7 Best Customizable CRM Software 2024 (Top 50 Ranked)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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Today there are 192 different customizable CRMs. We spent 123 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to build a customized CRM.

What is the Best Customizable CRM?

  1. Salesforce — best of the best
  2. Zoho CRM— best for small teams
  3. Pipedrive — best for salespeople
  4. Nutshell — best for big teams
  5. ActiveCampaign — best for email marketing
  6. HubSpot CRM — best for lead management
  7. ClickUp — best for enterprises

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $300/year

Salesforce is the best CRM in the market today. We think it’s the best because of its comprehensive customization options, powerful integrations, and intuitive interface.

The Best Part:

  • Personalize your entire CRM. Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM that allows you to tailor its functionality to your specific business needs.

The Worst Part:

  • No monthly plans. Salesforce requires you to pay for an entire year in advance for any subscription plan.

Get it if you want a powerful CRM with the most advanced personalization features you can get.

I recommend you get the free 30-day trial, then get the Professional plan for $900/year.

(30-day free trial)

Best For

Salesforce is best for anyone who wants a comprehensive CRM with unlimited customization capabilities.

Top Features

  • First things first. Keep your most crucial actions and features above the fold, with tailored page layouts for different roles or teams.
  • Custom workflow automation. Set up your specific business processes and procedures to go off automatically.
  • Your business comes first. Set up your branding, colors, and logo throughout the CRM and make it feel like home.
  • Tailored lead assignment rules. Improve lead routing and ensure leads are distributed to the right team using custom lead assignment rules.
  • Fully customizable email. Use Salesforce’s drag-and-drop email builder to personalize your emails with signatures, HTML code, buttons, etc. 


Salesforce offers four pricing plans:

  • Essentials: $300/year per user for anyone looking for essential CRM features with a visual app builder and access to Salesforce’s AppExchange app market.
  • Professional: $900/year per user for anyone who wants a complete CRM solution with unlimited features for building apps and customizing.
  • Enterprise: $1,800/year per user for anyone who wants a smart CRM with unlimited app building and developer management features.
  • Unlimited: $3,600/year per user for anyone who wants the ultimate CRM experience with every automation and customization feature you can think of.

Try Salesforce today with a free 30-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best For Small Teams

Price: Starts at $20/month

Zoho CRM is a robust CRM with excellent customization capabilities. We think it’s the best for small teams because of its workflow automation features, ease of use, and customizable charts.

The Best Part:

  • It allows you to auto-filter data. Zoho allows you to use validation rules to define the accuracy of your data before it goes into the CRM.

The Worst Part:

  • No 24/7 support. Zoho CRM’s support team only works during business hours.

Get it if you want a powerful, super easy-to-customize CRM for your small team.

I recommend you get started with the free 15-day trial, then sign up for the yearly Professional plan at $276/year.

(15-day free trial)

Best For

Zoho CRM is best for small teams that want the most straightforward customizable CRM in the market.

Top Features

  • Software integrations. Combine third-party tools and native Zoho software in one place for a highly personalized CRM experience.
  • Customized workflow automation. Set up automations suited for your tailored customer journey.
  • Tailored dashboards. Create customized charts for all your favorite KPIs and spice up your custom dashboards.
  • First things first. Prioritize important dashboards in your list view and top navigation bar.
  • Custom modules. Replace “Leads” with “Students” to always have relevant terms for your business, which makes for a personalized CRM experience.


Zoho CRM offers four pricing plans:

  • Standard: $20/month per user for small teams that want a basic CRM with workflow automation and page customization features.
  • Professional: $35/month per user for small teams wanting a CRM with advanced customization features such as custom fields and links.
  • Enterprise: $50/month per user for small teams that want a comprehensive CRM solution with full personalization features such as custom modules.
  • Ultimate: $65/month per user for small teams that want access to Zoho Analytics and all CRM features, with maximum customization settings.

Annual plans provide up to a 34% discount.

Try Zoho CRM today with a free 15-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best For Salespeople

Price: Starts at $19.90/month

Pipedrive is the most customizable CRM for sales. We think it’s the best for salespeople because of its advanced pipeline management features, sleek interface, and customizable product catalogs.

The Best Part:

  • It’s more than just a CRM. Pipedrive allows you to bring all your tools together through integrations to create a unique and personalized platform for your business.

The Worst Part:

  • No workflow automation for entry-level subscribers. Pipedrive requires you to get the Advanced plan at $34.90/mo for access to the workflow builder.

Get it if you want a growth-focused CRM with customization capabilities to bring you more sales.

I recommend you sign up for the free 14-day trial, then get the Advanced yearly plan at $298.80/year for full access.

(14-day free trial)

Best For

Pipedrive is best for salespeople who want the perfect CRM for customizing and automating sales pipelines.

Top Features

  • Workflow automation done right. Customize your customer journey and automate everyday tasks.
  • API developer access. Personalize your Pipedrive CRM to the moon by integrating directly with third-party apps.
  • Pipeline customization. Visualize your sales process with customizable pipeline stages.
  • Minimize human error. Create dynamic fields with formulas to auto-calculate custom values such as total prices before and after tax.
  • Revenue forecasting. Get personalized reports and views to predict your revenue in real-time.


Pipedrive offers four pricing plans:

  • Essential: $19.90/month per user for salespeople looking to start managing and setting up simple sales processes, with access to API and webhooks.
  • Advanced: $34.90/month per user for salespeople that want to run email marketing campaigns and manage sales leads, with limited automation features.
  • Professional: $59.90/month per user for salespeople and companies that want access to complete sales, marketing, reporting, documentation features, custom reporting, and custom fields.
  • Enterprise: $119.90/month per user for enterprises that want to safely set up to 100 active automation workflows and get unlimited customization options.

Annual plans provide up to a 25% discount.

Try Pipedrive today with a free 14-day trial.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Salesforce — best of the best
  2. Zoho CRM— best for small teams
  3. Pipedrive — best for salespeople

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



30-day free trial

Starts at $300/year

Zoho CRM

15-day free trial

Starts at $20/mo


14-day free trial

Starts at $19.90/mo


14-day free trial

Starts at $19/mo


14-day free trial

Starts at $228/year

HubSpot CRM

14-day free trial

Starts at $50/mo


Free plan

Starts at $9/mo

Here are the top 50 customizable CRMs we considered in this review:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. Pipedrive
  4. Nutshell
  5. ActiveCampaign
  6. HubSpot 
  7. ClickUp
  8. Apptivo
  9. Zendesk Sell
  10. Vtiger CRM
  11. Veloxy
  12. Keap
  13. Thryv
  14. Teamgate
  15. SutiCRM
  16. Zdoo CRM
  17. SuperOffice CRM
  18. SugarCRM
  19. Streak CRM
  20. Spiro
  21. Solve CRM
  22. SalesNexus
  23. Salesmate
  24. Salesflare
  25. Salesboom CRM
  26. Relenta
  27. Really Simple Systems
  28. PipelineDeals
  29. Odoo CRM
  30. Zengine 
  31. Nimble
  32. monday sales CRM
  33. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  34. Maximizer CRM
  35. Less Annoying CRM
  36. LeadSquared
  37. InStream
  38. Insightly
  39. Freshsales
  40. Follow Up Boss
  42. Creatio
  43. Copper
  44. Close
  45. Capsule CRM
  46. Bitrix24
  47. LeadIS
  48. Apptivo
  49. amoCRM
  50. Agile CRM

Can CRM be customized?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become an essential tool for businesses of all types and sizes. It allows sales reps and sales teams to manage their sales cycles and customer interactions efficiently. Whether CRM can be customized depends on the platform being used. Whether you run a real estate agency, accounting practice, or other types of businesses, you'll want to use a CRM to build lasting business relationships and maximize your sales performance.

Popular customer relationship management software such as Salesforce and HubSpot offer customization options that definitely allow you to customize your CRM. If you use a more reserved CRM such as Copper, you may find that your customization options are limited — though you can still create things such as custom email templates and use some automation features.

What is a customizable CRM?

A customizable CRM is a platform that allows users to tailor their business processes, sales cycles, and customer engagement to meet their specific needs. It provides a wide range of features, such as email templates, sales forecasting, deal management, sales automation, email tracking, customizable reports, and artificial intelligence-powered sales assistants, to name a few.

A customized sales process helps your sales team create more sales opportunities. Your sales performance can skyrocket if you use your CRM software to personalize the customer experience, customer retention, and marketing automation within one system.

Leveraging your data through business intelligence in one platform can have tremendous effects, especially with an AI-powered customer relationship management tool.

What is the highest-rated CRM?

Regarding the highest-rated CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Zoho CRM are two of the most popular options. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a 360-degree view of the customer journey and offers a full range of sales management and automation tools. On the other hand, Zoho CRM offers an all-in-one platform that provides customer management tools, email marketing features, social listening, and a handy feature for bulk emails.

The choice you should make depends on your use case. If you're looking for something manageable and concise, you can't go wrong with Zoho CRM. It's a very starter-friendly customer relationship management tool and you can use it as your main hub for managing sales operations and maximizing your sales performance.

Should I build a custom CRM?

Building a custom CRM can be a good option if your business workflows are unique and require specific features. However, developing and maintaining requires significant time, resources, and expertise, and it may not be worth the investment for small businesses. It's often more efficient and cost-effective to use a customizable platform like Salesforce or Zoho CRM that can be tailored to meet your needs.

You can use a CRM to send out bulk emails, improve customer relations, manage your email inbox, sequence marketing emails, integrate your Google Workspace or other cloud services, manage your social accounts, and improve customer success throughout the customer journey.

Before opting for a customizable platform subscription, it is worth exploring its pricing and premium plans to see which are most suitable for your business and which have the best native integrations or automation features you’d be looking for. It’s also worth looking at the availability of unlimited contact in case you’re looking to manage lots of leads while keeping up with their contact history and other details.

Is Zoho CRM customizable?

If you're looking to build a CRM without coding, Zoho CRM offers a range of customizable templates that can be used to create custom forms, custom stages, and custom reports. Additionally, Zoho CRM provides access to users, hot leads, and a team inbox, allowing easy collaboration and communication.

You can use Zoho CRM as your single platform to set up customized customer relationship management software for your business. You can then access and customize multiple features for customer contact management, social network management, business workflows, business relationship management, email inbox monitoring, customer success, advanced email management, and many more.

Is Salesforce CRM customizable?

Salesforce CRM is highly customizable and provides native integrations with Office 365, Google Workspace, and other third-party integrations. It offers an enterprise edition with advanced email management, advanced email management, ads integrations, social media accounts, audit logs, unlimited contacts, and many more features.

How do I build a CRM without coding?

If you're looking to build a CRM without coding, Zoho CRM could be a great option for your real estate business. Zoho CRM offers a 15-day free trial to test its features before committing to a plan. Zoho CRM is better than other CRM options because it provides an excellent customer interaction experience and a 360-degree view of the customer journey platform.

With Zoho CRM, you can access various customer management tools and marketing automation features. You can use the platform to manage your contact info, track your sales management, and send bulk emails with email marketing features. Zoho CRM also offers an AI-Powered sales assistant, which can be a handy feature for managing hot leads and customer engagement.

The CRM provides monthly and annual billing plans, so you can choose the best option for your business workflows. You'll have access to custom reports, native integrations with Google Workspace, social media accounts, and ad integrations.

Zoho also offers a fully customizable Enterprise Plan, which allows you to create custom stages, custom forms, and set entry times. This all-in-one platform provides a 360-degree customer journey view, unlimited contacts, and a team inbox. You'll also have access to audit logs and social listening capabilities, making managing your social accounts and social network easier.

It is definitely an excellent feature-rich CRM platform that offers a variety of customer management tools, marketing tools, and automation features. It provides a customer journey platform that allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your customers, from the first contact to customer success.

You can easily manage customer contact management and streamline your business workflows with the capabilities of email tracking, email editor, email features, email sentiments, and email signature capture. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise edition, Zoho CRM offers premium plans to fit all types of businesses. Plus, with a 15-day free trial, you can try it before committing to a plan.

Why is Zoho CRM better than others?

Zoho CRM stands out from its competitors in the CRM industry because of its advanced features and client-friendly pricing plans. It offers a variety of features that make it a great choice for businesses looking to manage their contact info, sales operations, and customer relationships.

One of the advantages of Zoho CRM is that it provides an AI-powered sales assistant, which can be a handy feature for managing hot leads and customer engagement. The platform also offers a customizable Enterprise Plan, allowing businesses to customize it according to their needs.

Zoho CRM provides a customer journey platform that allows businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of their customers, from the first contact to customer success. The customizable platform makes it easy for businesses of all types to use it for customer contact management and streamline their workflows.

With Zoho CRM, businesses can access advanced email management features, including capabilities for email tracking, email editor, email features, email sentiments, and email signature capture. Zoho CRM also provides access to users with unlimited contacts, custom reports, and cycle time analytics. 

The platform also offers advanced lead capture capabilities, which can be helpful for businesses looking to capture new leads and manage their customer interaction experience. Zoho CRM also provides native integrations with Office 365, social media accounts, and Ads Integrations.

Overall, it offers a comprehensive CRM and sales bay that is more cost-effective than competitors like Salesforce Sales Cloud. The platform provides a team inbox, custom forms, custom stages, and advanced business intelligence applications to help businesses manage their customer management tools and sales management while leveraging code-free customization. 

With its monthly billing and annual billing plans, Zoho CRM is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their customer success and business relationships regardless of budget.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best customizable CRMs software to try this year:

  1. Salesforce — best of the best
  2. Zoho CRM— best for small teams
  3. Pipedrive — best for salespeople
  4. Nutshell — best for big teams
  5. ActiveCampaign — best for email marketing
  6. HubSpot CRM — best for lead management
  7. ClickUp — best for enterprises


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