Want me and my team to

scale your traffic 24/7/365?

If you have long-form, evergreen blog content and a proven offer that's made $1M or more in the last year, we can help scale your business using our hybrid paid / organic traffic strategy and track your ROI every step of the way.

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

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A simple ROI-focused

content marketing strategy

Most content that's published online doesn't work, because it doesn't get promoted daily.

Our new done-for-you content marketing service will scale traffic to your content using our proven hybrid paid / organic traffic strategy, while tracking your ROI every step of the way.

If you've got great content sitting on your site not being promoted, this is a completely hands-off solution so your content team can focus on publishing high-quality content while we promote every piece for you.

We work with clients in a 3-phase process that works best when you hire us to scale your traffic over 12 months.

Phase #1: Get Daily

Leads With Paid Traffic

In this phase we will start driving traffic to your content to bring in daily leads from day #1.

This means we will:

  • Setup paid traffic accounts.
  • Spin up your content into paid traffic campaigns.
  • Write your paid traffic copy.
  • Manage your ad spend within a budget that works for you.  
  • Optimize your ads with the goal of increasing leads .
  • Break out your best performing content pieces into a "winners campaign". 
  • Create ad dashboard reporting.
  • Make monthly trends and optimization notes.

By the end of this phase, you will have paid traffic campaigns set up for every piece of content on your site and be generating daily leads.

At the same time we will be collecting data on what blog posts convert best for your business. 

Phase #2: Scale Your Organic Traffic

In this phase we will start building up your domain authority so your organic traffic compounds over time.

This means we will:

  • Identify the best blog posts to promote on your site.
  • Spin up your content into organic traffic campaigns.
  • Build links to your content at scale for organic Google ranking.
  • Give you monthly progress updates on links built, where they were built, domain rating, and the date the link was acquired.

By the end of this phase, you will start seeing lifts in the ranking and organic traffic of EVERY page on your site so more people see your main services.

Phase #3: Track Your


In this phase, we will track the ROI of leads you get from your organic and paid traffic.

This means we will:

  • Set up tracking for your organic, paid and direct marketing channels.
  • Track lead conversions and lead conversion values.
  • Give you access to a dashboard to monitor daily lead conversions.

As we promote your content you will be able to track your ROI every step of the way.

We offer this level of transparency as our way of “being accountable to your results” and so you can see the financial return of your content marketing investment over the short and long term.

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How do I qualify?

You need to have a blog with at least 10 long-form evergreen blog posts, a content team, and a proven offer that's made $1M or more in the last year. This service is strictly NOT suited for startups or beginners with <$1M sales. 

To be very clear – If you are NOT already making at least $1,000,000/yr in the business you want help with and a blog where you publish content, this isn’t for you yet.

Can you write my content for me?

No, we are not a "content creation" agency. But we have trained some of the best in the business. If you need content creation help book a call and we can help match you with one of our partners who write high-quality, original content Google loves. 

When will my organic traffic start to increase?

For organic traffic, Google's blog officially says it takes 4-12 months. We generally start to see positive signs around months 3-4.

The kinds of clients that

see the best results

You Sell One Of These

  • High Ticket Services
  • Software
  • Online Courses 
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Physical Products

Common Traits

  • Have an existing website.
  • A blog where you publish content.
  • A proven offer you've sold before. 
  • Willing to share freely.
  • Strong desire to scale.

What it's like working with us

Made $112,500 monthly recurring revenue via the content channel,

with consistent and predictable growth over a period of two years...

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

$1,433,458 of new sales pipeline in 12 months without ads.

Promoted 4 blog posts organically ($564,333 sales closed and won)...

$1,000,000 new sales pipeline

$67,000 in new sales pipeline promoting one blog post. 

One deal closed ($15k) in 6 weeks...

Promoted a new membership offer using one blog post.

Made $1,151 monthly recurring revenue ($13,812/yr) in 4 weeks...

"After taking your course... content is our #1 acquisition channel."

"I have clients who've gone from 66k traffic to 780k traffic in two months."

testimonial rodolfo sabino image

"Starting to rank a lot higher on the blog posts in the strategy with 0 link building."

"After grabbing your course I proposed a new strategy to a client... and I raised my fee."

"The best thing a lazy marketer can find on the internet."

testimonial haris valjevac

"$3,500/month coaching client. Plus he's gonna become an affiliate."

testimonial mike giannulis

"Awesome first day... I normally get 4k views... up to 8k already and 260 emails."

"Our business has tripled in size and revenue two years in a row."

testimonial lou pushelberg image

"I used the content upgrade and increased number of leads by 15%."

testimonial maikon schiessl image

"Core theories are literally worth endless £'s... and they are about building actual brand."

testimonial sonny soomal

How much it costs

Pricing ranges from $10k to $500k depending on the level of service and how fast you want to scale. Book a call to speak with one of my advisors and we’ll help you to find the best package for your budget and goals.

How does it work

Step 1. Please fill out the short questionnaire below so that we can learn more about you and your goals.

Step 2. Schedule a time to chat with my Head Advisor, Leandro Langeani, where you’ll discuss how Content Mavericks strategies can best be used to scale your traffic.

Step 3. If we both agree we’d be a good fit we’ll proceed to the next steps and get started working hard to scale your traffic!