7 Best YouTube Description Generators 2024 (50 Ranked)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated November 23, 2023

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

Today there are 217 different YouTube description generators. We spent 31 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to generate well-written, SEO-friendly YouTube descriptions.

What is the Best YouTube Description Generator?

  1. TextCortex — best of the best
  2. StoryLab — best for high volumes
  3. Hypotenuse — best for personalized descriptions
  4. TubeRanker — best for ready-made templates
  5. Rapidtags — best for description tags 
  6. Hootsuite — best for YouTube automation 
  7. YTRCP — best open-source solution

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $6.99/month

TextCortex generates YouTube descriptions on the spot, right where you need them — on YouTube.com. We think it’s the best because of its SEO-optimized descriptions, high-quality outputs, and efficient Chrome extension.

The Best Part:

  • It’s integrated into your browser. TextCortex's Chrome extension lets you generate YouTube descriptions right within the platform itself. No more toggling between tabs or apps.

The Worst Part:

  • Steep on the wallet. TextCortex's unlimited plan comes with a hefty price tag of $119.99/month, which can be a little expensive for smaller content creators.

Get it if you want an AI-powered tool that generates SEO-friendly, engaging YouTube descriptions while you're uploading your video.

I recommend you get started with the free plan to test the waters, then get the Lite plan $6.99/month.

(free plan)

Best For

TextCortex is best for content creators who want a seamless, on-page solution for generating SEO-optimized YouTube descriptions while uploading their videos.

Top Features

  • Saves time and money. Numbers don’t lie; TextCortex automates 70% of content writing work for YouTubers and cuts costs down by up to 18 times, when compared to outsourcing.

  • Human-like writing. Trained with top-performing YouTube descriptions and the GPT-4 algorithm, TextCortex spits out natural-sounding outputs that’ll leave you in awe.

  • Results-driven descriptions. TextCortex's AI doesn't just write descriptions; it uses a “Conversion Rate Optimization” framework to craft content that helps your YouTube videos rank better and get more views.

  • Boosts conversions. TextCortex can generate YouTube descriptions that are proven to convert viewers into subscribers or buyers.

  • Chrome extension. The TextCortex Chrome extension isn't just for generating descriptions on YouTube; it can also work on scheduling tools or any other website.


TextCortex offers three pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for YouTubers who want to test the waters with up to 20 descriptions per day and access to GPT-4 and web search tools.
  • Lite: Starts at $6.99/month for hobbyist YouTubers who create content moderately and want to generate up to 12,500 words for YouTube descriptions.
  • Unlimited: $119.99/month for full-time YouTubers who constantly put out new videos and want an unlimited plan to generate high-quality descriptions for their content.

Annual subscriptions provide up to a 30% discount.

Try TextCortex today with the free plan.

Our Verdict — Best For High Volumes

Price: Starts at $15/month

StoryLab excels at generating YouTube descriptions at lightning speed. We think it’s the best for high volumes because of its ultra-speed generation, intuitive user interface, and compatibility with multiple languages.

The Best Part:

  • Affordable unlimited plan. StoryLab is not only fast, but it also allows you to maximize that speed with its unlimited plan. For just $19/month, you can generate as many YouTube descriptions as you need, without worrying about getting capped.

The Worst Part:

  • Limited free trial. StoryLab’s free trial only includes three AI runs per month, which can feel a bit restrictive.

Get it if you want to quickly generate SEO-optimized YouTube video descriptions at scale.

I recommend you get started with the free plan, then upgrade to the Unlimited plan for $19/month.

(free plan)

Best For

StoryLab is best for freelancers, YouTubers, and agencies that want to create an unlimited number of SEO-optimized descriptions quickly and affordably.

Top Features

  • It thinks for you. Just key in your business name, describe what your video is about, and tap on the 'Inspire me' button. StoryLab swings into action from there to and generates flawless YouTube descriptions!

  • Rapid content generation. StoryLab's AI produces YouTube descriptions at super high speed, saving you plenty of time for other tasks.

  • SEO-friendly descriptions. Every generated description is optimized for search engines, increasing your chances of reaching more viewers organically.

  • User-friendly design. Even if you’re not techy at all, generating YouTube descriptions on StoryLab will feel like a summer breeze.

  • Multi-language support. Got an international audience? StoryLab has got you covered in more than 17 languages for your descriptions, including Spanish, French, and German.


StoryLab offers three pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for individuals or small creators who only need a few unique YouTube descriptions each month.
  • Pro: $15/month for hobbyist YouTubers, agencies, and businesses that require up to 100 fresh descriptions monthly.
  • Unlimited: $19/month for large agencies or prolific YouTubers who need unlimited access to generate YouTube descriptions.

Annual subscriptions provide a 20% discount.

Try StoryLab today with the free plan.

Our Verdict — Best For Personalized Descriptions

Price: Starts at $15/month

Hypotenuse lets you create tailored YouTube descriptions to fit your channel. We think it’s the best for personalized descriptions because of its flexible customization options, advanced AI technology, and SEO-friendly outputs.

The Best Part:

  • It's incredibly flexible. Hypotenuse can be tailored to meet your personal YouTube description needs, no matter how complex your content is.

The Worst Part:

  • Not always perfect. Even with all the right settings, Hypotenuse's AI might not hit the mark every single time. A keen eye for editing can come in handy to get those odd descriptions fine-tuned

Get it if you want personalized YouTube descriptions that match your tone and brand like a glove.

I recommend you get started with a 7-day free trial to test the waters, then upgrade to the Individual plan ($15/month).

(7-day free trial)

Best For

Hypotenuse is best for YouTubers who want personalized descriptions that are aligned with their video content.

Top Features

  • Avoid Google penalties. Hypotenuse's plagiarism checker makes sure your descriptions are always original right when you generate them, keeping you in the clear from search engine penalties.

  • Multiple drafts at once. Need options? Hypotenuse lets you generate up to 10 description drafts in one go, so you can cherry-pick your favorite.

  • Tailored tone and style. Whether you want your description to be casual, funny, or professional, Hypotenuse can adjust its writing style to do just what you need.

  • Audience-specific descriptions. With Hypotenuse, you can specify your YouTube audience for your description — the generated content will hit home with your viewers every time.

  • Customized to the tee. With Hypotenuse, all you need to do is drop in your product details, specific use cases, and or interesting stats into the keyword field — you'll get YouTube descriptions that are as unique as your content.


Hypotenuse offers three pricing plans:

  • Individual: Starts at $15/month, for individual creators and marketers who want to craft personalized YouTube descriptions with up to 20,000 words every month.
  • Teams: Starts at $59/month, for teams working together on video projects who need a powerful tool to generate up to 90k words of tailored YouTube descriptions per month.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, for agencies and enterprises that want to generate YouTube descriptions on a larger scale.

Annual subscriptions provide a 17% discount.

Try Hypotenuse today with a free 7-day trial.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. TextCortex — best of the best
  2. StoryLab — best for high volumes
  3. Hypotenuse — best for personalized descriptions

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



Free plan

Starts at $6.99/mo


Free plan

Starts at $15/mo


7-day free trial

Starts at $15/mo


14-day free trial

Starts at $19/mo


Free plan

Starts at $14.99/mo


30-day free trial

Starts at $99/mo



Free forever

Here are the top 50 best YouTube description generators we considered in this review:

  1. TextCortex
  2. StoryLab
  3. Hypotenuse
  4. TubeRanker
  5. Rapidtags
  6. Hootsuite
  7. YTRCP
  8. Jasper
  9. nichesss
  10. INK
  11. Keyword Tool
  12. Maekersuite
  13. Tube Arsenal
  14. Weshare 
  15. MetaTags.io
  16. VidIQ
  17. AnswerThePublic
  18. Soovle
  19. Ubersuggest
  20. LSIGraph
  21. Long Tail Pro
  22. Copysmith
  23. Writesonic
  24. GrowthBar
  25. Copy.ai
  26. LongShot
  27. Simplified
  28. Anyword
  29. Scalenut
  30. Copymatic
  31. Sudowrite
  32. Paragraph AI
  33. Rytr
  34. Chibi
  35. Notion AI
  36. Smart Copy
  37. NeuralText
  38. Mem
  39. Outranking
  40. Hyperwrite
  41. Frase
  42. StoryLab.ai
  43. Writer
  44. Wordtune
  45. ChatGPT
  46. Bard
  47. ShortlyAI
  48. Cliche Finder
  49. GrammarlyGO
  50. Hemingway Editor

How do you write a good description on YouTube?

To craft a well-written description for YouTube, it's essential to focus on video content relevancy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Begin with a captivating description that aligns with the video title, summarizing the main content. An engaging video description should be well-structured, original, and should address the target audience's search intent. Use a handy tool like a video description generator for efficient results. TextCortex, for example, is an AI-powered tool that provides SEO-friendly and engaging YouTube descriptions, optimizing content for better search engine visibility. It integrates directly into YouTube, ensuring content creators can generate a perfect description right within the platform. Incorporate target keywords, social media links, video links, and, if relevant, affiliate links, ensuring clarity and value for the viewer. Remember, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, and a comprehensive description can significantly impact search rankings and the video's position in search results.

Can you copy and paste YouTube descriptions?

While it's technically possible to copy and paste YouTube descriptions, it's not recommended. Generic descriptions don't address the unique nature of each video content. Using tools like Hypotenuse ensures your descriptions are original, thus avoiding Google penalties for plagiarism. A well-crafted description speaks directly to the specific content of each video, enhancing search engine visibility and resonating with the target audience.

What is the best word count for a YouTube description?

While YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters for video descriptions, the best practice is to provide a comprehensive description while still keeping it short. The actual content should be concise, relevant, and engaging. A tool like StoryLab, known for rapid content generation, can craft SEO-friendly descriptions optimized for viewer engagement. Although there's no strict word count, ensure the most crucial information, such as video descriptions and call-to-action, appears in the first 2-3 lines to capture the viewer's attention right away.

What is an example of a good description for a YouTube channel?

A good YouTube channel description effectively conveys the channel's theme and speaks to its target audience. For instance: "Welcome to [Channel Name]! Dive deep into the world of [Channel's Primary Topic], where we bring you engaging, well-researched content every week. From [Specific Content 1] to [Specific Content 2], we've got you covered. Subscribe for weekly uploads and connect with us on [Social Media Links]. Partner inquiries? Contact us at [Email/Link]. Use tools like the YouTube Description Intro Generator for a more personalized touch."

How do I make my YouTube channel description attractive?

To make a YouTube channel description attractive, focus on creating a captivating and compelling description. Highlight the unique aspects of your content, and use a Tone of voice that resonates with your target audience. Describe what viewers can expect from your channel and consider using a description generator tool like Hypotenuse for tailored tone, style, and audience-specific content. Also, always keep the description updated to reflect any changes or new themes on your channel.

How do you write a good description?

Writing a good description involves understanding the content, target audience, and platform. Start by determining the main points you wish to convey. Use attention-grabbing language and ensure the description is well-structured. SEO is vital, especially for platforms like YouTube, the second-largest search engine. Use target keywords, ensure original descriptions, and incorporate relevant links where necessary. Tools like TextCortex and StoryLab can assist in crafting descriptions that are not only engaging but also optimize content for search engine visibility.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best YouTube generators to try this year:

  1. TextCortex — best of the best
  2. StoryLab — best for high volumes
  3. Hypotenuse — best for personalized descriptions
  4. TubeRanker — best for ready-made templates
  5. Rapidtags — best for description tags 
  6. Hootsuite — best for YouTube automation
  7. YTRCP — best open-source solution


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