7 Best DJ Software 2024 (50 Mixing Programs & Apps Rated)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

Today there are 113 different DJ software. We spent 70 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to turn up your DJ’ing mojo.

What is the Best DJ Software?

  1. Serato DJ Pro — best of the best
  2. Ableton Live — best for live music production
  3. MixVibes Cross DJ — best for beginner DJs
  4. PCDJ DEX 3 — best for video mixing 
  5. Native Instruments Traktor Pro — best for effect-heavy mixes
  6. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox — best for DJs using Pioneer hardware
  7. Mixxx — best for open-source DJ software

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: $205

Serato DJ Pro is a cutting-edge solution for DJs who crave precision and control. We think it’s the best because of its seamless hardware integration, customizable layouts, and high-quality audio output.

The Best Part:

  • It's incredibly user-friendly. Serato DJ Pro sports an intuitive interface with robust library management capabilities, making it a breeze for both newbies and pros to benefit from it.

The Worst Part:

  • It requires hardware. Serato DJ Pro only works when you connect compatible DJ equipment, which could rain on the parade for those looking for a software-only solution.

Get it if you want a powerful, user-friendly mixing platform that's compatible with a wide range of DJ hardware.

I recommend you download the 14-day free trial first, then buy Serato DJ Pro for $205.

(14-day free trial)

Best For

Serato DJ Pro is best for professional and aspiring DJs who want a feature-rich, user-friendly platform that integrates seamlessly with DJ hardware.

Top Features

  • Set the mood. Add flavor to your mixes with Serato DJ Pro's vast array of high-quality built-in FX, and keep the dance floor packed.

  • Get your ducks in a row. Effortlessly manage and access your tunes with Serato DJ Pro's all-encompassing library management features.

  • Capture every epic moment. Record your live sets in crystal-clear audio with Serato DJ Pro's handy recording feature, perfect for sharing your performances on social media.

  • Make it feel like home. Customize Serato DJ Pro's interface to suit your style with various layout choices, so you can focus on what matters most — the music.

  • Master the art of looping. Create seamless loops and impromptu remixes with Serato DJ Pro's powerful looping tools, adding a distinct flavor to each of your sets.


Serato DJ Pro offers a single pricing plan:

  • Serato DJ: $205 one-time payment, for aspiring and professional DJs who want a powerful, user-friendly DJ software that integrates seamlessly with over 90 pieces of hardware in the market.

Try Serato DJ Pro today with a free 14-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best For Live Music Production

Price: $545

Ableton Live is an innovative music production and performance software. We think it’s the best for live music production because of its seamless workflow, customizable MIDI mapping, and real-time audio manipulation capabilities.

The Best Part:

  • No limits. Ableton Live's Session View lets DJs play around with different sounds and mixes on the fly, without being locked into a set order or structure.

The Worst Part:

  • It’s a pricey investment. Ableton Live's full version price can be a little steep compared to other DJ software options, with a one-time fee of $545.

Get it if you want a DJ software that's designed specifically for live music production with an intuitive and user-friendly workflow.

I recommend you start with the 90-day free trial, then get the Ableton Live for $545.

(90-day free trial)

Best For

Ableton Live is best for live music producers and DJs who want cutting-edge software for real-time audio manipulation and performance.

Top Features

  • Make beats in a heartbeat. Easily create complex drum patterns in a snap using Ableton Live's intuitive Drum Rack and Impulse instruments.

  • Master of time. Dive into uncharted sonic territory with Ableton Live's incredible time-stretching and audio warping features.

  • Live-show ready. Master MIDI mapping with Ableton Live to effortlessly customize your hardware controllers, giving you full creative control for creating a unique, unforgettable live show.

  • Take control of the stage. Seamlessly integrate lighting and visuals into your performance with Ableton Live's MIDI output capabilities.

  • Shape your sound. Create unique synth sounds effortlessly using Ableton Live's versatile Instrument Racks and Simpler/Sampler tools.


Ableton Live offers a single pricing plan:

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite: $545 one-time payment, for DJs and live music producers who want an all-in-one software for manipulating and producing music live.

Try Ableton Live today with a free 90-day trial.

Our Verdict — Best For Beginner DJs

Price: $45

MixVibes Cross DJ is a beginner-friendly DJ software designed for newbies. We think it’s the best for beginner DJs because of its easy-to-use interface, customizable decks and waveforms, and powerful mixing tools.

The Best Part:

  • It’s incredibly user-friendly. MixVibes Cross DJ boasts a user-friendly interface that allows even those who are completely new to DJ’ing to confidently mix their tunes

The Worst Part:

  • Manual LED mapping. MixVibes Cross DJ requires manual LED mapping, which is a painful process that can baffle beginners.

Get it if you want an easy-to-learn DJ software that lets you create professional-sounding mixes without breaking the bank.

I recommend you start with the Free plan to test the waters, then buy MixVibes Cross DJ for $45.

(free plan)

Best For

MixVibes Cross DJ is best for aspiring DJs who want an affordable yet powerful software to hone in their DJ’ing skills.

Top Features

  • Visualize your mixes. Play around with waveforms to get a crystal-clear view of your tracks while you're working on your tunes in MixVibes Cross DJ.

  • Explore new beats. Call in hot tracks from popular platforms such as SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and iTunes to stream and mix right away.

  • Go live. Broadcast your live mixes online on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch with MixVibes Cross DJ's handy streaming capabilities.

  • Beat-match like a pro. Let MixVibes Cross DJ's automatic beat-matching provide you with seamless transitions, making you sound like a pro.

  • Add flair to your sound. Experiment with MixVibes Cross DJ's vast selection of audio effects to transform your mixes from decent to downright astounding.


MixVibes Cross DJ offers a single pricing plan:

  • MixVibes Cross DJ: $45 one-time payment, for beginner DJs who want an easy-to-use software to mix using professional tools and capabilities.

Try MixVibes Cross DJ today with the free plan.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Serato DJ Pro — best of the best
  2. Ableton Live — best for live music production
  3. MixVibes Cross DJ — best for beginner DJs

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer


Serato DJ Pro

14-day free trial


Ableton Live

90-day free trial


MixVibes Cross DJ

Free plan



14-day free trial


Native Instruments Traktor Pro

30-minute free trial


Pioneer DJ Rekordbox

30-day free trial

Starts at $18/mo



Free forever

Here are the top 50 best DJ software we considered in this review:

  1. Serato DJ Pro
  2. Ableton Live
  3. MixVibes Cross DJ
  4. PCDJ DEX 3
  5. Native Instruments Traktor Pro
  6. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox
  7. Mixxx
  8. VirtualDJ
  10. Algoriddim Djay Pro
  11. Atomix Virtual DJ Pro
  12. Cross DJ Pro
  13. Deckadance
  14. Numark CUE
  15. MAGIX Digital DJ
  16. Zulu DJ Software
  17. UltraMixer
  18. DJ Mixer Professional
  19. DJ Music Mixer
  20. FutureDecks DJ Pro
  21. CuteDJ
  22. DJ ProDecks
  23. DJ Jukebox
  24. MixPad Multitrack Mixer
  25. One DJ
  26. You.DJ
  27. Serato Studio
  28. MegaSeg DJ
  29. PCDJ Red Mobile
  30. KraMixer DJ Software
  31. Disco XT DJ
  32. DJ Twist & Burn
  33. OtsAV DJ
  34. DJ Mix Lite
  35. DJ Mixer Express
  36. BPM Studio Pro
  37. MixMeister Studio
  38. Blaze Media Pro
  39. DJ Mix Pro
  40. e-mix Pro Edition
  41. ProDJLive
  42. ConvexSoft DJ Audio Mixer
  43. ClubDJ ProVJ
  44. DJ Mixer Pro for Mac
  45. DJ Java Decompiler
  46. DJ Mix Station
  47. DEX 3 LE (Limited Edition)
  48. DJ ProMixer NB Netbook
  49. Rockit Pro DJ
  50. DJ Audio Editor

Which software is best for DJs?

While there are many DJ software options, the best one largely depends on the specific needs and skill level of the DJ. For professional DJs and those aspiring to reach that level, Serato DJ Pro is often considered the best. 

This piece of software provides seamless hardware integration, customizable layouts, and high-quality audio output, making it a popular choice. It is user-friendly with robust library management, making it easy for both newbies and pros to navigate. 

However, it does require compatible DJ hardware. Another impressive feature is the vast array of high-quality built-in FX, which helps in adding flavor to the mixes. Moreover, its powerful looping tools allow for the creation of seamless loops and impromptu remixes, adding a unique flavor to each set.

What is the #1 most popular DJ software for audio and video mixing?

The most popular DJ software for audio and video mixing is Serato DJ Pro. It is renowned for its advanced features, hands-on control, and straightforward interface. With its customizable interface and a multitude of software tools, DJs can not only mix audio tracks but also incorporate video into their sets. Furthermore, Serato DJ Pro's high-quality sound effects and real-time track separation feature sets it apart from other software applications.

Can I be a DJ with just a laptop?

Yes, it is possible to be a DJ with just a laptop, thanks to digital DJing software. Software like MixVibes Cross DJ, which is great software for beginners, or even Traktor Pro, provides basic features and advanced features that allow you to mix digital music files from your music library. 

The software offers customizable interfaces, sound effects, and track recommendation systems that make DJing accessible to those starting with just a laptop. However, for an enhanced DJing experience, additional hardware options like controllers, mixers, and turntables can provide more hands-on control.

What DJ system do most clubs use?

Most clubs use professional DJ systems that are compatible with popular software brands like Serato Pro, Traktor Pro, and Pioneer RekordBox. The choice often depends on the DJ's preference. Serato Pro, with its advanced features, is a common choice due to its reliability and extensive hardware compatibility. 

Pioneer RekordBox is another popular choice, especially for DJs using Pioneer hardware, as it is a comprehensive music preparation tool and a performance software platform. It allows DJs to prepare and manage music libraries, create smart folders, and even offers features like Remix Deck and sample decks.

What DAW do professional DJs use?

Professional DJs use various Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), depending on their needs. Two of the most popular DAWs are Ableton Live and Native Instruments Traktor Pro. 

Ableton Live is favored for live music production due to its real-time audio manipulation, seamless workflow, and customizable MIDI mapping. It provides a platform for DJs to create and manipulate their sounds during live performances.

Traktor Pro, on the other hand, is known for its effect-heavy mixes and advanced performance features. It offers DJs a variety of tools, including timecode vinyl for digital vinyl simulations and special effects. 

Additionally, Traktor Pro's compatibility with native hardware provides DJs with hands-on control for a more interactive DJing experience. Both DAWs offer integration with music streaming services, thus providing DJs with a vast music library for their performances.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best DJ software to try this year:

  1. Serato DJ Pro — best of the best
  2. Ableton Live — best for live music production
  3. MixVibes Cross DJ — best for beginner DJs
  4. PCDJ DEX 3 — best for video mixing 
  5. Native Instruments Traktor Pro — best for effect-heavy mixes
  6. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox — best for DJs using Pioneer hardware
  7. Mixxx — best for open-source DJ software


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