 months, using The Ski Slope Strategy. It's all-action, zero fluff. New illustrations, examples, templates on every page.

4. Inside the playbook you will learn how to get people who search on Google to go to your website and buy from you using simple, actionable blog posts. This strategy works even if you don’t want to write the blog posts.

5. You can try my strategy in the playbook for 1 full year. If you don't like it (or you don't like my stick figure illustration on page 15), I'll refund you the $4.99.

You’ll receive The Ski Slope Strategy digital playbook to your email in 60 seconds.

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