"This guy's not normal."

- Noah Kagan, 8-figure tech entrepreneur


We are helping 1,000 people make sales with Greatest Hits Content so they can scale their business with less content.

"That post generated $15,000 in net new revenue, and we did that in 14 days."

Grant Horejsi (Partner at OutboundView and world's best pickleball player)

"I was able to land two high paying clients at $5,800 each."

Shane Melanson (Commercial real estate coach and father of 3 daughters)

"10 days later it's already got me a $6,000 client."

Mohammed Ali (London's top marketing consultant)

"Just got a client offering to pay me $3,500/mo ($42k/yr) from one blog post."

Mike Gianullis (Copywriting Expert at OnlyOneMike.com)

"We're converting cold traffic on blog posts at 14-15%."

Ed Leake (Founder of AdEvolver and world's best naked fire walker)

"I've personally seen Chris double Sumo's traffic from 100k to 200k per month."

Aryo Shokohiazar (Software engineer at Calendly and content marketing nerd)

"Chris reads our articles and gives feedback, usually within a day, which is amazing!"

Lesley Sim (Founder of Newsletter Glue who likes to eat pizza)

testimonial grant horejsi

Grant Horejsi (OutboundView)

Savvas Zortikis (Viral Loops)

testimonial mike giannulis

Mike Giannulis (Copywriting From Scratch)

testimonial pete boyle

Pete Boyle (Conversion Copywriter)

testimonial haris valjevac

Haris Valjevac (Mostly Sunny Store)

testimonial dave huffman

Dave Huffman (ClickBank)

testimonial noah kagan

Noah Kagan (Sumo/AppSumo)

testimonial james schramko

James Schramko (SuperFastBusiness)

testimonial ryan levesque image

Ryan Levesque (The ASK Method)

testimonial shopify image

Katherine Ste Marie (Shopify)

testimonial dharmesh shah image

Dharmesh Shah (HubSpot)

testimonial nathan latka

Nathan Latka (The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast)

Sonny Soomal (Internet Mogul)

Tyler Basu (Influence & Scale)

Louis Vieira (Ecommerce Paid Ads Expert)

Pedro Martins (Marketing Agency Owner)

Carnivore Aurelius (Carnivore Aurelius)

Tom Stanford (Saint Belford)

Matt Wolfe (The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast)

testimonial aaron orendorff image

Aaron Orendorff (Common Thread Collective)

testimonial david frey image

David Frey (Author, The Small Business Marketing Bible)

testimonial lou pushelberg image

Lou Pushelberg (Circuit Stream)

testimonial tracy green image

Tracy Green (Author, Renegade Rulebook)

testimonial rodolfo sabino image

Rodolfo Sabino (SEO Specialist)

testimonial maikon schiessl image

Maikon Schiessl (Growth Team)

testimonial heath copps image

John Farrell (BizStoke)

Alex McClafferty (WP Curve, acquired by GoDaddy)

testimonial david klein image

David Klein (Tallbox)

testimonial justin blackman

Justin Blackman (Pretty Fly Copywriting)

testimonial mark williams image

Mark Williams (Entrepreneur)

testimonial charles henry image

Charles Henry (C.H. Local Media)

testimonial john jamie image

John Jamie (Platform9 Systems)

testimonial tony ubertaccio image

Tony Ubertaccio (Making It In Asheville Podcast)

testimonial jeremy boudinet image

Jeremy Boudinet (Nextiva)

testimonial lenny johnson image

Lenny Johnson (B2B Content Lab)

testimonial kolleen shallcross image

Kolleen Shallcross (Shallcross Marketing & Design)

testimonial niklavs image

Niklāvs (Entrepreneur)

testimonial jonathan image

Jonathan Wilson (October Marketing)

testimonial gail axelrod image

Gail Axelrod (Drift)

testimonial lindsay mccormick image

Lindsay McCormick (Bite Toothpaste Bits)

testimonial james deer image

James Deer (GatherContent)

testimonial scott burr image

Scott Burr (Innovation Scientific)

testimonial ankur tiwari image

Ankur Tiwari (Thoughtlytics)

testimonial renoud van waveren image

Reinoud van Waveren Hogervorst (Stormbits)

testimonial ari sherbill image

Ari Sherbill (Atera)

testimonial abass sahrawi email image
testimonial abass sahrawi 2 image
testimonial abass sahrawi image

Abass Sahrawi (B2B Content Strategist)

testimonial ovidiu puscas image

Ovidiu Puscas (Emmix)

testimonial juxhin radhima image

Juxhin Radhima (IPERVOX) 

testimonial tim kock image

Tim Kock (Ecommerce Entrepreneur)

testimonial alex wild image

Alex Wild (Entrepreneur)

testimonial seo travel image
testimonial tom mcloughlin image

Tom Mcloughlin (SEO Travel)

testimonial deep arorra image

Deep Arorra (Invanto)

testimonial raheem sarcar image

Raheem Sarcar (RewardCamp)

testimonial dejan gajsek image

Dejan Gajsek (Circuit Stream)

testimonial daniel doan image

Daniel Doan (Conversion Copywriter)

testimonial michael mirshy image

Michael Mirsky (Behind the Markets)

testimonial len markidan image

Len Markidan (Podia)

testimonial ivan kreimer image

Ivan Kreimer (Content Marketing Consultant)

testimonial matt fisher image

Matt Fisher (Instant Clients)

testimonial rachana mishra image

Rachana Mishra (Interview Mocha)

testimonial tyler basu image

Tyler Basu (Thinkific)

testimonial kristy foss image

Kristy Foss (Canva)

testimonial amy cocke image

Amy Cocke (South Carolina Department of Health)

testimonial abhik shome image
testimonial abhik shome

Abhik Shome (Brand Bridge Solutions)

Luis Congdon (Thriving Launch)

testimonial lovro magdalenic

Lovro Magdalenic (Profits Clinic)

testimonial niel reichl

Niel Reichl (BottBott Industries)

testimonial helga zabalkanskaya

Helga Zabalkanskaya (Newoldstamp)

testimonial franco colomba

Franco Colomba (Hylux)

testimonial shane fielder

Shane Fielder (Samurai Innovation)

testimonial shareef grizzle

Shareef Grizzle (Bindrop)

testimonial aazar ali shad

Aazar Ali Shad (Userpilot)

testimonial reuben swartz

Reuben Swartz (Sales for Nerds)

testimonial mat twallace

Matt Wallace (CharlieHR)

testimonial alex horvath

Alex Horvath (Jule Vera)

testimonial jon park

Jon Park (MarketMan)

testimonial abdul qadir

Abdul Qadir (51Blocks)

testimonial nabeel azeez

Nabeel Azeez (Dropkick Copy)

testimonial attawee jaroenwattanawinyoo

Attawee Jaroenwattanawinyoo (iProspect Thailand)

testimonial aiden chong
testimonial aiden chong

Aiden Chong (Malaysian Property Expert)

testimonial rustin nethercott

Rustin Nethercott (GRIT)

testimonial michal leszczynski

Michal Leszczynski (Campaign Monitor)

testimonial james mackay

James Mackay (We Promote)

testimonial gabriel ehrlich

Gabriel Ehrlich (Remotion Digital)

testimonial iulia cristina uta

Iulia Cristina Uță (Brand Minds Europe)

testimonial ben bradbury

Ben Bradbury (Viral Content Creator)

testimonial alexis martial

Alexis Martial (Optimy)

testimonial vanja radeljic

Vanja Radeljic (Ooredoo)

testimonial maridel reyes

Maridel Reyes (Email Copywriter)

testimonial andy iskandar

Andy Iskandar (Web Profits Lab)

testimonial nick jordan

Nick Jordan (Content Distribution Expert)

testimonial stephanie baiocchi

Stephanie Balocchi (IMPACT)

testimonial john clancy

John Clancy (Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer)

testimonial boris karesin

Boris Karesin (Pure AdWords)

testimonial tia dobi

Tia Dobi (Conversational Copywriter)

testimonial corina manea

Corina Manea (Digital Marketer)

testimonial steve delong

Steve DeLong (RealtyKick)

testimonial brandyn morelli

Brandyn Morelli (Tilt Metrics)

testimonial craig griffiths

Craig Griffiths (SearchUp)

testimonial sk tawhidur rahman

SK Tawhidur Rahman (Content Amplify)

testimonial ben dewar

Ben Dewar (Strength Conditioning & Nutrition Coach)

testimonial jared kimball

Jared Kimball (International Cruise & Excursions, Inc)

testimonial robert allen

Robert Allen (Click Here Agency)

testimonial dan lacey

Dan Lacey (New Zealand SEO Consultant)

testimonial osman sheikh

Osman Sheikh (Virtru)

testimonial matteo gasparello

Matteo Gasparello (Strategico)

testimonial david zysblat

David Zysblat (Clasiq)

testimonial sam thomas davies

Sam Thomas Davies (Sleeknote)

testimonial zachary maley

Zachary Maley (Wynn Resorts)

testimonial narendra mandadapu

Narendra Mandadapu (SAP Concur)

testimonial jonathan drake

Jonathan Drake (How To Move The Needle)

testimonial patrick epler

Patrick Epler (North Star Digital)

testimonial rusydi arsyraf

Rusydi Arsyraf (Success Resources)

testimonial mark jung

Mark Jung (Dooly)

testimonial jacob mcmillen

Jacob McMillen (Copywriter & Content Strategist)

testimonial molly mahoney

Molly Mahoney (The Prepared Performer)

testimonial gianluca piovani

Gianluca Piovani (Storyforma)

testimonial stephen zhao

Stephen Zhao (Copywriting.com)

testimonial hans dekker

Hans Dekker (Leadaro)

testimonial andrew ulicny

Andrew Uličný (La Brise de parfums)

testimonial jagan krishnan

Jagan Krishnan (Copywriter)

testimonial david watts

David Watts (Evolved Search)

testimonial mark blomeley

Mark Blomeley (Direct Response Marketing Expert)

testimonial jay greenham

Jay Greenham (Freelance Marketer)

testimonial sam mollaei

Sam Mollaei (Mollaei Law)

testimonial kristian cotta

Kristian Cotta (Local 480)

testimonial alexandra borbely
testimonial alexandra borbely 2

Alexandra Borbely (Scale Fanatics)

testimonial thinh tran

Thinh Tran (Presenter BV)

testimonial sandra le

Sandra Le (Roamwide)

testimonial audra carpenter

Audra Carpenter (zindo+co)

testimonial seth ellsworth

Seth Ellsworth (Breakthrough Challenge)

testimonial michael tesoriero

Michael Tesoriero (Johnson & Johnson)

testimonial mark thompson

Mark Thompson (The Lifestyle Marketer)

testimonial anthony sills

Anthony Sills (Professional Pen Copywriting)

testimonial mike wagaba
testimonial mike wagaba

Mike Wagaba (Humanlytics)