Oniichat – Make Small Talk with AI Waifus

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"Make Small Talk with AI Waifus"


Oniichat lets you drown in waifu love. Tons of DFY waifus + custom creation + voices. Why stop at just one waifu?


  • All types of characters
  • Free trial
  • Create custom waifus


  • Capped free trial
  • No NSFW on free plan
  • Short character descriptions

What is Oniichat?

Oniichat is a NSFW AI chatbot where you can chat to dozens of potential waifus.

Our Verdict — Best AI Waifu Platform

The Best Part:

  • Anything goes. Find models, athletes, bimbos, bodybuilders, and even celebrities. Whatever you’re looking for on a waifu, you’ll find it with Oniichat.

The Worst Part:

  • Capped free trial. You only get enough juice for sending 20 messages on the free trial, which is barely enough to get things going.

Get it if you want to enjoy the company of waifu-material AI girls.

(free trial)

Best For

Oniichat is best for anyone who wants to enjoy hours of NSFW chatting.

Top Features

  • Candy store. You can create and find waifus with glasses, lipstick, tattoos, who are chubby, skinny, tanned, choose ass size… it goes on.

  • All genders allowed. Maybe you want a generic woman, a trans woman, a guy, or even a cyborg? 

  • Age is but a number. You can find and create waifus who are anywhere from 18 through 80 years old. MILFs and GILFs are welcomed.

  • Great prices. With price tags that can go as low as $5 per month, Oniichat delivers endless fun for a very fair price.

  • Collect gems. As a free user, you can get free gems to chat with your waifus. The more days you log in, the more you can enjoy your waifus.

What do customers love about Oniichat?

  • Enjoy good company from an AI-powered tool that’s always on, 24/7
  • Finding attractive virtual characters and interacting with them via the chat tool
  • Oniichat’s ability to distribute user-generated AI characters
  • Finding many of fans’ favorite anime archetypes and styles
  • Enjoying unlimited roleplay and NSFW content
  • Getting voice messages and photos from their partners

The Bottom Line

Oniichat lets you:

  • Find a diversity of characters to interact with.
  • Create your own waifus for you to enjoy.
  • Enjoy infinite messaging, for never-ending NSFW chats.

You can get started with a free trial.


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