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If you're fed up with content that never converts... hire the same team founders at $100M+ brands like AppSumo, Amazon, and Shopify come to for results.

Our private clients, customers, and fans. Hear from people who have acquired $5,000-$15,000 clients in 14-30 days using our approach.

Let us explain how...

Since 2017, we've been enrolling clients from $1,000 up to $15,000/month using simple one page case studies. Many of the inbound leads have been from $100M+ brands reaching out to us after they read one of these case studies:


amazon email



drift job offer


testimonial shopify image


noah kagan twitter direct message


This means:

  • No webinars
  • No cold emails
  • No social media posts
  • No VSLs
  • No lead magnets
  • No 7-step funnels
  • No slick haircut :)

Just ad > case study.

After doing this for 5+ years, here's what we've found works best:

Step 1) Create 5 case studies

Create 5 case studies on your five best clients. This shows overwhelming social proof that what you do works not just once, but five times across different clients. 

If you don't have 5 clients, then start with one case study. Create more as you get more clients. Here are examples from four case studies we've written to sell done-for-you services, coaching programs, digital products and SaaS subscriptions:


How I Landed A $108,000/Year Client From One Blog Post (With $677.81 Ad Spend)

Step-by-step case study breakdown of landing a high net worth $108k/year client from one blog post with $677.81 ad spend.


6-Figure Passive Income Stream For My Family Without Giving Up Being An AWESOME Mom For My Kids

Step-by-step case study breakdown of how to grow a 6-figure passive income Amazon business targeted at Moms.


ski slope strategy featured image

The Ski Slope Strategy: How I Made $100,000 Per Month (With A 5-Person Content Team)

Step-by-step case study breakdown of growing the blog into a $112,500 per month revenue channel.


How Shopify Store BlendJet Made $163,633.50 Sales In 30 Days

Step-by-step case study breakdown of how customer BlendJet made $163,633.50 sales in 30 days.

Step 2) Run small budget ads to your case studies

Setup one Facebook ads campaign, then an Ad Set for each of these case studies within that campaign. Run small ad budgets so that all five case studies hit your target audience.

Step 3) Retarget case study visitors to your offer page

Send people who've seen your case studies direct to your offer page to work with you.



That's it!

Here are a few reasons why this works to attract the biggest clients in any market:

  • People with more money than time want a result, and you’re literally telling them how to get that result. But you’re not just telling them, you’re SHOWING them through an actual client who has ALREADY achieved this result!
  • It’s not theory, it’s actual PROOF you can achieve what you say you will.
  • The decision maker doesn't need to waste time opting-in via email, sitting through a webinar, or waiting for email #5 in your email sequence to learn about your offer and get started. 

Now you're probably wondering...

"Are other people getting results with this?"

Here are what other people are saying who've tried this:

"$3,500/month coaching client... Not bad from one article."

testimonial mike giannulis

"3 new deals in the pipeline which 1 has closed ($15k)."

testimonial grant horejsi

"I showed the post in a Google doc to 5 past clients and they all bought."

Even people like Samuel who didn't upload the case study to their website and ran $0 worth of ads, still enrolled 5 new clients just by sharing a Google doc of one case study with past leads and clients.

But the best part about this is the simplicity.

You don't need to post on social media or create new content every week like you often have to with SEO, a YouTube channel, or a Facebook group.

Once the five case studies are written and the ads are setup you can let the system run in the background while you focus on your clients results.

If you’d like to see how we can set this up for you… so that you can bring in more of your best clients every month with less work… you have two options:

Option 1

Take the step-by-step process I laid out here, look at our case studies, and give it a go on your own. This isn't brand new stuff. Case studies have been used for years to sell products and services. There is no "secret". We've just figured out a way to write case studies and promote them that works for us.

Option 2

You can work with our team 1-on-1 to set this all up for/with you and support you through each step of the process. Save time and money from figuring out the best way to write your case studies, ads + set it all up right.

Together, we will:

  • Figure out who you want to attract with your case studies
  • Write your step-by-step case study breakdowns
  • Write your ads
  • Set up your ads
  • Write your offer page

We even have a performance guarantee where we'll keep working with you 1-on-1 until you get your first client. And if you're taking action and still don’t get a client within 90 days, then we'll give you a full refund plus $1,000 to pay for a new marketing consultant.

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