How to AI Yourself in 60 Seconds (Make Your Own AI Avatar)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated May 28, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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In this post I’m going to show you how to AI yourself in 60 seconds, so you can make AI's that look as realistic as this:

Here are the exact steps to do it:

1. Go to the Create Character Tool in Candy AI

Navigate to the Candy AI website and head to the main menu. Look for the option labeled "Create Character" and select it.

2. Choose a Gender and Art Style

Choose between the 'Female' or 'Male' options according to your gender and select an Anime or Realistic art style for your own AI character.

3. Customize Your Character

After selecting the style, move on to the customization interface. Here, you will have a variety of features to choose from. You’ll get to pick a hairstyle, voice, hair color, occupation, to make your AI version as close to you as possible

That’s it!

AI Character Examples

Here are some examples of AI’s I created following the above steps:

Characteristics: sage, writer, Arab, slim

Characteristics: open-minded, joyful, Romanian, 26 years old, intellectually curious

Characteristics: housewife, high-fashion hobbyist, fit, Afro-American, 30 years old

How do I make myself an AI?

Creating an AI version of yourself is a breeze with Candy AI, one of the best AI image generator tools out there. It's designed to produce high-quality, realistic AIs that match you very closely. With its advanced generative AI technology, anyone can generate amazing images that capture their unique essence by inputting their personal characteristics such as hair color, size, interests, and so on. 

To get started with Candy AI, simply select the characteristics that match you best. Their powerful algorithm (based on Stable Diffusion) will then work through processes in the background to create stunningly accurate facial features that resemble you closely. These beautiful AI-generated pictures are perfect for use as profile pictures or avatars in online gaming and social media platforms.

While using Candy AI is fun and easy, it's essential to be mindful of privacy concerns when creating an AI-generated version of yourself. Refrain from using these generated images for legal identification documents or any other sensitive purposes where misuse could happen. Stick to reliable online tools like Candy AI which prioritize user security during the generation process so you can enjoy creating multi-styled photos without worrying about potential risks!

Is it hard to create my own AI?

Creating your own AI can be approached from two perspectives: developing a technical AI system and generating an AI character representing yourself. Both have their challenges, but with dedication and the right tools, it's achievable.

For the technical approach, you'll need to understand artificial intelligence concepts like machine learning algorithms, neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision. Acquiring programming skills in languages such as Python is essential since many popular AI libraries use this language for implementation. Additionally, mastering frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch will help you develop advanced models more efficiently. Utilize existing platforms like Google's TensorFlow Playground or OpenAI Gym to experiment with pre-built models without starting from scratch.

On the other hand, if you're looking to create an AI character that represents yourself, you can use a tool like Candy AI — a powerful realistic image generator tool. With its advanced AI technology capable of producing high-quality images based on features inputted by users.

Can I train my own AI?

Yes, you can train your own AI by learning the fundamentals of artificial intelligence or by using tools like Candy AI. Start with understanding core concepts such as machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP). Acquire programming skills in languages like Python to develop models efficiently.

If you wanna go with a beginner-friendly option, like Candy AI, go to their character creation tool and pick the options that match you best. The tool will generate accurate, AI-generated images based on your inputs. This approach is more accessible for those interested in generating personalized avatars or profile pictures without diving deep into technical aspects or developing their own AI.

Whether you're training a complex AI system or creating an AI representation of yourself with Candy AI, experimentation with multiple features and processes is key.

What is the app that turns you into AI?

Candy AI is the app that turns you into an AI character by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate high-quality and realistic photos based on your traits. This image and art generator tool makes it easy for users to create stunning AI-generated pictures, perfect for use as profile pictures or avatars in online gaming and social media platforms.

With Candy AI, simply select your main features, such as occupation, mood, hobbies, and race, and let the app work its magic.

What is the best software to AI yourself?

We ranked and reviewed the best AI generators in this article.


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