7 Best HOA Management Software 2024 (Self-Managed)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are 90 different hoa management software designed for managing homeowners associations. We spent 134 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to run your HOA management operations smoothly.

What is the Best HOA Management Software?

  1. Condo Control — best of the best HOA
  2. HOA Express — best web-based HOA management system
  3. Bitrix24 — best CRM for HOA management firms
  4. Money Minder — best accounting tool for HOA volunteers
  5. eUnify — best for HOA management companies
  6. LegFi — best for receiving payments
  7. QuickBooks — best for managing operations cost

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Custom

Condo Control is a favorite among HOA managers and HOA volunteers. 

We think it’s the best HOA management software because it sports robust features that make it very easy to automate and carry out the boring, demanding repetitive tasks that HOA management entails, like violation enforcement, unit file management, and visitor tracking. 

Condo Control also comes with robust accounting features, and you can work off of your iOS or Android phone.

The Best Part:

  • Customizable. Condo Control’s layout can be customized to make your most needed features easily accessible at all times.

The Worst Part:

  • Complex pricing charges. Getting a quote for Condo Control is a bit of a chore, and understanding how much you’ll actually have to pay can take a few iterations with their sales team.

Get it if you need to manage a large number of residents.

I recommend you get started by booking a demo call to figure out how Condo Control can help you overcome the current challenges you face managing an HOA.

(free demo)

Best For

Condo Control is best for HOA Board of Directors and professional HOA managers.

Top Features

  • Multi-modal online communication (announcement, webinars, and e-voting). Keep HOA residents up-to-date with expirable bulletins. Schedule and send announcements, emails, texts, and voice messages. Hold online meetings and webinars on Control Condo. Make it a breeze to organize, manage, and approve HOA votes on community matters.
  • Create an HOA online store. Residents can sell their products and services on an online marketplace. You can also use the online store feature to organize sales for community causes.
  • Maintenance tracking. Track every moving part of the HOA daily maintenance work; from incidents reports, to visitor logs, pass on logs, and packages, for example.
  • Great customer support. Condo Control is one of few HOA management softwares with great customer service. You can work without the dread of being left hanging at critical moments. Get quick responses to your questions and complaints at all times, and never be left hanging.
  • Secure file library. Scan and upload old hard copy files to the file library. Manage permission levels to the file library and track the amount of eyeballs you get on each document.


Condo Control offers three pricing plans:

  • Core: Custom pricing, for basic HOA management.
  • Standard: Custom pricing, for better HOA management experience and access to more advanced, on-demand features.
  • Premium: Custom pricing, for full access to all HOA and employees’ management tools.

All plans come with a multi-year agreement discount.

Try Condo Control today with a free demo.

Our Verdict — Best Web-Based HOA Management System

Price: Starts at $22/month

HOA Express is a simple-to-use web community builder for homeowners associations. It makes it very easy to create a website-based HOA community.

You sign up, fill a form, pick a website template, add your images, and content and you have your community up on a website. The process takes less than an hour if your content is ready to go.

The Best Part:

  • Fullstack HOA management toolkit. Think email blasts, content automations, text messages, surveys, emergency alerts, calendars, committee section, residents directory, online payments integrations. You have them and more with your HOA Express web-community.

The Worst Part:

  • The free plan is a waste of time. You should at least go with the Deluxe plan ($22/mo) to get mass communication features, which really saves you time, like sending out bulk emails and text messages.

Get HOA Express if you want to get your HOA set up on a simple, straightforward website rather than forcing everyone to install yet another app on their phones.

I recommend you sign up for the Deluxe plan (starts at $22/mo) which gives you access to HOA Express’ time-saving email and sms communication tools.

(30-day free trial)

Best For

HOA Express is best for any HOA volunteer who wants to run their HOA community over a good ole’ website, rather than forcing people to install yet another app on their mobile phones.

Top Features

  • Free domain and website templates. You get a ‘communitysite.com’ subdomain for free on the free plan. You can choose a theme from a collection of 32 website templates.
  • Mobile optimized. Websites and emails are optimized for mobile phones, where people are spending most of their time, and where they’ll probably access your HOA community from, anyways. 
  • Designated membership areas. Design your HOA website community with separate layouts for homeowners, condo owners, lot owners, renters, prospective owners, prospective renters, property managers, employees and/or contractors.
  • High security on a budget. Personal information from your HOA members  are encrypted, making them useless if they fall in the wrong hands. Passwords are hashed to avoid unauthorized copying. Emails are also protected from email scrapers.
  • Elderlies love the website layout. Is a HOA website useful if a group can’t get the information they need from it on their own? The design layout of an HOA Express website is characterized by big fonts, clear buttons, and a simple arrangement.


HOA Express offers two pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for up to 100 HOA households.
  • Deluxe: Starts at $22/month up to $95/month, for access to branding and interaction features, for up to 5000 households.

Try HOA Express today with a free 30-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best CRM For HOA Management Firms

Price: Starts at $61/month

Bitrix24 is an award-winning cloud-based customer relationship management system (aka a CRM). While Bitrix24 was not initially built with HOAs in mind, we believe Bitrix24 makes an ideal tool for HOA management firms. 

HOA management teams can use Bitrix24 to promote the connection between members of their HOA communities and run management and maintenance processes behind the scenes.

Its features cover communications and collaboration, residence management, project management, website, online store and Human Resources (HR). These features are set to the latest industry standards.

The Best Part:

  • Internal and external communication made easy. You can create as many channels as you want, to keep everything tidy. Communicate with employees privately, and have communication channels for as many HOAs as you manage, separately.

The Worst Part:

  • Slow customer service response rate. Bitrix24’s customer service tends to be a little slower than what we’d like, although there is a customer support service for paid users which promises to be better.

Get it if you want better communication with different groups of residents, over multiple HOAs.

I recommend you get started with the free plan, then upgrade to the Professional plan ($249/mo).

(free forever plan)

Best For

Bitrix24 is best for HOA management firms managing multiple HOAs.

Top Features

  • Project management, maintenance management, and violations management systems. Bitrix24 makes it easy to manage your projects and teams, with tools based on agile methodologies.
  • Full-stack communication. Residents can share files, events, announcements, and messages, and create specific-interest groups. Private messaging is available for all members.
  • File drive and recycle bin. Upload files of all formats into the drive for members of your residence to access. File access restriction is only available on the Professional plan ($249/mo). Alternatively, you can share private files manually using the messaging feature. You can also recover deleted files you may need in future.
  • Website and online store. Create and integrate a user-friendly website and online store for HOA residents, to keep it simple and accessible for everyone.
  • Unlimited users. There's no limit to the number of residents, agents, and employees you can add to each HOA group.


Bitrix24 offers seven pricing plans:

  • Free: Free, for new HOA managers who want a better communication platform at no extra cost.
  • Basic: $61/month for HOAs with up to 5 key staff members or employees.
  • Standard: $124/month for HOA management firms with up to 50 employees.
  • Professional: $249/month for HOA management companies with up to 100 key HOA management partners or employees.
  • Enterprise: $499-$7,999/month for HOA management firms with 250-10,000 employees.
  • On-premise Business: $2990-$14,990 flat fee for big HOA management firms with 50 to 500 employees.
  • On-premise Enterprise: $24,990-$44,990 flat fee for multinationals with 1000 to 5000 employees.

Annual plans provide a 10% discount.

Try Bitrix24 today with a free forever plan.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Condo Control  — best of the best
  2. HOA Express  — best web-based hoa management system
  3. Bitrix24  — best CRM for HOA management firms

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer


Condo Control

Free demo


HOA Express

Free forever plan

Starts at $22/mo


Free forever plan

Starts at $61/mo

Money Finder

30-day free trial

Starts at $179/yr


Free demo



30-day free trial

Starts at $4/mo


30-day free trial

Starts at $26/mo

Here are the top 50 HOA management software we considered in this review:

  1. Condo Control
  2. HOA Express
  3. Bitrix24
  4. Money Minder
  5. eUnify
  6. LegFi
  7. QuickBooks
  8. Condo Manager
  9. BoardSpace
  10. ConciergePlus
  11. ForwardPass
  12. HOA Life
  13. HOA Ally
  14. RunHOA
  15. Easy HOA
  16. Yardi Breeze
  17. Yardi Voyager
  18. Rentec Direct
  19. Building Link
  20. ADDA
  21. Smartwebs
  22. Wild Apricot
  23. DoorLoop
  24. Pilera Software
  25. TOPS [ONE]
  26. MRI Software
  27. Raklet
  28. FrontSteps
  29. LandlordTracks
  30. CINC systems
  31. My Green Condo
  32. ONR app
  33. PayHOA
  34. Vantaca
  35. ManageCasa
  36. Talogic MyCommunity
  37. Condo Communities
  38. Communitrak
  39. SchoolBitez
  40. TownSq
  41. myCondoBooks
  42. EmpoweredHOA
  43. HOA Start
  44. CHOPAS
  45. ACE HOA
  46. Doras
  47. mobohubb
  48. Buildium
  49. AppFolio
  50. Landlord Tracks

What is an HOA?

HOA stands for Homeowners Association. HOAs consist of homeowners and property managers in a particular area who come together to set and obey certain regulations. The goal of this association is to maintain or/and increase the value of the members’ houses over time.

HOA can also mean a management company or organization that manages residential communities. They are usually hired upon the decision of homeowners in a community to help keep the standard and regulations of living in the area.

HOAs typically create and maintain a communal relationship between homeowners and residents in a particular area. For example, based on the terms of the HOA regulations, there may be shared facilities for recreation, like a swimming pool, basketball court, park, etc.

HOAs regulations may also cover security, waste disposal, maintenance, architectural design, exterior decor, pet ownership, and funding the HOA reserve.

What is HOA software?

HOA software is software used to manage HOA processes. HOA software typically comes with:

  1. In-built accounting and financial reporting features that allow you to track finances and payments. It should also provide you with accurate reports and the ability to reconcile your bank statements.
  2. Communication system for passing information to residents via emails, push notifications, alerts, and texts.
  3. Events management system for scheduling events on an online calendar for residents and handling online registration.
  4. Violations tracker for monitoring members’ violations, sending notices and resolving violation cases.
  5. Online payment system that accepts multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, checks, and ACH drafts.
  6. Resident portal that residents can use to participate in the HOA community online. Members can create and update their profiles, pay dues, view the events calendar, respond to messages, and access HOA files.
  7. Resident database for building, keeping, and updating a file system for residents. This includes their pictures, names, contact details, birthdays, ages, occupations, house numbers, housemates, etc.

An HOA software can also be designed to carry out a particular task for HOAs. For instance, LegFi is best for financial management, Condo Control is best for violation tracking, and HOA Express is best for self-managed communities. 

What is the role of an HOA manager?

Many housing community associations enlist the services of an HOA management company. An HOA manager handles the day-to-day operations of the residential area.

Day-to-day operations may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Communicate with residents via notices, newsletters, and announcements.
  2. Automate specific tasks such as notices, event reminders, accounting entries, and more.
  3. Draw up operations budgets.
  4. Manage accounting and bookkeeping.
  5. Track and resolve maintenance and repair requests.
  6. Service request tracking.
  7. Events scheduling.
  8. Payment collections.
  9. Managing meeting minutes.
  10. Invoice processing.
  11. Review rental applications.
  12. Screen tenants.
  13. Receive architectural change requests.
  14. Send architectural change requests to board members (or committee members) for voting.
  15. Issue and monitor violations.
  16. Monitor construction projects.
  17. Monitor bookings and reservations for common facilities.
  18. Make governing documents and other records readily available.
  19. Generate, analyze and present operation data analytics.
  20. Keep, update and manage HOA records in a secure place.

An HOA manager buys the Board of Directors time to focus on more important community matters like analyzing the housing market and housing trends, risk analysis, and forecasting.

How much operating cash should an HOA have?

HOA members pay monthly HOA fees that the Board of Directors distribute to fund two types of budgets; the operating budget and the reserve budget.

The operating budget covers recurring management expenses like lawn care, waste disposal, and repairs of the shared areas. The reserve budget covers the costs of emergency expenses from accidents and recurring expenses like painting, driveway fixing, flood, and roof damage.

Operating budgets are usually funded with 60-85% of the HOA fees. Reserve funds on the other hand are usually funded with 15-40% of HOA fees. As a rule of thumb, the money in the Reserve budget should be able to cover at least 70% of the expenses when the need arises. 70% satisfies the National Reserve Study Standard definition of “reserve adequacy”.

Finally, to identify how much operating cash, an HOA should have, follow these steps:

  1. Identify how much recurring expenses would amount to. You can hire a specialist to work this part out with you.
  2. Multiply your answer from Step 1 by 0.7 to get your 70% reserve adequacy mark.
  3. Divide your answer from Step 2 by 12 (# months in the year) or 24 (# months in two years).
  4. Divide your answer from Step 3 above by the # of homeowners. Your answer will give you the HOA fee for each member.
  5. Multiply the HOA fee by 0.6 or 0.85 (60-85% of the HOA fees) to get exactly how much would go to the Operating budget.

The Bottom Line

Here are our top picks for the best HOA management software to try this year:

  1. Condo Control — best of the best
  2. HOA Express — best web-based HOA management system
  3. Bitrix24 — best CRM for HOA management firms
  4. Money Minder — best accounting tool for HOA volunteers
  5. eUnify — best for HOA management companies
  6. LegFi — best for receiving payments
  7. QuickBooks — best for managing operations cost

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