7 Best AI Voice Changers 2024 (#1 For PC & Mac)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are 158 different AI voice changers. We spent 84 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to change your voice.

What is the Best AI Voice Changer?

  1. Speechify — best of the best
  2. Voxal Voice Changer — best for streaming
  3. AV Voice Changer — best for prank calls
  4. Voicemod — best for gaming
  5. Voicemeeter — best for audio mixing
  6. Clownfish Voice Changer — best for voice effects
  7. MorphVOX Pro — best for advanced features

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $59/month

Speechify is the industry's top AI voice changing tool, thanks to its superior output quality. We think it’s the best because of its high-quality sound, customizable voices, and user-friendly interface.

The Best Part:

  • High-quality sound. Speechify stands out with its superior audio quality. This feature can turn heads as it turns your text into different voices with impressive clarity and realism

The Worst Part:

  • No real-time voice changing. Speechify doesn't offer real-time voice changing, which can be a deal-breaker for live streamers who want on-the-spot voice changing.

Get it if you want a top-notch tool for AI voice changing, creating multiple character voices in storytelling, and adding variety to your audio projects.

I recommend you get started with the free plan, then get the Professional plan for $239/year.

(free plan)

Best For

Speechify is best for content creators and storytellers who want to spice up their audio projects with a variety of cool, AI-generated voices.

Top Features

  • Unlimited voice changes. Need to create an audiobook with different characters? No problem! Speechify lets you change voices on the fly, making your storytelling extra engaging and fun.

  • Unlimited downloads. With Speechify's unrestricted download feature, you can take your converted audio files anywhere and listen anytime.

  • Fast lane support. Enjoy high-priority customer service when issues arise in the software — every minute counts on Speechify.

  • Sell it for profits. Create professional-sounding voice overs for promotional videos with Speechify’s commercial usage rights.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Collaborate on group projects that require various spoken parts with ease using Speechify's collaboration tool.


Speechify offers three pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for casual users who want to take Speechify for a spin and try some AI voice changing features.
  • Professional: $59/month for professionals such as audiobook creators or podcasters who require regular AI voice changing, for up to 100 hours of voice generation per year.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, for creators and businesses with extensive requirements, for unlimited hours of voice generation.

Annual plans provide a 65% discount.

Try Speechify today with the free plan.

Our Verdict — Best For Streaming

Price: Starts at $9.99/quarter

Voxal Voice Changer is a live voice manipulation software for gamers, podcasters, and content creators. We think it’s the best for streaming because of its real-time voice changing capability, wide range of voices and effects, and easy integration with other applications.

The Best Part:

  • Real-time voice change. Voxal allows you to modify your voice in real time which means no post-production editing is needed. It changes your voice on the spot. Be it an alien, robot, or old woman — the options are endless!

The Worst Part:

  • Dated design. Voxal, despite its impressive capabilities, has an interface that looks like it was designed in the early 2000’s… Which might be a turn off for some.

Get it if you want to add some spice to your streaming sessions by altering your voice.

I recommend you get a Voxal Voice Changer subscription for $9.99/quarter.

(free version)

Best For

Voxal Voice Changer is best for streamers who want to add a layer of fun and engagement to their live broadcasts by changing their voice in real time.

Top Features

  • Keep your streams fun. With Voxal's real-time voice change, you can instantly switch between voices to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

  • Breathe life into characters. Easily create distinct voices for each character in your podcast or audio drama with Voxal’s recording features.

  • Immerse yourself in every game. Step up your game by morphing into any character you want using Voxal's diverse vocal effects — one night, you might be a scary alien; the next, a supervillain or even a cave monster!

  • Boost your prank game. With Voxal, you can easily change your voice and pull off the perfect prank call.

  • Add variety to business calls. Seamlessly integrate Voxal with Skype, Discord, or Teamspeak and bring a twist to those boring team meetings.


Voxal Voice Changer offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for beginners who want to test out basic features within Voxal for home use only.
  • Plus - Home use only: $34.99 one-time payment, for personal use on home devices offering a complete set of features without commercial usage rights.
  • Plus - Commercial License: $39.95 one-time payment, for streamers who require full access to all advanced functionalities and commercial use rights.
  • Plus - Commercial License Quarterly Plan: $9.99/quarter for businesses that want a cost-effective choice with free, regular updates and commercial rights.

Try Voxal Voice Changer today with the free version.

Our Verdict — Best For Prank Calls

Price: $99.95 one-time payment

AV Voice Changer is an AI voice changing software that's perfect for gamers, podcasters, and pranksters. We think it’s the best for prank calls because of its high-quality real-time voice changing capability, extensive library of hilarious sound effects, and easy-to-use interface.

The Best Part:

  • Real-time voice changing. AV Voice Changer lets you modify your voice on the spot, turning any conversation into hilariously unexpected pranks. 

The Worst Part:

  • Steep learning curve. While AV Voice Changer is packed with features, it might take some time for you to get the hang of everything. So patience is key when you're just starting out.

Get it if you love pulling pranks on friends over phone calls.

I recommend you start with the free trial, then get the paid version for $99.95.

(free trial)

Best For

AV Voice Changer is best for individuals who want to have a good laugh pranking their friends and family.

Top Features

  • Morph your voice. Instantly change your voice into anything from a chipmunk's squeak to a robot's monotone.

  • They’ll never know it’s you. With AV Voice Changer's real-time voice modification, you can switch voices mid-call and keep your friends guessing.

  • Easy switch. If a prank goes south, use AV Voice Changer’s voice return function to quickly revert back to your normal voice.

  • Mark it up with humor. Use the preset funny voices like chipmunk, alien, or robot to get instant laughs during your prank calls.

  • It works on many channels. From Skype and Discord to in-game chats, AV Voice Changer effortlessly integrates with your apps, making it easy for you to change your voice just about everywhere.


AV Voice Changer offers two pricing plans:

  • Free Trial: Free forever, for casual users who want to make some quick prank calls with limited voices and features.
  • AV Voice Changer: $99.95/month for professional pranksters and content creators needing full access to all voices and advanced features.

Try AV Voice Changer today with the free plan.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Speechify — best of the best
  2. Voxal Voice Changer — best for streaming
  3. AV Voice Changer — best for prank calls

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



Free plan

Starts at $59/mo

Voxal Voice Changer

Free version

Starts at $9.99/qtr

AV Voice Changer

Free trial



Free trial




Free forever

Clownfish Voice Changer


Free forever

MorphVOX Pro

Free trial


Here are the top 50 AI voice changers we considered in this review:

  1. Speechify 
  2. Voxal Voice Changer Software
  3. AV Voice Changer
  4. Voicemod
  5. Voicemeeter
  6. Clownfish Voice Changer
  7. MorphVOX Pro
  8. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
  9. Fake Voice
  10. MasqVox Voice Changer
  11. All-in-One Voice Changer
  12. RoboVox Voice Changer
  13. SuperVoiceChanger
  14. Hero Voicer
  15. VoiceFX
  16. Voicemod Clips
  17. Voice Changer with Effects
  18. Call Voice Changer
  19. Funcall
  20. Voice Changer Plus
  21. Best Voice Changer - Free
  22. Celebrity Voice Changer
  23. Simple Voice Changer
  24. Voice Changer by AndroidRock
  25. Accusonus
  26. Robot Voice Changer
  27. Live Voice Changer
  28. Voice Changer by Androbaby
  29. Helium Voice Changer
  30. Smart Voice Changer
  31. Video Voice Dubbing
  32. Voice Changer Sound Effects
  33. Murf Voice Generator 
  34. MagicMic AI Voice Changer
  35. Voice Spice Recorder
  36. Mumble
  37. Skype Voice Changer
  38. Teamspeak Voice Changer
  39. Discord Voice Changer
  40. IVoice Voice Changer
  41. AlterCam Voice Changer
  42. Voice Changer by Quality Apps
  43. Voice Swap
  44. iRig Voice
  45. Voxbox
  46. Alien Voice Changer
  47. Donald Duck Voice Changer
  48. Voice Changer by Multi Tech Software
  49. MagicCall
  50. Celebrity Voice Changer Parody

What is the most realistic AI voice changer?

The most realistic AI voice changer is Speechify. Its artificial intelligence enables a wide variety of voice styles, including realistic voices and lifelike voices. 

Speechify is known for its high-quality voice generator feature that produces clear, natural-sounding speech, providing users with a wide range of human voices, both male and female voices. 

This voice generator tool, powered by state-of-the-art voice synthesis technology, uses large volumes of voice samples to generate human-like voices that are almost indistinguishable from professional voice actors. This makes Speechify the go-to web-based voice generator for many users, offering them their dream voice through a simple, user-friendly interface.

What AI can change your voice?

Artificial intelligence, particularly in voice AI and voice synthesis models, has led to the development of several tools that can change your voice. Platforms like Speechify, Voxal Voice Changer, and AV Voice Changer are all AI-powered voice changer tools that allow users to alter their voices. 

These tools offer a wide variety of voice styles, providing users with a library of voices to choose from. They can transform your voice into different character voices, creating a diverse array of natural-sounding AI voices. Whether you're making sales videos, online classes, training videos, or even video games like League of Legends, these voice changer apps can transform your voice into something entirely different.

What is the best AI voice cloner?

The best AI voice cloner in the market is Speechify. This award-winning AI-based voice generator allows users to create a custom AI voice by simply inputting text. The software then uses advanced AI algorithms to generate natural-sounding speech in various speech styles. 

Whether you're looking for a female voice, a celebrity AI voice, or a synthetic voice, Speechify has a wide range and a huge library of options. The voice cloning feature also allows for realistic voiceovers and is particularly useful for professional voice actors who need to mimic various voices.

Is there an AI that can replicate voice?

Yes, there are several AI-based tools capable of replicating voices, with Speechify being a standout. Using deep learning and a massive library of voices, Speechify's AI algorithms can mimic human voices with incredible accuracy. 

Whether you're looking for a celebrity voice or a perfect voice of a particular character, this AI-based voice generator can replicate almost any voice. The platform also provides a selection of voices, from female voices to celebrity AI voices, providing you with a wide range of options to find your perfect voice match.

Is there an app that can mimic someone’s voice?

Yes, there are numerous AI-powered apps that can mimic someone's voice, such as Speechify and AV Voice Changer. These apps use artificial intelligence to analyze and replicate a voice, providing users with a voice generator platform that can produce realistic and natural-sounding voice clones. 

AV Voice Changer, for instance, is particularly popular among users looking to pull off pranks as it can transform your voice in real-time, making it an ideal choice for users seeking to mimic someone's voice for a bit of fun. 

On the other hand, Speechify, with its high-quality voice generator and wide selection of voices, is perfect for those needing voice mimicry for more professional applications such as educational videos or voiceover work. Both tools give you the option to also add custom voices of people you know, so you can change your voice to theirs as you speak.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best AI voice changers to try this year:

  1. Speechify — best of the best
  2. Voxal Voice Changer Software — best for streaming
  3. AV Voice Changer — best for prank calls
  4. Voicemod — best for gaming
  5. Voicemeeter — best for audio mixing
  6. Clownfish Voice Changer — best for voice effects
  7. MorphVOX Pro — best for advanced features

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