7 Best AI Animation Generators 2024 (#1 Animation Maker)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

Today there are 72 different AI animation software. We spent 54 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to create high-quality animations.

What is the Best AI Animation Software?

  1. Vyond Go — best of the best
  2. Pictory — best budget option 
  3. Synthesys — best for animated clones
  4. Canva — best for animating images
  5. Veed.io — best for beginners 
  6. Synthesia — best for explainer videos
  7. Elai.io — best for automated animation creation

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $49/month

Vyond Go is an innovative animation video tool that leverages artificial intelligence to generate animations in seconds. We think it’s the best because of its fast generation times, easy editing features, and robust prompt-to-video capabilities.

The Best Part:

  • It's all about speed. Vyond Go takes you from idea to animation faster than a New York minute. No more waiting around for inspiration or wrestling with complicated software — just prompt, edit, done!

The Worst Part:

  • A bit dry on editing tools. For all its cool features, Vyond Go could really use some basic stuff like visibility toggles and layering options — it's kinda like having a sports car that has no cup holder.

Get it if you want to create professional-quality animated videos in seconds with the help of generative AI.

I recommend you start off with their free 14-day trial, then get the Premium plan for $89/month.

(14-day free trial)

Best For

Vyond Go is best for businesses that want to create engaging video content quickly and efficiently.

Top Features

  • Instant video drafts. Vyond Go generates an editable first draft of your video in seconds — and the accuracy of the results will shock you!

  • It makes teamwork easy. Vyond Go's video collaboration tools are like having a digital huddle room where your team can create, edit and share videos in real time — no more endless back-and-forth over email!

  • Automated lip-syncing. Imagine having a personal animation director who syncs character lip movements to your voice overs perfectly — that's Vyond Go for you.

  • Choose your style, any style. Vyond Go feels like walking into an animation wardrobe, where you can pick from contemporary, business-friendly, or whiteboard styles to suit the vibe you're looking to get.

  • Speaks their language. Vyond Go instantly translates on-screen text and voice overs in 70+ languages, for you to reach global audiences.


Vyond Go offers four pricing plans:

  • Essential: $49/month for business owners and individuals who want to generate AI-powered animated videos from text prompts, with access to Vyond’s template library and basic customization features.
  • Premium: $89/month for business owners who want to export high-definition videos and live chat support on top of the Essential features.
  • Professional: $179/month for growing companies with multiple users requiring advanced collaboration tools and robust video customization options beyond the Premium offerings.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, for larger companies that require comprehensive video production capabilities, powerful security features, and exclusive training from Vyond.

Annual subscriptions provide up to a 49% discount.

Try Vyond Go today with a free 14-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best Budget Option

Price: Starts at $23/month

Pictory is a user-friendly AI-powered animation generator for solo creators. We think it’s the best budget option because of its cost-effective subscription plans, extensive library of licensed stock videos and images, and powerful text-to-video algorithm.

The Best Part:

  • It’s a one-stop shop. Pictory can take the place of transcription software, video editing tools, and social media content generators. This means you're not only saving time but also keeping your wallet happy by reducing multiple subscriptions!

The Worst Part:

  • AI voices lack a natural touch. While Pictory's AI-generated voices are better than the average, they still can't completely fool the ears — you can bypass this by uploading your own audio which syncs seamlessly with the text and video.

Get it if you're looking for an easy-to-use AI animation generator that works within your budget.

I recommend you get started with the free trial, then get the Standard plan for $23/month.

(free trial)

Best For

Pictory is best for individual creators who want a cost-effective solution for producing high-quality animated content.

Top Features

  • Transforms scripts instantly. Pictory takes your script and turns it into an animation in seconds.

  • Edit videos using text. Pick one of your videos in Pictory, play around with the transcribed text, and watch those unnecessary parts, filler words, and awkward pauses disappear like magic.

  • Turns blog posts into animations. With just a few clicks, Pictory transforms your blog posts into engaging animated videos that can boost engagement.

  • Creates shareable video highlights. With Pictory, you can easily turn long animations into short, engaging clips perfect for trailers or social media posts to boost engagement and drive sales

  • Adds captions seamlessly. No need to manually add subtitles anymore — let Pictory handle captioning while you focus on creating great animations.


Pictory offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard: $23/month for beginner content creators who want to create video animations from text using AI, add automatic captions and subtitles, and access millions of licensed stock videos and images — for up to 30 videos per month.
  • Premium: $47/month for professional creators and smaller organizations that require advanced AI features, including automated voice-over synchronization, extended video creation time, and bulk download of videos — for up to 60 videos per month.
  • Teams: $119/month for video creator teams who need sharing and collaboration features along with the ability to add up to three users per account, add branded templates, and create up to 90 videos per month.

Annual subscriptions provide a 15% discount.

Try Pictory today with a free trial.

Our Verdict — Best For Animated Clones

Price: Starts at $35/month

Synthesys is a cutting-edge AI animation generator with superb cloning capabilities. We think it’s the best for animated clones because of its natural human-like voices, easy-to-use interface, and wide range of animation avatars.

The Best Part:

  • Super lifelike voices. The realism in Synthesys' voiceovers is stunning, making the avatars sound and look like actual humans having a conversation.

The Worst Part:

  • Occasional mismatched expressions. Sometimes, Synthesys' avatars, now and then, may get it wrong with their facial expressions not really portraying the sentiment behind what's being said.

Get it if you want to create high-quality animation videos with lifelike voiceovers.

I recommend you get the Audio and Human Studio Synthesys plan for $65/month.

(7-day money-back guarantee)

Best For

Synthesys is best for individuals who want quick and efficient ways to generate animations for small projects or training.

Top Features

  • It's incredibly user-friendly. Synthesys has an intuitive design which makes generating animations and professional voice-overs as easy as pie, even if you're not tech-savvy. 

  • Generates lifelike animations. Say goodbye to robotic sounding narrations. Your animations will sound just like humans! And you can even clone yourself or your clients into an animated avatar.

  • Tons of voice options. Pick from over 65 professional voices (both male and female) to find the perfect match for your content… And you can even clone your voice.

  • Speak everyone’s language. Don’t wanna leave your international audience out in the cold? Synthesys supports over 145 languages (and counting). 

  • Deep integration. Synthesys’ team will assist you in integrating the text-to-speech and text-to-video APIs into your software build.


Synthesys offers three pricing plans:

  • Audio Synthesys: $35/month for those who want to generate unlimited voice-overs using high-quality AI.
  • Human Studio Synthesys: $45/month for those who want to generate unlimited video animations with customizable avatars as well as plenty of language and voice options.
  • Audio and Human Studio Synthesys: $65/month for those who want unlimited access to both audio and video animation software at a discounted rate.

Annual subscriptions provide a 20% discount.

Try Synthesys today with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Vyond Go — best of the best
  2. Pictory — best budget option 
  3. Synthesys — best for animated clones

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer


Vyond Go

14-day free trial

Starts at $49/mo


Free trial

Starts at $23/mo


7-day money-back guarantee

Starts at $35/mo


30-day free trial

Starts at $12.99/mo


Free plan

Starts at $25/mo


Free demo video

Starts at $30/mo


Free plan

Starts at $29/mo

Here are the top 50 AI animation generators we considered in this review:

  1. Vyond Go
  2. Pictory
  3. Synthesys
  4. Canva
  5. Veed.io
  6. Synthesia
  7. Elai.io
  8. InVideo
  9. Deepbrain AI
  10. HeyGen
  11. Colossyan
  12. Synths Video
  13. RenderForest
  14. Lumen5
  15. Doodly
  16. Toonly
  17. Animaker
  18. Powtoon
  19. Moovly
  20. Biteable
  21. Pencil2D
  22. Synfig Studio
  23. Animation Desk
  24. TupiTube
  25. OpenToonz
  26. Piskel
  27. Explee
  28. Blender
  29. Animatron Studio
  30. Wideo
  31. CrazyTalk Animator
  32. iClone
  33. VideoScribe
  34. Clip Studio Paint
  35. VideoTweeter
  36. Autodesk Maya
  37. Tellagami
  38. Stop Motion Studio
  39. FlipaClip
  40. Pixaloop
  41. Adobe Character Animator
  42. KeyShot
  43. Sketchfab
  44. Muvizu
  45. Mantra VR
  46. Video Maker FX
  47. Mango Animate
  48. Voki
  49. Puppet Pals HD
  50. Tumult Hype

What is the best generative AI for animation?

The best generative AI for animation would be Vyond Go. Vyond Go stands out due to its quick generation times, easy editing features, and advanced prompt-to-video capabilities. Users can generate a professional-quality animated video within a matter of minutes, making it a popular choice for businesses that want to create engaging video content efficiently. The platform offers a wide range of advanced features, an intuitive user-friendly interface, and robust tools to automate processes like lip-syncing, bringing your characters to life. It also boasts an expansive library of templates and a variety of styles, making it easy for users to customize their videos.

What is the best AI video generator?

Vyond Go and Synthesys stand out as the top AI video generators. However, Vyond Go is a more powerful tool with faster generation times and the ability to create high-quality, stunning videos with ease. Its features, such as automatic lip-syncing and a vast library of styles, make it a popular choice for businesses. On the other hand, Synthesys offers an intuitive interface and lifelike voiceovers, which make it a valuable tool for generating professional videos.

What AI can generate animations?

Several AIs can generate animations, including Vyond Go, Pictory, and Synthesys. Vyond Go stands out with its fast video generation capabilities, which can turn ideas into life within minutes. Pictory, a more budget-friendly option, has powerful text-to-video algorithms that can transform scripts into animations instantly. Synthesys boasts superior voice-over technology with lifelike voices and a wide range of animation avatars.

What is the most widely used tool for creating animations?

The most widely used tool for creating animations is likely Vyond Go. It offers users the ability to generate a professional-looking animated video in seconds with the help of generative AI. Its wide range of advanced features, intuitive interface, and quick generation times make it a popular choice among businesses looking to create engaging video content quickly and efficiently.

How to create an AI animation video?

To create an AI animation video, you need a reliable tool like Vyond Go. Here are the steps to create a video using Vyond Go:

  • Choose a plan that suits your needs, such as the Essential, Premium, Professional, or Enterprise plan.
  • Once you've chosen a plan, log into the platform using an internet connection.
  • Start by creating your animation script or use pre-made templates.
  • Use the user-friendly interface to customize your video. You can bring your characters to life by creating custom characters or using ready-made ones from the vast library.
  • Vyond Go allows you to add advanced features like motion graphics, 3D models, and 3D animation. You can also automate lip-syncing for a more realistic look.
  • Once you're satisfied with your video, render it in high-quality and share it on social media platforms or use it as an explainer video, a promo video, or a marketing video.

This animation process allows you to create a professional-looking video in minutes, making Vyond Go a powerful tool for creating high-quality animations.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best AI animation generators to try this year:

  1. Vyond Go — best of the best
  2. Pictory — best budget option
  3. Synthesys — best for animated clones
  4. Canva — best for animating images
  5. Veed.io — best for beginners 
  6. Synthesia — best for explainer videos
  7. Elai.io — best for automated animation creation


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