What is a Deepnude? How Can You Spot One?

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 12, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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What is a deepnude?

A deepnude is an AI generated image of a naked woman. Like “popsicle” and “dumpster”, “deepnude” is in fact a brand name that became a common word.

Deepnude fast facts

  • Fake images of naked women is not a new thing. Before deepnude technology, Photoshop was used to undress images.

  • The scale at which deepnude apps undress women raises ethical questions.

  • When used with consent, deepnude apps have lots of advantages for users.

  • Like all software, there are malicious and legit deepnude apps. 

  • Deepnudes can be detected, but no app can guarantee a 100% detection rate.

Can deepnude be used to create fake images?

Deepnude bots create fake images from parts that are extracted from authentic images. Other parts were never captured with a camera but are completely generated by AI algorithms. These images are also known as synthetic images. 

Deepnudes differ from, for instance, AI girl generation images, which are pure fictional characters. On a fake nude image, however, the face of a real person is used. That can either be swapped or artificially reproduced with other expressions than the original image. 

So, yes, deepnudes are fake images, even if they use real elements and are often hard to distinguish from real images.

Example of a deepnude image created by AI from a real image. Photograph: NudifyOnline

What are the pros and cons of deepnudes?

When used with good intentions and consent, deepnude tech has a lot of advantages over actual images, or image editing software, such as Photoshop.

Deepnudes don’t require a model, professional equipment or a skilled photographer. This reduces the cost price. Deepnudes can easily be customized with simple text-based instructions or filters. That cuts down the time to edit and enhance images. 

The biggest disadvantage of a deepnude is that it is deceiving. It’s fake, and yet looks highly realistic. But that is also true for images of real naked women that are photoshopped.

What are some tips for getting the best results with deepnudes?

AI undress technology is advanced, but that doesn’t mean it is never a hit-and-miss. Many factors can make or break the quality of AI generated undress images.

Deepnude apps use different algorithms. Some of them are bad and some generate hyper realistic fake nudes.

The original image also impacts the quality of the output. Low-res images are harder to process. But that doesn’t mean that all original high-resolution images guarantee a good quality. AI can have troubles when there is, for instance, no naked skin visible or when a picture has more than one person in it.

What is the AI based app that can undress people?

Today, there are hundreds of AI based apps that can undress images of women. The most popular ones are DeepSwap, NudifyOnline and SoulGen. They all create realistic undress images at a low cost and at a high speed.

These apps also have differences and new AI apps are popping up like mushrooms. Others cease to exist. That even happened with the first AI undress app, “DeepNude”. 

Whatever app you use, make sure it fits your needs, and that it is at least one of the best deepnude apps at this moment.

Is deepnude legal to use?

Generating and distributing deepnudes can be illegal in your country, or state. Laws can address the general use of deepfake technology, but also whether someone uses it with or without consent. 

In the US, for instance, Texas, California, Virginia and Illinois have laws installed to protect victims of fake porn images and videos. But here too, the legislation is confusing, and it is constantly changing.

In Texas, for instance, you are committing a criminal offense when you create deepfake porn. In California, generating deepnudes is legal, distributing them is not.

How can I detect if someone has used deepnude on an image?

If you pay close attention to details on an image, you can sometimes detect they are AI-generated. Look out for the following signs: 

  • Wrong amount of fingers, toes, teeth and sometimes even arms and legs. 
  • Lights, shadows and color tones that look unnatural. 
  • Blurry zones or pixelated zones in an image. 
  • Watermarks or cropped signs of logos of deepnude apps.
  • Odd background elements.
  • Patterns and texture of clothing that don’t look right. 

These suspicious signs do not automatically mean the image was generated or manipulated by AI. It may as well have been Photoshopped by humans.

AI is not the only one that creates fake pictures with mistakes, it also happens with Photoshop. Photograph: FixThePhoto

Are there any tools or software available to detect deepnude images?

AI-based software is the fastest and most reliable way to detect deepnude images. Yet, no tool guarantees a 100% detection rate. The reason for this is that deepnude bots are getting better at creating realistic images.

There are more deepnude apps than software that can detect if images are fake. Sensity, Deepware and Reality Defender belong to the better solutions. 

Since they are developed for organizations and businesses, consumers hardly use it to check if an image is fake or not.

Can deepnude be used for non-consensual purposes?

Generating deepnude images and videos without consent can be illegal in your territory. In many apps, it is also a violation of the terms and conditions. 

Soulgen, DeepSwap and NudifyOnline clearly state that users need consent from anyone in a picture or video before they can upload it to the tool. In practice users may not be aware of the terms, or they simply ignore them. 

On the other hand, deepfakes are often considered as freedom of speech. When in doubt, it’s best to check the local legislation.

Deepnude apps have terms and conditions that state it’s forbidden to upload content without consent. Photograph: SoulGen

What are the potential ethical concerns surrounding deepnude?

The launch of DeepNude in 2019 was a big hit, but it also raised ethical questions. The debates about deepnude technology are still going on. They mainly revolve around consent, privacy, and harassment.

Since deepnude apps don’t verify the source of uploaded images, anyone can use them to create fake explicit content without consent. That violates privacy rights, and nobody likes to be depicted in explicit situations they didn’t take part in.

Fake AI generated images look real and many people use it with malicious intentions, such as online bullying, extortion and public shaming. The impact on the life and mental health of victims can be as devastating as revenge porn.

Is it safe to use deepnude apps?

As with all software, there are safe and unsafe deepnude apps. The dangerous ones spread viruses or steal personal and financial information from its users.

DeepNude is a special case, because the developer shut the original app down in 2019. Since he had made the source code publicly available on Github, others could use and many injected malicious code into their version.

There are still deepnude scams on the internet. The safest choice is to use one of the deepnude apps we tested extensively. All of them are legit and safe to use.

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