We scale organic acquisition 
using The Ski Slope Strategy.

Want to grow your organic traffic faster? Don't have time to write and/or promote your own content? Hire our team to scale your blog in 120-day sprints from people who search on Google for your software, physical products, or services
$100,000 per month content marketing channel

One of our private clients. As organic traffic scaled up over time, so did monthly recurring revenue, building a new 7-figure revenue channel for the business over 12-24 months.

Who it's for

Content Mavericks done-for-you content marketing service is for you if:

  • You have a software, ecommerce or service-based business
  • You want to build an organic acquisition machine with Google at it's core
  • You want to sell more software subscriptions, physical products, or services
  • You have a content budget of at least $7.5k/month to begin scaling
  • You want us to grow your organic acquisition channel over the next 12-24 months

Please Note: To ensure the highest quality customer care, we limit our private clients to 5 per year. For this reason, we are only able to work with established businesses who have a minimum content budget of $7.5k+/month to scale. 

If you don't have this budget right now, we recommend working with our friends at SocialBee who have these content writing packages based on The Ski Slope Strategy, ranging from $129-$799/month to cater for smaller budgets.

What it helps you achieve

Content Mavericks done-for-you content marketing service will help you achieve the following:

  • Scale your organic traffic consistently and sustainably month-to-month.
  • Get your content to rank on Google for competitive keywords that drive revenue.
  • Execute a content strategy that works to generate revenue and brand awareness.
  • Diversify your traffic beyond paid ads, social media, and cold email outreach.
  • Double down on SEO without having to build a large content team.
  • Expand your acquisition channels so organic acquisition becomes your #1 channel.
  • Scale the authority of your website so your content can compete on Google.
  • Promote your existing content with ranking potential that is not being promoted.
  • Diversify your traffic so you have multiple traffic sources and more predictability.
  • Build an audience you can sell more of your software/physical products/services to.
  • Leverage a proven content strategy that's grown multiple multi-million dollar brands.
  • Grow your business by driving organic traffic that results in real business growth.

What clients are saying

"If you get a chance to work with Chris' team, I highly recommend it."

"If we close 15%... then that's over $200k of annual recurring revenue, times expected lifetime value."

"As of 3:45pm today, I have 19 new orders and 610 visits from the article."

testimonial lindsay mccormick image

How it works

Content Mavericks done-for-you content marketing service follows our proven content strategy for scaling organic acquisition, The Ski Slope Strategy

It is performed in three 120-day sprints:

Content Sprint #1: BOFU content (best/alternative/vs style comparative content)

Goal: Scaling revenue

We find all the content topics with the highest revenue potential for your offer where people will buy (or book calls) directly from your blog posts. We write these first.

Content Sprint #2: TOFU content (how-to style educational content)

Goal: Scaling top of funnel awareness 

We find all the content topics with the highest traffic potential for your offer where we can build your audience. We write these while strategically linking to your BOFU content to move top of funnel searchers into bottom of funnel buyers. 

Sprint #3: Linkable assets (glossary/statistics style content)

Goal: Scaling domain authority

We create linkable assets to scale your domain authority, so your BOFU and TOFU content gets higher Google rankings and drives real business results.

The order in which we perform your content sprints, and the exact plan of action we follow will be custom to you. It will be based on your content budget, how competitive your market is, and how well established your site is.

How much it costs

Pricing generally ranges from $30,000 (steady scaling) to $80,000 (aggressive scaling) per 120-day sprint, depending on the level of service and help you need.

We work with all our private clients over 1-2 years, and all our 120-day sprints can be broken down into monthly payments of $7.5k-$20k/mo. 

The more content we produce and promote for you in any given 120-day sprint, the higher the investment, as we will be scaling revenue from your blog faster.

Book a call below to speak with our head content strategies (Marcus) who runs all our done-for-you campaigns to figure out if we can or can't help you scale revenue from your blog. 

If we can, we’ll make you a proposal. 

What results you can expect

On average, across all clients we see a year-over-year increase in organic traffic of 135.01%. If you have an established business with product-market fit and a high converting offer, this often translates to at least 2x more revenue. Often more. 

We've worked with clients ranging from fast-growing ecommerce and service businesses to Fortune 100 tech and software companies.

Here's a sample of some of the results we've got for clients across different markets (names of some clients and their URLs are not disclosed for confidentiality):


From zero to 30,900 organic traffic in 9 months

Finance website

52,008 organic traffic in 12 months
(562.69% YoY increase)

finance seo results

Health website

166,869 organic traffic in 12 months
(42.56% YoY increase)

health seo results


1,749,203 unique pageviews in 12 months

one million clicks

Marketing website

20,193 organic traffic in 12 months
(98.13% YoY increase)

marketing seo results

Ecommerce website

83,484 organic traffic in 12 months
(144.15% YoY increase)

charity seo results

Software website

$1,433,458 of new sales pipeline in 12 months
($564,333 closed and won)

$1,000,000 new sales pipeline

How to get started

If you have a software, ecommerce or service-based business, a $7.5k+/month content budget, and you're interested in getting our team to grow your organic acquisition channel for you over the next 12-24 months — book a call by clicking the button below.

After booking a call, you will have a brief chat with Marcus, our head content strategist to see if we can or can't help you scale revenue from your blog. If we can, we’ll make you a proposal. If you have any questions, email support@contentmavericks.com.