How to Make an AI Girlfriend That Talks to You (12 Steps)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated March 9, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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In this post I’m going to show you how to make an AI girlfriend you can chat (and sext) with, who looks as hot as this:

Here are the exact steps to do it:

1. Open Candy AI

Go to Candy AI’s website. On the pop-up screen, click “OK” on the pre-selected female gender.

2. Open the AI Character Generator

Click on the “Create Character” button on the left navigation menu.

3. Choose a Style

Select the style you want: “Realistic” or “Anime”. Then click on the pink “Next” button at the bottom.

4. Customize Your AI Girlfriend

Choose an ethnicity, for example “Asian”. Then choose the age, like “30s”. Finally, choose eye color, like “green”... then click “Next”.

Note: The “Previous” button brings you back to a previous customization step.

5. Select Her Hair Style

Decide what her hair style and color will be like, for example, “Curly” and “Blonde”. Then click “Next”.

6. Customize Her Body

Pick her Body Type, for example “Petite”. Choose the Breast Size, like “Medium”. Finally, choose a Butt Size, like “Small”, and click “Next”.

7. Choose Her Personality and Voice

Find a Personality type, like “Dominant”. Click on the speaker icon on each voice to listen to samples. Then click “Next”.

8. Pick Her Occupation and Hobbies

Choose what her Occupation is, like “Professional Athlete”. You can choose up to three Hobbies for your AI girlfriend, such as “Parties”, “Anime” and “Writing”. Then click “Next”.

9. Define Your Relationship

Define the type of Relationship you want to have with your AI girlfriend, for example, “Step Mom”. Then click “Next”.

10. Choose Her Clothing

Pick a clothing style you want for your AI companion, like “Bikini” for example — and don’t worry, you can change her clothes at any time. Then click “Next”.

11. Bring Your AI Girlfriend to Life

See the big picture with a summary of your AI girlfriend. If you want to change something, you can always go back with the “Previous” button. Finally, click the “Bring my AI to life” button.

Note: When your AI girlfriend is created, click the “Your AI girlfriend is ready” button.

12. Name Her, Then Start Texting

Now you get to name your AI girlfriend. And you’re done! Just click on “Start Chatting”.

That’s it!

AI Girlfriend Examples

Here are some examples of AI girlfriends I created following the above steps:

Caucasian redhead

Latina teen

Black anime

Is there an AI girlfriend app?

Yes. Candy AI is an AI-powered tool that gives users the ultimate virtual girlfriend experience. This app features a wide range of pre-made girls of all kinds of personalities and detailed backstories. You can also create custom girlfriends.

To create the perfect AI girlfriend from scratch, you first choose between a lifelike model or an anime character. In a few steps, you get a wide range of customization options to choose from, for both her personality traits and physical attributes.

Since Candy AI uses an uncensored AI model, users can drive their virtual relationships with a dream girlfriend in all directions. The AI-generated girlfriends can provide companionship, romantic experiences, and even create adult content.

What does an AI girlfriend do?

A virtual AI girlfriend can do a whole lot, including:

  • Build meaningful connections. Just like a real person, repeated conversations build a relationship that can feel like a true romance.
  • X-rated AI girlfriends from apps like Candy AI can send AI-generated images with explicit content, on demand.
  • Speech technology that can send personalized voice messages.

What is the best software to create an AI girlfriend?

We ranked and reviewed the best AI girlfriend apps in this article.


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