10 Jaw-dropping Content Marketing Case Studies With Results

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated May 10, 2023

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Bonus Material: 100,000 Traffic In One Month Case Study

Looking for content marketing case studies that show you how to increase website traffic, like this:

100k visitors image

Grab my content marketing study below to see how I increased website traffic for a small startup by 100,000 visitors in one month (without a big brand name like Coca-Cola, IBM or Adobe behind me).

Then tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You tried Facebook ads. It cost too much money.
  • You tried blogging. It didn’t convert.
  • You tried social media. The algorithm capped your reach.
traffic trap image

After all your hard work, you still don’t have a source of consistent, targeted traffic.

You could go spend hours reading the latest list of 101 traffic tactics. That’s what I used to tell people to do when they asked me how to grow traffic.

But it’s overwhelming AF.

Most of the tactics will tell you to “write a guest post” or “go on a podcast.”

All the stuff that gets you a quick spike in traffic, then puts you right back at square #1.

traffic spike image

You want traffic that’s consistent AND scalable.

Every case study I’m about to show you generates millions of website visitors PER MONTH.

How Do I Know They Get Millions Of Website Visitors?

I’ve helped some of them (hint: I can see inside their Google Analytics).

For others their CEOs straight out told me, or I used SimilarWeb to check their monthly traffic stats.

similarweb traffic image

In my experience SimilarWeb overestimates traffic by about 20-30% if the website hasn’t been verified using Google Analytics data. But even after subtracting 30%, these companies still do millions in traffic a month.

Are These Companies Big Brand Names That Send One Email Then Get Thousands Of Clicks?

Some of them are, but many others are not.

Every one of them started small just like you, yes even Amazon (Google it).

I uncovered the traffic strategies that worked for them when they DID NOT have an audience.


I emailed their CMOs, interviewed their CEOs, listened to their podcasts, read their blogs. I even bought a mattress and creepily made myself at home in one of their offices (story for another time).

Here’s what I found:

Case Study #1: AppSumo's Multimillion Dollar Marketing Playbook

This company has grown an email list of over one million subscribers.

Chief Sumo, Noah Kagan built the company from nothing. Now it makes more revenue per employee than Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

Noah grew the email list and traffic to the site using quarterly giveaways with 1-click viral sharing.

Case Study:

Case Study #2: How Tony Robbins Generates 1,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

Most people see a business celebrity like Tony Robbins and think, “I could never be that successful.”


Tony doesn’t clap, then magically get millions of website visitors to appear. 

He uses an AIDA lead generation quiz to build his email list, then sends traffic to useful pieces of blog content.

Case Study #3: Supreme Streetwear's Insane Success

They sell out of new product every week. Their products resell at over 1200% retail price.

The way it works is you collab with someone in your industry, then limit the supply of your product.

You post about the collab on social media, then get it in front of reporters that write for popular news sites. You rinse and repeat to grow a cult-like following.

Case Study:

Case Study #4: How Amazon Generates $136 Billion In Sales

There’s no ecommerce store on the internet making more sales than Amazon.

They get over 2 billion website visitors every month. But Jeff Bezos isn’t sitting behind his computer uploading pics to Instagram all day.

One of his biggest automated traffic levers is using Google AdWords dynamic keyword insertion to outcompete millions of advertisers for the top two ad positions on Google.

Case Study:

Case Study #5: How Shopify Increased Revenue 90% In 365 Days

They’re the 3rd most visited website in the WORLD in the “Business Services” category.

I didn’t realize how good this company’s content marketing was until I started searching for keywords on their topics.

Using a combination of articles, videos, podcasts, and encyclopedia pages they take their customers most commonly asked questions, then build content around them.

Case Study:

Case Study #6: HubSpot's $271 Million Inbound Lead Generation Machine

If you’re in SaaS, you can’t help but hear about HubSpot’s massive growth. 

They pioneered the inbound marketing movement and now have a traffic rank of #5 in the world for one of the most competitive niches on the internet: Online Marketing.

They use a strategy called “content stacking” to take visitors from blog content > downloadable pdf > sales-generating content. It gets visitors sticking on their site for over 6 minutes.

Case Study:

Case Study #7: How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

Slack built a viral word-of-mouth marketing machine with a great product and killer hook: “Slack: The Email Killer.”  

Bill Macaitis, Slack’s first CMO spread their message by sponsoring lots of different niche podcasts. He then cut the losers and kept the winners.

The key isn’t sponsoring podcasts with monster audiences, it’s sponsoring ones that have loyal audiences who trust the podcast host.

Case Study:

Case Study #8: How Intercom Generates $50 Million Annual Recurring Revenue

What do Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) have in common?

They are both investors in Intercom.

Intercom use a simple SEO strategy. Instead of writing articles to rank for a keyword, they write about core problems their ideal customer face. 

With AI in search evolving beyond keywords, Semantic SEO kicks in and ranks them on page one of Google.

Case Study #9: How MailChimp Makes $400M Revenue

You’ve probably heard of MailChimp. Globally they’re one of the top 1,000 trafficked sites (out of 1+ billion sites).

They do it by creating one content series for every buyer persona. 

One for SMBs and two focused on their highest revenue customers: Agencies and Ecommerce.

Case Study #10: How Sumo Got 1.7 Million Free Clicks In 12 Months

sumo case study image

How do you get 1.7 million free clicks and generate $100k/mo off a blog? You use Green Circle Content to build topic clusters to get new organic traffic.

You use Blue Square Content to run quarterly marketing promotions to get new leads.

Then you use Black Diamond Content to promote case studies to convert traffic and leads into new customers.

Case Study:

Where Should You Start To Grow Your Website Traffic?

Most people I talk to want one thing:

More traffic without spending more money on ads (aka free traffic).

If you didn’t notice, all of these companies were using some form of content marketing to drive free traffic to their website.

Actually, a few of the companies used ads. But do you know where those ads lead to?

A piece of content!

Content marketing is great on it's own.

There are proven strategies you can use to get A LOT of visits to your content.

However, the 1-2 punch combo of using a little paid ads + good content is unbeatable.

To help you get started, I put together a bonus case study which covers:

  1. How I increased website traffic by 100,000 visitors in one month to a blog.
  2. Screenshots of the ads I used to get traffic and sales (using content).
  3. 7 lessons I learned (and mistakes I made) so you can avoid them.

Everything is step-by-step and includes key takeaways you can use to get started growing your website traffic with content marketing today (without getting overwhelmed).

Then before you go.

Let me know in the comments:

Which case study was your favorite?


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