Mangools – Swiss Army Knife for SEO





"Swiss Army Knife for SEO"


Mangools lets you explore keyword opportunities, analyze your competition, and monitor your search engine rankings in real-time.


  • Comprehensive set of SEO tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing and plans


  • Limited backlink analysis
  • Missing some advanced features
  • No integration with Google Analytics

What is Mangools?

Mangools is the best cheap SEO tool for those who need a full-fledged SEO platform with keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and more.

Our Verdict — Best Cheap SEO Tool

Price: Starts at $49/month

The Best Part:

  • Affordable for any budget. Mangools offers a robust suite of SEO tools at a fraction of the price of its worthy competitors, making it easy for startups and small businesses that need to boost their rankings.

The Worst Part:

  • Lacks full-site SEO audit. Mangools could use an all-inclusive on-page SEO analysis tool to identify broken links and provide improvement recommendations.

Get it if you want an all-encompassing SEO toolkit to boost your rankings without spending hundreds of dollars on monthly fees.

I recommend you get started with the 10-day free trial, then get the Mangools Basic plan for $49/month.

(10-day free trial)

Best For

Mangools is best for startups and small businesses that want a comprehensive SEO arsenal to level up their SEO game.

Top Features

  • Spy on your competitors. Unveil the secrets behind your competition's tactics, such as their keywords, top pages, and backlinks, to beat them and climb those search engine rankings.

  • Track your wins. Keep an eye on your search engine rankings and best/worst performing keywords with the SERPWatcher tool.

  • Uncover backlink opportunities. Dive into in-depth backlink data to build a robust profile for your site, with Mangools’ LinkMiner.

  • Streamlined SEO research. Domain analysis, competitor keyword discovery, backlink insights, and a ton of other amazing SEO tools are just a few clicks away.

  • Spot new keyword opportunities. Use the KWFinder tool to pinpoint high-traffic, low-competition keywords for your next piece of content.


Mangools offers three pricing plans:

  • Mangools Basic: $49/month for startups and small businesses that want essential SEO tools to enhance their online presence and attract more leads.
  • Mangools Premium: $69/month for expanding businesses and marketing teams that want more advanced features and additional data queries to boost search engine traffic and rankings.
  • Mangools Agency: $129/month for established enterprises or agencies that handle multiple clients and demand an extensive amount of data.

Annual plans provide a 35% discount.

Try Mangools today with a free 10-day trial.

What is Mangools used for?

Mangools is used for search engine optimization (SEO), offering tools for keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis to help improve your online presence and rankings on Google.

Is Mangools worth it?

Yes, Mangools is worth it for those looking for a cheap SEO tool that provides essential features like keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking to enhance their website's performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Who is the owner of Mangools?

Mangools was founded by Peter Hrbacik in 2014, who currently serves as the CEO of the company.

What are the benefits of KWFinder?

KWFinder, one of Mangools' SEO tools, helps users find profitable keywords to target and optimize their content for better search engine rankings.

What do customers love about Mangools?

  • A complete SEO toolkit including keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking tools to boost online presence and Google SERP performance
  • 10-day free trial, allowing users to access key features like search volume data, long-tail keyword ideas, and competitor analysis without any cost for 10 days
  • Easy-to-use interface catering to various SEO skill levels, helping navigate and harness Mangools' advanced features for search engine optimization success
  • Affordable payment plans for entrepreneurs and small businesses on a budget
  • Precise keyword data offering an extensive list of keywords with reliable metrics like keyword difficulty and search intent insights that help optimize content for targeted organic search results
  • In-depth competitive analysis empowering users with information on competitor keywords, backlink profiles, and link-building techniques to keep an edge in their niche.
  • Mangools SEO extension, a handy browser add-on, allows users to access key SEO metrics and insights right from their web browser for a seamless research experience
  • The keyword research tool, KWFinder, provides valuable long-tail keywords suggestions, assisting users in finding low-competition terms to target in their content
  • With Mangools Premium and Agency plans, users can unlock deeper insights and additional features to further enhance their search engine optimization strategies and outcomes
  • Mangools comes with a 48-hour money-back guarantee on paid plans, providing an extra layer of confidence for anyone to try out Mangools' powerful SEO features
  • Mangools' content optimization capabilities help users create high-quality content that ranks well on Google by offering snippet previews, image metadata recommendations, and internal linking suggestions.

The Bottom Line

Mangools lets you:

  • Discover high-potential keywords and improve your search engine rankings.
  • Analyze your competition and boost your online presence.
  • Access user-friendly SEO tools at an affordable price.

You can get started with a free 10-day trial.


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