We make you a 7-Figure Content Plan. 10x ROI guaranteed. Or we pay you $1,000.

Want to grow your organic traffic and monetize it faster? Don't have a clear plan on how to do it? Hire our team to make you a 7-Figure Content Plan. Then execute it yourself, or hire us to execute it for you. You choose.

Our private clients, customers, and fans. Hear from people who have scaled organic traffic to 100,000 visitors per month in 6 months, and made up to $112,500/month from their blog in 24 months.

Who it's for

Content Mavericks 7-Figure Content Plan service is for you if:

  • You have a software, ecommerce, service, or affiliate/content business
  • You want to build an organic acquisition machine with Google at it's core
  • You want to sell more software plans, physical products, services or affiliate products
  • You have a business that is growing, but want to diversify your traffic beyond paid ads, social media and/or cold email outreach
  • You want a content strategy you can confidently follow (prioritized by topics with the highest revenue potential for what you sell)

What clients are saying

"If we close 15%... then that's over $200k of annual recurring revenue, times expected lifetime value."

"As of 3:45pm today, I have 19 new orders and 610 visits from the article."

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How it works

Content Mavericks 7-Figure Content Plan service follows our proven 7-figure content strategy for scaling revenue from a blog, The Ski Slope Strategy.

Here is what we do together:

  • Intake form: Fill out 21 questions on your business, website and top selling products/services you want to sell more of.
  • 50 content topics: We find your next 50 content topics, prioritized by the highest revenue potential for your business or content site.
  • 15 blog post templates: Access to Content Marketing Masters that has the same blog post templates we've used to grow multiple 7-figure blogs, with video-walkthroughs of how to use them.
  • 1 website audit: Full technical SEO audit of your website with 1-page of actionable recommendations to make sure your site is ready to scale using your content plan.
  • 1 hour game plan call: We do a 60 minute 1:1 consulting call where we will tell you how to implement your content plan + audit recommendations.

You can then execute the plan yourself, or get a quote from us to execute it for you.

How much it costs

One time payment of $4,995 USD, with a 10X ROI guarantee.

ROI guarantee

If you publish all 50 content topics we recommend and still haven't made at least a 10x ROI on our service after 12 months of publishing that content, we will give you a full refund plus $1,000 to pay for a new content marketing consultant.

What results you can expect

On average, across all clients we see a year-over-year increase in organic traffic of 135.01%. If you have an established business with product-market fit and a high converting offer, this often translates to at least 2x more revenue. Often more.

We've worked with clients ranging from fast-growing ecommerce and service businesses, to Fortune 100 tech and software companies, to 8-figure affiliate and content sites.

Here's a sample of some of the results we've got for clients across different markets (names of some clients and their URLs are not disclosed for confidentiality):


$112,500/month recurring revenue in 24 months

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

Finance website

52,008 organic traffic in 12 months
(562.69% YoY increase)

finance seo results

Health website

166,869 organic traffic in 12 months
(42.56% YoY increase)

health seo results

Software website

$1,433,458 of new sales pipeline in 12 months
($564,333 closed and won)

$1,000,000 new sales pipeline


From zero to 30,900 organic traffic in 9 months

Marketing website

20,193 organic traffic in 12 months
(98.13% YoY increase)

marketing seo results

Ecommerce website

83,484 organic traffic in 12 months
(144.15% YoY increase)

charity seo results

How to get started

If you have a software, ecommerce, service, or affiliate/content business, your business is growing, and you're interested in getting our team to make you a 7-figure content plan you can start following immediately — book a call by clicking the button below.

After booking a call, you will have a brief chat with Marcus, our Head Content Strategist to answer any questions you have about working with us.

Alternatively, you can purchase this service via the link below the button without hopping on a call and our team will start working on your "7-Figure Content Plan" ASAP. If you have any questions, email support@contentmavericks.com.