How To Get More Traffic With Less Content (Real Examples)

Published: July 10th, 2020. Last Updated: August 6th, 2020.
by Chris Von Wilpert

The content marketing examples below are from Content Mavericks clients who applied the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program and got real, verified sales results.

1. Grant Horejsi: $15,000 From One Case Study in 14 Days

Content Marketer: Grant Horejsi

Result: $15,000 net new revenue from one case study in 14 days, plus $52,000 in additional pipeline revenue.

Example: Step-By-Step Process To Find Past Clients And Sign Them Again

How To Do It:

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Write a step-by-step case study on your unique process.
  2. Drive targeted traffic to the post on LinkedIn.
  3. Make a next-step offer to work with you inside the case study (e.g. 50 Leads For Free).

Grant followed the methods inside the Greatest Hits Content program.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

In 14 days, Grant Horejsi made $15,000 from one case study:

It wasn’t always this way.

Before joining Content Mavericks, Grant already had the knowledge to package his expertise into great content.

But he didn’t have the time to write content every week.

In the past, he tried writing long-form content to rank for high buy-intent SEO keywords like “appointment setting companies”:

But the long form content didn't get the eyeballs it deserved and ranking didn’t bring the targeted traffic he needed.

With a #4 Google rank:

Grant was only getting 78 monthly organic traffic (after building 25 backlinks):

Even though the keywords were 'good', he had a lot of tire kickers and low budget leads coming from his organic traffic.

That’s when Grant found the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program.

The program showed Grant how to leverage one case study for the greatest impact by scaling content promotion (not content production).

Grant wrote ONE step-by-step case study on the unique process he uses to get his clients results:

He then promoted the case study on LinkedIn (using his partners LinkedIn account):

To get over 100 likes and 100 comments on the post, Grant sent this email to dream clients in his sales pipeline (using Blake’s email):

grant horejsi outreach

This resulted in 150 new leads for his “50 Leads For Free” offer:

Which turned into one new $15,000 client and $52,000 in additional sales pipeline:

As Grant was promoting his case study, he used the private support in The Boardroom (Content Mavericks private Slack group) to get direct feedback on his content promotion strategy:

Then got a response within 24 hours:

The biggest thing Grant learnt from the program was the power of scaling content promotion (not content production).

With this one proven content asset (his case study), Grant is now going to scale promotion even more using the content distribution ads framework inside the program:

Grant wanted a simple funnel to fill his sales pipeline for his lead generation product: BuyerMovement.

Now he’s got it. 

(Without having to create new content every single week.)

In addition to the revenue generated from this one blog post, Grant has also made $3,750 from inbound marketing consulting audits:

Using a handful of the Greatest Hits Content methods, Grant evaluates his consulting clients top pieces of content and increases their lead captures. 

Grant doesn't even promote himself for this type of consulting work.

He stumbled into these consulting projects from friends (and friends of friends) who have been blown away by his content marketing results. 

Knowing he can drive revenue for any business that has existing content or needs content (if he was to choose to do so), gives Grant a sense of independence.

If you’d like to have this same sense of independence, and build a simple content sales funnel for your business (with one case study) like Grant:

Join the Greatest Hits Content program (currently open for enrollment).

You don't need a big email list, social media audience or brand name for this to work.

2. Mohammed Ali: 10,000,000 Views From One Facebook Post in 10 Days

Content Marketer: Mohammed Ali

Result: Featured in 100s of publications (shared by BBC News, BuzzFeed, The Sun, The Independent, John Lennon’s son, Kris Jenner, Naomi Campbell), seen by over 10,000,000 people, and landed a $6,000 client in 10 days.

Example: 7 Lessons Learned Writing A Viral Facebook Post

How To Do It:

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Find a topic in the zeitgeist (e.g. COVID-19).
  2. Write about the topic using your own unique angle.
  3. Post it on your personal Facebook wall.

Mohammed followed the methods inside the Greatest Hits Content program.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

Did you know:

A Facebook post CAN’T get more than 1,999,999 likes?

Mohammed Ali knows... because his Facebook post hit the 1.99M likes limit:

Before joining Content Mavericks, Mohammed struggled to get mass exposure to his content pieces.

He wanted to leverage and scale the impact he was making, but didn’t have a clear plan on exactly how to do it.

He tried SEO, webinars and in-person seminars… but nothing worked.

SEO traffic was limited by search volume, and took 6-12 months to see any results.

Webinars were more scalable.

But no one ever shares webinar registration pages… you have to pay for all the traffic to make it work 🙁

Seminars were great for meeting people in-person.

But they’re extremely hard for reaching a mass audience of 10,000+ people.

That’s when Mohammed found the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program.

Inside the program, Mohammed learnt how to improve his content writing skills using the AIDA writing template:

Not Gangnam-style viral!

Viral in his market (business leaders and executives).

On March 16 Mohammed wrote one Facebook post using Content Mavericks AIDA writing template.

The topic: What is COVID-19 teaching us?

Friends (and friends of friends) started reposting it.

After Mohammed’s post got ~50 shares, his content got accredited to Bill Gates (by a random person who is still a mystery to this day).

On March 23 Kris Jenner (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) reposted it:

On March 24 Julian Lennon (son of John Lennon from The Beatles) reposted it:

Then BBC News, Buzzfeed, The Sun, The Independent, and Naomi Campbell (English supermodel and businesswoman) all started posting about it:

In 10 days over 10,000,000 people saw Mohammed’s post.

The kicker:

In the first 10 days, Mohammed also landed a $6,000 client from this one post (for his content consulting services):

Now he’s packaged up what he did into a case study using the same AIDA writing template to attract more clients:

Today, Mohammed doesn’t have to worry about hunting down new clients all the time.

By strategically leveraging one piece of content into a case study, Mohammed has become the hunted, not the hunter.

And he’s freed up his time to stay in his zone of genius: 

Writing about new, inspiring ideas and helping his clients grow.

If you’re sick of building and re-building marketing funnels that never quite convert as well as the person you learnt it from…

Maybe you’re NOT only one funnel away from your next business breakthrough.

Maybe you’re only one case study away!

Maybe all you need is a simple way to improve your content writing skills so you can write one case study to leverage your time better and scale the number of people you reach.

Mohammed did it with this one simple Facebook post:

Then turned his results into a case study.

If you’d like to improve your writing skills using the same AIDA writing template Mohammed uses, and leverage your expertise into one case study you can promote over and over again to attract new clients:

Join the Greatest Hits Content program (currently open for enrollment).

You don't need a big email list, social media audience or brand name for this to work.

3. Shane Melanson: Two High Paying $5,800 Clients From One Blog Post In 30 Days

Content Marketer: Shane Melanson

Result: Two high paying clients at $5,800 each.

Example: Why Many Highly Paid Professionals Have No Idea How To Retire

How To Do It: 

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Identify your ideal client (e.g. professionals making mid six-figures/year plus).
  2. Find a topic perfect to attract your ideal client.
  3. Write about the topic with your own unique angle.

Shane followed the methods inside the Greatest Hits Content program.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

After writing one article and doing some light promotion, Shane Melanson got two new $5,800 clients for his real estate investing program:

The kicker:

Shane did this to attract professionals making mid six-figures/year plus.

People who you might be thinking don't have time to read a piece of content or are "hard to reach."

Before joining Content Mavericks, Shane was stuck creating content for content sake.

He thought he had to constantly turn out more content. 

But after doing it, he didn’t see anything in return.

In the past, he tried hiring an SEO expert for $1,500 per month for six months.

He also tried hiring a Facebook ads expert for $1,500/mo + $1,000/mo on ads.

His SEO investment was a complete waste.

And his Facebook ads got emails but no clients.

Shane needed a consistent way to attract clients for his new consulting and coaching business (without having to pay for traffic and clients all the time).

That’s when Shane found the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program.

Shane knew he was creating great content, but needed a way to get it out to his audience (professionals making mid six-figures/year plus).

Following the Greatest Hits Content research process, Shane found the perfect topic to attract his ideal clients:

The headline and intro directly call out the target reader:

"You're a highly skilled professional making mid six-figures/year plus."

Then Shane uses empathy to show he understands their pain points:

"You were told to work hard, get into the top schools and do the extra-curricular activities."

This captures his ideal clients attention and interest early on before he jumps into the meat of the article.

After Shane published this on his site, he landed two $5,800 clients.

The best part:

Shane hasn’t even started actively promoting the article yet.

He simply published it, with a direct link to the article at the bottom of his home page:

This RAPID TRACTION has given Shane the confidence and certainty that his business is real, and people genuinely want the service he offers.

Now he’s going to be using the advanced content distribution strategies in the program to scale his clients.

The biggest takeaways Shane’s got from the program so far are:

  1. You only need one or two great pieces of content to attract your ideal clients.
  2. You need to invest time to find a topic your ideal clients will resonate with.
  3. You need to continually promote your content that converts.
  4. Having insightful content people can read to first learn and understand your process is a huge time saver and screener.

With a $5,800 program, attracting the right leads for Shane is key: 

Shane doesn't want to attract tire kickers, struggle bunnies, ask holes, or blue collar workers with his content.

He wants to be working with six-figure professionals who can afford his program AND who he can get results for fast.

Having this one content asset he knows works to attract his buyers is a huge relief.

Now, Shane doesn't have to keep creating new content all the time.

If you’d like to learn how to create ONE content asset you can use to attract clients who can afford your high ticket consulting or coaching:

Join the Greatest Hits Content program (currently open for enrollment).

You’ll learn how to find your topic, create your content, and promote it (without the content overwhlem).

4. Ed Leake: 13.84% Conversion Rate From Cold Traffic (After People Read One Blog Post)

Content Marketer: Ed Leake

Result: 13.84% conversion rate from cold traffic to email leads on one blog post.

Example: How I Predict Google Ads Results (With $0 Ad Spend)

How To Do It: 

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Survey your audience to find their biggest challenges.
  2. Solve one of their challenges using a "utility template" blog post.
  3. Show step-by-step how to use the "utility template" to solve the challenge.

Ed followed the methods inside the Greatest Hits Content program.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

Ed Leake is getting a 13.84% conversion rate from cold traffic to email leads.

This is AFTER people read one blog post and are pre-qualified:

The kicker: he's a Brit.

An Englishman getting conversion rates that high off content is unheard of.

We think this might be a world-first for British marketers 🙂

Before joining Content Mavericks, Ed struggled to write an article that people actually wanted to read, without having to stuff it full of gifs to be... 'fun'.

After joining Content Mavericks, Ed learned how to use a proven writing template, charm, Aussie wit, and golden hot pants to hold his reader’s attention:

The writing template and golden hot pants (especially the golden hot pants) got Ed’s readers to stick around longer, stay interested and convert into new email subscribers. 

Finally, Ed was doing what he always dreamed of: building his own audience.

ed leake audience

In the past, Ed tried hiring a lot of freelancers, hiring full-time writers on staff and of course, naked fire walking:

Although the writer’s he hired were OK, and the naked fire walking was good for Ed’s ego, it didn’t get Ed any closer to the holy grail:

Traffic and leads.

That’s when Ed learned how to use a “utility template” blog post to cover a topic, and convert readers into leads at 13.84%:

Using the AIDA writing template inside the Greatest Hits Content program, Ed had an effective framework to write a compelling headline and intro:

FYI: Writing 3,000 word articles is easy - getting people hooked within the first 30 seconds, is not. (This was one of Ed’s biggest takeaways.)

Throughout the post Ed showed his audience how to solve one of their biggest challenges (predicting Google ads results before spending money on ads) using step-by-step instructions on how to use his “utility template”:

At the end of the post (and within the post) Ed gives his visitors the option to download a copy of his “utility template” for free, in return for their email address:

In the online marketing industry, we call this “a fair trade.”

The success of this “fair trade” means Ed doesn’t need to ram sales messages down his audience's throat to sell his product.

He can naked fire walk every night, while he sends traffic to this ONE blog post and gets consistent leads every day.

People like to become Ed’s leads because he leads with valuable content, and gives them something with true utility (his Google ads forecasting spreadsheet):

This is a simple but effective tool his ideal client’s can use to work out their Google ads results (with $0 ad spend).

People can then use Ed’s paid Google Ads automation tool to automate the running of their ads if they find their ad campaign will make them money:

If you’d like to learn how to create and promote ONE “utility template” blog post to build your audience and get people keen for your paid product:

Join the Greatest Hits Content program (currently open for enrollment).

You’ll learn how to simplify your marketing with ONE powerful piece of content, so you have time to start naked fire walking like Ed every night too.

Get More Real Examples Of How To Get More Traffic With Less Content

When I first started content marketing I found what was working by:

  1. Asking people what content was generating them the most customers.
  2. Using competitive intelligence tools to study content getting a lot of shares and comments.

After over a year of market research I recorded a video with all the examples I found of “content marketing that works.”

Before you go, download the video below (and get exclusive content marketing examples that I only share with email subscribers):