CleanShot X – Save Time With Your Mac Screenshots

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"Save Time With Your Mac Screenshots"


CleanShot X lets you take and share the best screenshots you could ask for on macOS devices. Instant shareable link + cloud storage + screen recording + annotation tools. Screenshots become fun with CleanShot X.


  • Easy to use
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Amazing capabilities


  • No free trial
  • Maybe overkill for some
  • Offers paid upgrades

What is CleanShot X?

CleanShot X is a screenshot tool where you can capture beautiful screenshots with over 50 features, for you macOS devices.

Our Verdict — Best Screenshot Tool For macOS

The Best Part:

  • Quicker workflow. Instantly save, copy, and drag-and-drop your screenshots or screen recordings and paste them on any app you want.

The Worst Part:

  • Might be overkill. If all you want is a tool to save a few screenshots here and then, CleanShot X might be a bit too much for you.

Get it if you want the best macOS screenshot app you could ever ask for.

(30-day money back guarantee)

Best For

CleanShot X is best for anyone who takes at least one screenshot a day on their macOS. It’s the perfect screenshot tool, better than Apple's default screenshot tool

Top Features

  • Screen recording, indeed. Within a few clicks, CleanShot X will record your screen and save it as a video or GIF file. Add your webcam, microphones, macOS audio, and more.

  • More than you can see. Ever wanted to screenshot something that doesn’t fit the screen? The Scrolling Capture feature solves this issue elegantly.

  • Text recognition. CleanShot X allows you to extract, copy, and paste text from any type of images.

  • Screenshot, get a link. Every CleanShot X paying customer has free access to CleanShot X Cloud. You save your screen captures and instantly get a shareable link, all in one click.

  • Floating screenshots. Pin any screenshot you need on your screen, with pixel-perfect position, adjust size, opacity… and have a visual reference always visible, for when you need.

Is CleanShot X good?

CleanShot X is highly regarded as the best screenshot tool for mac.

How to screen record on mac?

Yes. With CleanShot X, you can screen record with a wide range of features. You can capture and highlight, hide, and add annotations.

Is CleanShot X free?

No, it is not. CleanShot X is a paid app, and it’s not available for free.

What is the shortcut for CleanShot X?

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Quick Access Overlay in CleanShot X:

  • ⌘+C – Copy to clipboard
  • ⌘+S – Save
  • ⌘+W – Close
  • ⌘+U – Upload to Cloud
  • ⌘+E – Open annotation tool

What do customers love about CleanShot X?

  • How CleanShot X is seen as the ultimate screen capture tool, surpassing Apple's built-in tool
  • Using CleanShot X's advanced screenshot tools for capturing their entire screens
  • Using the built-in annotation tool for quick edits before sharing on social media
  • Enjoying a clutter-free recording experience while they record screen content
  • Having CleanShot Cloud's unlimited storage so that their screenshots and video recordings don’t eat up all their HD space
  • Many appreciate the one-time payment model, getting lifetime access without paying a price per month
  • How both the built-in video editing tool and CleanShot X's built-in trimming tool streamline their workflow
  • Getting constant app updates without additional costs

The Bottom Line

CleanShot X lets you:

  • Take screenshots, annotate, and share them easily.
  • Record your screen and add audio.
  • Save all of your screenshots on the cloud.

You can get started with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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