How to get 10-30 new clients every day using one "Invisible Sales Letter"

If you're fed up with making content that never converts... start using this strategy founders at $100M+ brands like AppSumo, Amazon, and Shopify come to for results.

For the last 2 years, we've been generating 10-30 new clients every single day:

Let me explain how...

Since 2017, we've been enrolling clients from $1,000 up to $15,000/month using simple one page "invisible sales letters". Many of the inbound leads have been from $100M+ brands reaching out to us after they read one of these "invisible sales letters":




drift job offer


testimonial shopify image


noah kagan twitter direct message


Invisible Sales Letters solve 3 big problems for brands trying to scale:

"I need more leads from my existing content"

Many brands come to us because they are publishing content on a blog, YouTube channel or Apple podcast, then send that traffic to their website home page. We help them send that traffic to one "invisible sales letter" that converts 10x (or more) higher so they can 10x their daily lead volume.

"My [VSL/webinar/lead magnet] funnel CPA is too expensive"

With ad costs constantly increasing VSL, webinar and lead magnet funnels no longer work as well as they used to. We help brands add an "invisible sales letter" between their core content (VSL/webinar/lead magnet) and their call to action (book a call/apply now/buy now). This drops CPA in half so they can scale their ads.

"I don't have time to create new content every day"

Most small business owners making <$1M per year are sick of the content grind. They don't have time to create new content every day, run their business, and spend time with their family. This can be solved by creating one "invisible sales letter" that covers the problem they solve, product they offer, and social proof they have on 1 page to increase buyer intent. Then advertise it.

This means less marketing complexity when growing from $0 to $1M:

  • No webinars
  • No cold emails
  • No social media posting
  • No VSLs
  • No lead magnets
  • No 7-step funnels
  • No content hamster wheel
  • No slick haircut :)

Just ad > invisible sales letter.

After doing this for 5+ years, here's what we've found works best:

The Content Mavericks Method

The Old Way

  • Publish high value content on YouTube/Insta/FB/LinkedIn/Apple Podcasts with no call to action
  • Waste money on ads as you scale with a rising CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • Use a complicated marketing funnel to pre-educate people about what you do

The CM Way

  • Publish high value content across social media with a link to your Invisible Sales Letter
  • Scale to $20k+/day ad budgets by adding an Invisible Sales Letter before people buy or book a call
  • Summarize your problem, product, offer, and social proof on 1 page to convert clients into cash quickly

Here's how we make Invisible Sales Letters work in any business:

Step 1) Create one Invisible Sales Letter

Create one sales letter breaking down how you help your clients step-by-step. The step-by-step breakdown gives your clients clarity on exactly how you do what you do. Clarity = Certainty. Certainty eliminates objections. No objections = easy sales.

Use 2-5 of your best client results as proof what you do works. 2-5 client examples show overwhelming social proof what you do works not just once, but 2-5 times across different clients. If you don't have any clients yet, start with your step-by-step process, then add client results to your sales letter as you get more clients. 

Here are four Invisible Sales Letters we've written to sell done-for-you services, coaching programs, digital products and SaaS subscriptions:

Notice how they take the prospect from being in a “top of funnel mindset” curious about the result, to a “bottom of funnel mindset” ready to take action and buy.

Step 2) Run ads to your Invisible Sales Letter

Setup one Facebook ads campaign. Create 1-2 Ad Sets within that campaign (laser targeted, yet broad). Make 1-2 ad creatives (high curiosity ad copy = high CTRs). 

Start with a monthly ad budget that matches what your average client is worth (e.g. if one client is worth $3k, start with a $3k/mo ad budget). Then scale up!

This way you only need to acquire 1 client to make your ad spend back. The rest is cream on top for profit, and to reinvest back into client acquisition in month #2.

Step 3) Promote it across every marketing asset you own

The great thing about a high converting sales letter is once you have it, you can use it across all your past AND future content to increase your lead and client flow. 

We recommend placing a link to your Invisible Sales Letter in all these places:


When someone goes to leave your website, use an exit intent popup like this:


Place a link in first line of the description of all your YouTube videos, like this:


Add a PS at the bottom of all your email newsletters and automations, like this:


Place a link in the first line of your podcast episode notes, like this:

That's it!

Here are a few reasons why this works to attract the biggest clients in any market:

  • People with more money than time want a result, and you’re literally telling them how to get that result. But you’re not just telling them, you’re SHOWING them through actual clients who have ALREADY achieved this result!
  • It’s not theory, it’s actual PROOF you can achieve what you say you will.
  • The decision maker doesn't need to waste time opting-in via email, sitting through a webinar, or waiting for email #5 in your email sequence to learn about your offer and get started. 

Now you're probably wondering...

"Are other people getting results with this?"

Here are what other people are saying who've tried this:

"$3,500/month coaching client... Not bad from one article."

testimonial mike giannulis

"3 new deals in the pipeline which 1 has closed ($15k)."

testimonial grant horejsi

"I showed the post in a Google doc to 5 past clients and they all bought."

Even people like Samuel (pictured in the screenshot above) who didn't upload the sales letter to their website and ran $0 worth of ads, still enrolled 5 new clients just by sharing a Google doc of his sales letter with past leads and clients.

Note: These are just a FRACTION of HUNDREDS of results... we have 10,484+ customers (small sample featured in the video below), so you get the point... Invisible Sales Letters are mega-successful both for us and our clients.

Our private clients, customers, and fans. Hear from people who have acquired $5,000-$15,000 clients in 14-30 days using our approach.

But the best part about this is the simplicity.

You don't need to cold email people, post on social media, or create new content every week like you often have to with SEO, a YouTube channel, or a Facebook group.

Once the sales letter is written and the ads are setup you can let the system run in the background while you focus on your client results.

Our sales letters have been generating 10-30 new clients every single day for the last 2 years using the process I laid out on this page.

(And we've done it selling everything from $5 digital products, all the way up to $15,000/month services.)

Here is what a typical month of sales looks like:

Consistent and predictable.

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you...results like this are not typical. We’ve been doing this online marketing stuff for 15+ years. Our business has been running for 5+ years. And we’ve built multiple scalable offers during that time. Most people start out acquiring 1-2 clients per week using our system, then scale up from there as their traffic scales.

If you’d like to see how we can help you get this set up… so that you can bring in more of your best clients every month with less work… you have two options:

Option 1

Take the step-by-step process I laid out here, look at our sales letters, and give it a go on your own. This isn't brand new stuff. Direct response marketing has been used for decades to sell products and services. There is no "secret".

We've just figured out a way to write sales letters that are "invisible" and promote them in a way that works in this new era of social media algorithms.

Option 2

You can work with our team 1-on-1 to set this all up for/with you and support you through each step of the process. Save time and money from figuring out the best way to write your sales letter, ads + set it all up right.

Together, we will:

  • Review your offer and who it's best for
  • Figure out who to attract with your sales letter
  • Write your invisible sales letter
  • Write your ads
  • Set up your ads

We even have a performance guarantee where if you're taking action and don’t get a client within 30 days, we'll keep working with you 1-on-1 until you get your first client.

Ready to get started? Book a 15-minute demo below!

On the demo we will show you:

  • The Highest Converting "Invisible Sales Letters" - See real-life examples of the type of content working right now. Including the exact steps we take to convert readers into buyers to generate an extra $1M+ in sales using our system.
  • How To Write Interesting Ads - Take a look at some of the most successful ads we've run. Discover little-known strategies of multi-million dollar brands who spend $10,000+ per month on ads at profit.
  • Our Simple Ad Account Setup For Scaling - Peek behind-the-scenes at our simple 1 campaign account setup so you don't waste $1,000s on ads. We'll screen share ad accounts LIVE on a call so you can see real results from real brands.

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