How to turn your 6-figure done-for-you agency into a 7-figure recurring revenue mastermind using one blog post

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by Chris Von Wilpert • Last updated 19 Jul 2024 • 3 min read 

If you're fed up with doing everything for clients... follow this step-by-step to turn your hard-to-scale service into a $100k /month profit consulting offer.

Since 2017, we've been enrolling clients from $1,000 up to $15,000/month using simple one page case studies. Many of the inbound leads have been from $100M+ brands reaching out to us after they read one of these case studies:


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The leads have been great, but scaling done-for-you services has been difficult :(

Done for you clients:

  • Demand a lot of your time, energy, and attention
  • Make it difficult to scale without hiring a much larger team
  • Leave little-to-no time for you to focus on growing your own business
  • Ask you to do tasks for them at random times
  • Require coordinating a team (often in-house + contractors)
  • Will judge you based on your last month/last campaign/last result
  • Require lots of sales calls, follow-up, and contracts to close deals

It's exhausting.

So we found a better model:

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In a nutshell:

  1. Sell Jumpstart masterminds as the “frontend” of the business, using an annual recurring revenue pricing model for year-to-year cashflow predictability
  2. Offer done-for-you services as the “backend” of the business, priced at 2x-10x the price of your mastermind for higher profit margins on your done-for-you services
  3. Use a case study funnel to get applications (primarily using Facebook ads + email)

Last year we started to test this model as a way to add some quick cash flow to our own business. We sold a 2-hour Jumpstart for $15,000 to one of our Facebook ad leads.

Here is what we did:

Step 1) Craft a Jumpstart offer solving a specific problem for a specific audience

We put together a short Google doc going over our offer for helping software businesses increase leads from Google organic search with 1 year’s worth of content strategy in 1 hour.

Important Note: This works because getting everything done in 1-2 hours (with ongoing mastermind support) is waaaay more exciting than a 6-8 week coaching program or 20-40 hour course for people with more money than time.

Step 2) Create one case study 

Make a short 1-page case study going over the step-by-step approach you used to solve your client’s #1 biggest problem. We wrote our case study on the approach we used to turn a software company’s blog into a $112,500/month revenue channel.

ski slope strategy featured image

Step 3) Run ads to the case study

Advertise the case study so it hits your target audience who’s struggling with a similar problem.

Step 4) Get people to apply to work with you

Make a short typeform application to collect people’s name, email, and a few qualifying questions so you can vet if they are a good fit for your Jumpstart offer.

Step 5) Send qualified applicants a short Loom video

Make a short 5-minute Loom video going over the three biggest opportunities you see for the people you think you can help, and invite them to work with you.

That's it!

Here are a few reasons why this works:

  • You get paid to consult with leads vs doing free strategy sessions. No more wasting time on sales calls that may never result in a sale.
  • Jumpstart mastermind clients give you consistent monthly cash flow to scale. If you lose a big client or have a dry patch of no new done-for-you clients for a few months, you don’t need to worry because Jumpstarts are their own high profit margin, recurring revenue channel.
  • You can start charging more for your done-for-you services. When you’re selling 2 hour Jumpstarts for $3k-$15k/year per client, you can get paid 2x-10x more for your done-for-you implementation, while you scale using the Jumpstart mastermind model that is less labor intensive.

The kicker:

The clients you do these Jumpstarts with get the best results, refer friends, and make your best case studies... because of how the offer is structured and delivered.

"26k email subscribers... ranking page 1... company 2-3xed leads... significant # of immediate sales... had to pause marketing because our team is at capacity"

Once your Jumpstart offer is dialed in, case study is written, and ads are set up all you have to do is make offers to qualified applicants and focus on your client results so they want to renew and work with you long-term.

To hit 7-figures/year with this Jumpstart mastermind model, all you need is:

  • 350 mastermind members @ $3,000/year OR
  • 200 mastermind members @ $5,000/year OR
  • 100 mastermind members @ $10,000/year OR
  • 70 mastermind members @ $15,000/year

It's the new model we're now using to turn our 6-figure done-for-you agency into a 7-figure recurring revenue mastermind because:

  1. The revenue is more predictable
  2. The business model is more scalable
  3. The service is less labor intensive

If you’d like to collaborate with us to scale using this new Jumpstart model… so that you can transition from selling done-for-you services to high profit margin masterminds… you have two options:

Option 1

Take the step-by-step process I laid out here, look at our case study, and give it a go on your own. Masterminds, consulting and case studies aren’t new. We’ve just figured out a way to craft a yearly mastermind offer that appeals to people with more money than time, and market them using a simple case study funnel that works for us.

Option 2

You can join our Jumpstart mastermind. We’ll take you through each step of the process LIVE over two days, and collaborate together to make this model work for you. Save time and money from figuring out the best way to craft your Jumpstart offer, write your case study, ask the right application questions, set up your ads, etc.

Together, we will:

  • Craft your Jumpstart mastermind offer
  • Write your step-by-step case study
  • Create your typeform application
  • Write your ads
  • Set up your ads
  • Launch your Jumpstart mastermind

We’ll even show you how you can sell your Jumpstart mastermind for recurring fees, instead of 1-time fees.

Ready to get started? Fill out the application below!

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