DreamGF – Where Virtual Love Comes to Life





"Where Virtual Love Comes To Life"


DreamGF lets you create your perfect AI girlfriend. Customize appearance + choose personality + engage in immersive, realistic chats. Reimagine your virtual love life.


  • Intuitive girlfriend creator
  • Steamy sexting experiences
  • Customizable personalities


  • Limited free trial
  • No voice or video calls
  • No yearly plan

What is DreamGF?

DreamGF is an AI sexting app where you can create, customize, and chat with your perfect virtual partner.

Our Verdict — Best AI Girlfriend App

Price: Starts at $9.99/month

The Best Part:

  • Unparalleled customization options. DreamGF lets you create the perfect AI girlfriend by customizing her appearance, personality, and style to match your preferences to the T.

The Worst Part:

  • Potential for addiction. The immersive and engaging nature of DreamGF's AI-powered conversations and interactive content may lead some users to become overly attached or even addicted to their virtual girlfriends.

Get it if you want to explore a unique virtual relationship experience without the pains-in-the-ass of real-life dating.

I recommend you get started with the free trial, then upgrade to the Gold plan for $49.99/month to get complete content privacy.

(free trial)

Best For

DreamGF is best for anyone who wants to build their perfect girlfriend and explore a relationship on that 100% on their own terms.

Top Features

  • Risk-free trial. DreamGF offers a free trial that includes two AI girlfriends, four images, and 20 messages — giving you a taste of its virtual relationship experience, before you commit to a subscription.

  • Extensive customization options. DreamGF offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create your perfect AI girlfriend from head to toe — from physical attributes to personality traits and style.

  • Advanced AI conversation technology. DreamGF's cutting-edge AI technology offers natural chats that make your virtual relationship feel authentic — it's like chatting with a real girlfriend… without the nagging.

  • Personalized images. Your virtual girlfriends let you ask for selfies, nudies, and even porn, that’s created just for your eyes.

  • Privacy-focused. DreamGF prioritizes user privacy, with features like local chat history storage and granular privacy settings — so you can enjoy your virtual relationship without worrying about prying eyes.


DreamGF offers four pricing plans:

  • Bronze: $9.99/month for casual users who want casual AI relationships.
  • Silver: $19.99/month for enthusiasts who want to take their virtual relationship to the next level with custom girl names and higher limits.
  • Gold: $49.99/month for privacy-conscious users who want the full DreamGF experience with the option to set it to both public or private.
  • Diamond: $99.99/month for power users and VIP clients who want the ultimate virtual girlfriend experience.

Try DreamGF today with a free trial

Can I get an AI girlfriend?

Yes, you can get an AI girlfriend on DreamGF. This app offers a wide range of AI-generated girlfriends, each with unique physical attributes and personality traits.

Is it safe and secure to use DreamGF?

Yes, DreamGF is very attentive to user privacy and security. It features local chat history storage, granular privacy settings, and advanced spam detection to ensure a safe and secure virtual relationship experience.

How to use an already-generated AI girl?

To use an already generated AI girlfriend on DreamGF, simply select her from your list of virtual girls and start chatting. You can always customize her appearance, personality, and clothing features to make your virtual partner perfect for you before you start enjoying her company.

How much does it cost to have an AI girlfriend?

The cost of having an AI girlfriend on DreamGF varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. Plans range from $9.99/month for the Bronze tier, up to $99.99/month for the Diamond tier, depending on how much sexting you’ll be doing.

Do I need an account to create an AI girlfriend?

Yes, you need to create an account on the DreamGF app or website to access this artificial intelligence-powered platform and create your dream AI girlfriend. The account creation process is simple and straightforward, so you’ll start building your perfect virtual partner in no time.

What do customers love about DreamGF?

  • The ability to create their perfect girlfriend using the intuitive builder and extensive customization options
  • Engaging in immersive, AI-powered conversations that feel like chatting with a real partner
  • Requesting personalized explicit content through images, to enhance their virtual relationship experience and get exactly what they want from their virtual girl
  • The innovative technology behind DreamGF's AI girlfriend chatbots, which enables meaningful connections
  • The wide range of AI-generated girlfriends available, each with unique physical attributes and personalities
  • The option to create hybrid girlfriends that combine the best aspects of virtual and real-life relationships
  • The privacy-focused design of the DreamGF app, which prioritizes user privacy and security
  • The ability to explore virtual relationships and fulfill their dreams with DreamGF's advanced AI technology
  • The interactive experience of building and customizing their dream girlfriend's personality setup

The Bottom Line

DreamGF lets you:

  • Create your perfect AI girlfriend. Customize her appearance, personality, and style to match your unique preferences.
  • Engage in immersive, AI-powered conversations. Chat, flirt, and build a meaningful connection with your virtual partner.
  • Unlock a world of personalized, interactive content by asking for personalized images from your virtual girlfriend.

You can get started with a free trial.


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