Muah AI – Zero Censorship AI Sexting

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"Zero Censorship AI Sexting"


Muah AI lets you carry all of the NSFW conversations you could possibly want, with zero filters. Censorship free + stunning characters + unlimited chats and photos + real phone calls. Time to go wild.


  • 100% censorship free
  • Real phone calls
  • Unlimited access


  • Limited free plan
  • Cost of higher plans
  • Occasional AI delusions

What is Muah AI?

Muah AI is an AI sexting app where you chat about anything, with absolutely no filters.

Our Verdict — Best Censorshipless AI Chatbot

The Best Part:

  • No filters. There’s almost nothing you cannot talk about with your AI companions. Freedom of speech overload, with this AI chatbot.

The Worst Part:

  • Cost of premium membership. There’s a huge jump in prices from the basic entry plan and the better plans.

Get it if you want to have unrestricted NSFW conversations with steaming hot AI companions.

(free plan)

Best For

Muah AI is best for anyone who wants to develop virtual relationships with hot AI characters.

Top Features

  • Real phone calls. You can have your AI partner call you on your phone, and have a real conversation (exclusive to US phone numbers).

  • To your taste. Muah AI offers comprehensive partner tweaking abilities, allowing you to create infinite girls and boys for your own delight.

  • Chat away. Every paid plan comes with unlimited chats and image generation. You’ll never be left hanging.

  • Thousands of characters. If you don’t feel like customizing your own girls and just want to get to it, you can pick as many as you want from the selection of done-for-you characters in Muah AI’s catalog.

  • Yowza. Every single character that Muah AI spits out is a stunner.

What do customers love about Muah AI?

  • The intensive, immersive experience of interacting with virtual characters
  • Enjoying uncensored chat with their virtual companionships
  • Voice chats and voice messages for a more immersive feel
  • Muah AI’s engaging experience, full of deep conversations
  • Having extensive customization options for their partners
  • Enjoying a safe space to deal with social anxiety and develop social skills
  • Having human-like interactions with Muah AI’s artificial intelligence 
  • How the continuous learning process of its AI leads to an ever evolving relationship
  • Using it as an AI-powered companion RPG tool that can offer personalized experiences
  • Real-time phone calls with their AI boos
  • Using the photo x-ray feature to create sexy images
  • Having social interaction on demand, as a tool for enhancement of communication skills
  • Creating custom characters at will

The Bottom Line

Muah AI lets you:

  • Enjoy unrestricted chat with sexy AI companionships.
  • Create their own ideal AI-generated characters.
  • Enjoy real calls with their virtual AI girlfriends, on their cell phones.

You can get started with a free plan.


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