Turn your blog into a $100k/month revenue channel using our highest converting blog post templates

Content Marketing Masters is a 3-stage course on how to scale your blog from zero to over $100k per month using the highest converting blog post templates we know work to drive revenue, build an audience, and increase site authority.

From zero to $112,500 revenue per month (from the blog content channel) using the blog post templates inside the Content Marketing Masters course.

Who it's for

Content Marketing Masters is best for you if you're a business owner, marketing/content manager, or marketing agency growing client sites using organic search. You have a blog, but it's currently making less than $100k/month. 

If this is you, you're probably struggling with:

  • Acquiring new customers consistently and predictably directly from your blog posts
  • Hiring content writers who are affordable with proven experience
  • Executing a content strategy that drives traffic, leads, and customers daily
  • Relying on cold outreach or spending $10,000s on paid ads to bring in new business
  • Scaling your business while still having time to pursue your hobbies

What it helps you achieve

Content Marketing Masters will help you achieve the following:

  • Dial-in a content strategy focused on revenue generating content topics
  • Find the best content topics to write about, so you're not wasting your time
  • Write using blog templates already pre-optimized for SEO and conversions
  • Hire and manage a content writing team so you can scale without writing a word
  • Rank #1 in your brand category using "Brand Category Hubs"  
  • Build a content marketing funnel to turn your visitors into 1,000+ customers/year
  • Work 2 days a week while overseeing your content strategy

What students are saying

"We were able to get it to 100,000 visitors in just 6 months."

"After taking your course... content is our #1 acquisition channel."

"Took about 3-4 weeks to see some good results from it."

testimonial pete boyle

How it works

Content Marketing Masters is broken down into three stages (plus one content writer hiring kit so you don't need to do all the writing). Every stage has multiple training videos that are 5-45 minutes in length with over-the-shoulder walkthroughs.

Stage 1: Content Strategy + How to Find Your Content Topics

Training Videos: 3
Running Time: 1 hour 32 minutes 35 seconds 
TL;DR: A high-level overview of how our content strategy works to sell your time/your team's time (e.g. consulting, services, freelancing), products (e.g. ecommerce, software) and other people's products (e.g. affiliate marketing).

  • The Only Three Blog Post Formats You Need to scale your blog to $100,000 per month using evergreen, Google organic search-driven content.
  • Two Marketing Funnels We Use To Convert Visitors Into Customers (one for top of funnel content and one for bottom of funnel content).
  • The 5 Best Content Topics With High Transactional Intent that can drive revenue directly from your blog posts.
  • The 5 Best Content Topics With High Traffic Potential that can build your audience and scale your brand awareness.
  • The 5 Best Content Topics With High Link Intent that can increase your domain authority so all your content gets higher Google rankings.
  • What Call To Action Will Convert The Best (based on the topic you are writing) so every blog post on your site converts.
  • The Highest Revenue Generating SEO Activity you can do.
  • How To Make "Brand Category Hubs" To Rank #1 for the most competitive keywords in your market (includes examples).
  • Watch "Over-The-Shoulder" As I Plan A 120-Day Sprint. See how I find a list of topics, prioritize which to write first, then put them into a 120-day plan.
  • The ONE Simple Spreadsheet I use to plan, manage, and track ALL our content. Here it is for you to use.
  • Our Recommended Publishing Ratio Of TOFU:BOFU Content so your blog is always driving revenue, but won't get hit by a Google penalty.

Stage 2: Blog Post Templates + How to Write Your Content

Training Videos: 15
Running Time: 2 hours 23 minutes 54 seconds
TL;DR: Done-for-you blog post templates (already pre-optimized for SEO and conversions) for attracting visitors who are looking to buy from you, learn from you + link to you. 

Blog post templates (for attracting visitors who are looking to buy from you)

  • Is Your Product/Service The Best In The Market? Use this template to prove it. This one template is responsible for over $10M in revenue. Big media brands like Forbes, Tom's Guide, and NerdWallet all use it to rank and scale.
  • Is Your Site Brand New? Use this template to rank fast and drive revenue to reinvest in scaling your blog for more competitive topics.
  • Do You Compete With Bigger Brands Than Yours? Use this template to show people how your product/service is a better alternative.
  • Sick Of People Comparing Your Brand Vs Competitors? Use this template to show people how you are the best in every aspect.
  • Are People Looking For Reviews On Your Competitors Before Buying? Use this template to write an honest review, then ask people to consider your brand.

Blog post templates (for attracting visitors who are looking to learn from you) 

  • Are People Searching For "How-To" Do Things Related To Your Product/Service? Use this template to show them how to do it step-by-step.
  • Want To Make People Who Are New To Your Industry Aware Of Your Brand? Use this template to get in front of them before your competitors do.
  • Everyday People Are Looking For Inspirational Ideas. Use this template to give them a list of great ideas and increase your brand awareness.
  • People Love To See Examples They Can Model Or Compare. Use this template to create a list of examples people will come back to over and over again.
  • Do People In Your Market Like To Get Stuff Done Faster, Easier, and Cheaper? Use this template to give them a template to make their job/life easier.

Blog post templates (for attracting visitors who are looking to link to you) 

  • Do Other People In Your Industry Write Blog Posts? Use this template to write a post filled with statistics they would love to reference in their posts.
  • Would Having Templates To Do Things Make Your Customers' Job/Life More Efficient? Use this template to give them those templates and get backlinks.
  • People Love Comparing Who's The Best-Of-The-Best. Use this template to give them a "best-of-the-best" list like Forbes does with their Billionaires list.
  • Who Doesn't Love A Case Study Showing How To Get [X] Result In [Y] Days? Use this template to write one as people link to you for social proof.
  • Have You Heard Of The Buy, Borrow, Die Tax Strategy? Use this template to write your own unique signature strategy post and get 1,000s of backlinks.

Stage 3: Content Optimization + How to Get Higher Google Rankings

Training Videos: 2
Running Time: 30 minutes 37 seconds
TL;DR: How to optimize your content for SEO so it ranks 1st on Google + how to optimize your content for conversions so every post brings in leads and customers.

  • How To Make Sure Every Blog Post You Write Has A Great SEO Foundation so it can rank against all the other content for your target keyword.
  • The New AI Content Optimization Tool we use that allows us to optimize content for SEO – in minutes instead of hours.
  • Watch Over-The-Shoulder As I Optimize A Blog Post That Now Ranks #1 on Google. I'll show you exactly what to do, and what "topic score" to aim for.
  • The Best Top Of Funnel Content Offer that gets up to 25% of visitors to your top of funnel blog posts to convert into email leads.
  • The Best Bottom Of Funnel Content Offer that gets up to 30% of visitors to your bottom of funnel blog posts to click over to your product/service page.
  • Watch Over-The-Shoulder As I Optimize Two Blog Posts To Convert (one top of funnel and one bottom of funnel) with different post-specific offers.

Bonus: Content Team + How to Hire Your First (Or Next) Writer

Training Videos: 1
Running Time: 14 minutes 28 seconds
TL;DR: How to hire an SEO copywriter with proven experience at an affordable rate, who knows how to write content that ranks #1 on Google.

  • The Difference Between An SEO Copywriter And A Direct Response Copywriter. And why you need an SEO copywriter if you want success.
  • When To Hire A Writer, Who To Hire, And How Much To Pay Them. This lesson will stop you over-paying and get the best writer on your team.
  • Three Simple Steps To Hire A Writer without having to write a job application, post a job ad, and filter through hundreds of unqualified applicants. 
  • A Real-Life Hiring Example. Watch over-the-shoulder as I find a writer, message them, and see the exact language I use.
  • The Word-For-Word Hiring Template I Use to get a reply from writers I want to hire within 24 hours.
  • What If The Writer You Want To Hire Doesn't Reply? Here is what to do.
  • Can't Afford To Hire A Writer Right Now? I'll tell you what to do until you can afford to hire your first part-time writer, and begin to outsource your writing.

How much it costs

One time payment of $2,997, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

What results you can expect

Personally, we've proven this strategy (with our blog post templates) can generate $112,500 per month from the content channel:

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

This revenue growth came from bringing in 1,020 monthly recurring revenue customers over 12 months:

Based on generating 1,000 monthly recurring customers, here's what you can expect to make after implementing everything in the course.

If you sell SaaS products or membership sites:

  • For a $29/mo product you'd make $29,000/mo
  • For a $99/mo product you'd make $99,000/mo
  • For a $249/mo product you'd make $249,000/mo

If you sell services/coaching/consulting:

  • At $100/hr you'd make $100,000
  • At $500/hr you'd make $500,000
  • At $1,000/hr you'd make $1,000,000

If you sell digital/physical products:

  • For a $49 product you'd make $49,000
  • For a $199 product you'd make $199,000
  • For a $1,000 product you'd make $1,000,000

On the lowest end, you'd expect to make back at least 10x your investment.

How to get started

If you're a business owner, marketing/content manager, or marketing agency growing client sites using organic search and you're interested in turning your blog into a $100,000 per month revenue channel — join now by clicking the button below.

After signing up, you will get sent an email with your private login details. If you have any questions, email support@contentmavericks.com.

One Time Payment of $2,997
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Make Content A Difference

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"I got over 4000 visitors to my site and then retargeted them with a case study of my services. Got two clients out of it just like that! People that come to me after reading that article are so pre-qualified it's unbelievable! Thanks man... you are my top resource for content marketing. "
- Alex Fedotoff

"As of 3:45 today, I have 19 new orders and 610 visits from the article - not to mention a few questions about wholesale, international shipping, and a few bloggers who are interested in writing about my company and product too!" - Lindsay McCormick

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