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Hi, I'm Chris.

Business & Tech Expert

chris von wilpert

After growing a tech startup in Austin, Texas from $0 to $112,500/month, I decided to do what I love best:

Promote great tech brands.

With experience consulting with $100M+ tech companies like AppSumo and Amazon, I started helping 100s of online entrepreneurs grow their business using content marketing and SEO.

Now this media site is my 24/7 thing.

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Hi, I'm Leandro.

Marketing & Copywriting Expert

After helping grow an online education business to $5M in revenue, I decided to join Content Mavericks.

With experience copywriting for 7-figure brands, I now love writing about the latest emerging tech to help people find the best software and tools for what they need.

I copy edit and fact check all the articles on the site.

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