How to Make a Deepnude Pic Without Blur for Free (6 Steps)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated February 26, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

In this post I’m going to show you how to make a deepnude pic without blur for free in less than three minutes, that looks as realistic as this:

Here are the exact steps to do it:

1. Open PornJourney

Go to PornJourney on your desktop and click “Edit” on the top menu.

Note: A screen with the “Edit Tool Disclaimer” appears. You can close it by clicking on the pink button “I read and understood”.

2. Upload an Image

Click the square with the upload icon and then choose a picture from your desktop.

3. Select the Clothing

Click on the image and drag the mouse over the clothes you want to remove. These parts light up in pink.

Note: If you scroll down the page, you can adapt the Brush Size and make the inpainting region bigger or smaller. You can also clear the selection if needed.

4. Customize the Deepnude

Scroll down the page, then in the “Most Popular (Ultra Realistic)” section select “sexy” and “nude” to see the girl nude.

5. Make the Deepnude Pic

Click on the button “Inpaint”, at the bottom of the canvas and wait a few seconds.

6. Download the Deepnude Pic

Click on the download icon to save the deepnude to your device.

That’s it!

Deepnude Examples

Here are some examples of deepnude pics I created following the above steps:

You can control whether you want to fully or partially undress a girl in a picture.

Details like the handbag can later be removed by the AI.

Inpainting allows you to undress, for example, only one person in group portraits.

Can AI entirely remove clothing from photos?

AI-powered software cannot remove clothing from images at all. Advanced algorithms apply an image manipulation technique that replaces regions of the clothed photo with realistic skin texture. However, the body and skin in the undressed image are not real. 

The same advanced image generation technique is used to partly remove clothes from images. That is handy, for example, to turn regular photos into bikini photos.

Is there an app to remove clothes?

There are many apps that use advanced AI technology to remove clothing from photos with real people. PornJourney, for example, can turn real images of people into nude photos.

The AI-powered image generator automatically applies an image manipulation technique to make a pornographic image or undressed version in seconds. The simple interface and wide range of customization options can create deepnude images that bring fantasies to life.

The built-in advanced AI porn generator can also create pornographic content with anime characters.

What are the consequences of using deepnude images?

Creating and sharing deepnudes can have severe consequences in many spheres, such as ethical, social, privacy, and legal concerns, and more.

  • Users mainly upload images of women to generate non-consensual explicit content. That raises ethical concerns, like the objectification and degradation of women. 
  • Deepfake technology can be used for malicious purposes, such as creating synthetic revenge porn. This could lead to legal consequences in some places.
  • There is an ongoing debate about the impact of deepfake AI on intellectual property and copyright laws. Yet, more and more organizations call for restrictions for nude image generation apps.
  • Privacy concerns are another issue because it’s often unclear what a deepfake nude app does with uploaded images.

How do you edit a picture to make clothes see through, is there any app?

PornJourney is an innovative platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to edit all types of clothing in images. It can also change clothing colors or replace dresses with a sexy see-through outfit.

Users of this online tool don’t need any experience with image editing. The artificial intelligence algorithms are trained to turn any type of clothing into realistic fake nudes.

What are some best practices to make a deepnude?

Apply these tips to create a highly realistic undressed image:

  • Avoid uploading photos with low quality. These make it harder for deep learning models to replace the clothing with realistic body type features.
  • Use an app that matches your technical skills. For beginners, that can be a deepnude generator with a user-friendly interface. PornJourney, for example, offers buttons instead of text-based prompts.
  • Create different fake images and put a strong focus on one aspect at a time. You can, for example, stick to simple prompts. That strategy is ideal to explore the boundaries of explicit AI-generated art. Later on, you can try advanced features to generate better fake naked images.
  • Experiment with a range of styles to discover if, for example, the powerful technology is better at creating deepnudes from images of individuals or generating porn with fictional characters.

What is the best software to create deepnude pics?

We ranked and reviewed the best deepnude apps in this article.


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