OnlyWaifus – Generate Endless Uncensored Hentai





"Generate Endless Uncensored Hentai"


OnlyWaifus allows you to create as many waifu-worthy anime girls as you wish. Unlimited access + quick turnaround + high quality + straightforward user interface. Juicy hentai, on demand.


  • Easy to use
  • Superb quality
  • Unlimited use


  • No trials or refunds
  • No photorealistic images
  • No crypto payments

What is OnlyWaifus?

OnlyWaifus is a hentai app where you can create unlimited hentai, with outstanding quality.

Our Verdict — Best Hentai App

Price: Starts at $14/mo

The Best Part:

  • Hentai from thin air. OnlyWaifus can turn a few words into the hottest hentai you could ask for. The girls are absolutely stunning.

The Worst Part:

  • No trials. OnlyWaifus offers no trials and no refunds. If you want to get a feel of what it can do, check out some of the examples on their homepage.

Get it if you want an AI to help you generate all the hentai you could ask for.

I recommend you get started with the Platinum plan, for $23/month.

(unlimited usage)

Best For

OnlyWaifus is best for those who want to create the hottest hentai with no limits.

Top Features

  • Straightforward user experience. There isn’t a lot to learn or click on, when it comes to OnlyWaifus. It does one thing, and it does incredibly well… Without any bog-down.

  • Ready for a quickie? Once you’re done with your prompt, you’re only seconds away from getting lit with steamy anime.

  • Keep her company. When you create a girl that looks like she could be your new waifu, you can use the remix function to have her in different scenarios, with different clothes, props, and anything you want.

  • You call the shots. Describe anything you’d like to see, like her hair, body shape, face, and a lot more. Combine that with their four different hentai styles, and you’ll never run out of new girls.

  • Incredible image quality. Download your hentai at up to 4K resolution, when you’re on the Platinum plan ($23/month).


OnlyWaifus offers two pricing plans:

  • Gold: $14/month for unlimited usage.
  • Platinum: $23/month for unlimited usage, with the highest quality and download of up to 4K resolution.

Try OnlyWaifus today with unlimited usage.

What do customers love about OnlyWaifus?

  • The ability to create endless waifus with no technical knowledge whatsoever
  • Using an AI-powered image generator to create custom anime art with beautiful anime girls
  • The simple, user-friendly interface on this anime art generator that allows for original image generation of top-tier waifu, with no bog down whatsoever
  • Being able to grow their selection of waifus with their AI-generated anime girls
  • Controlling the anime creation process, choosing the image features, and being able to download images
  • Watching creative anime characters pop up right before their eyes, with incredibly realistic anime characters
  • The classy anime characters that this anime AI generator comes up with with
  • Hoarding tons of pictures of anime girls for their hot collection
  • Using the anime editor features to get their girls to do whatever they want

The Bottom Line

OnlyWaifus lets you:

  • Create unlimited hentai out of a few descriptive words.
  • Download your images in up to 4K resolution.
  • Enjoy its web-based access, with nothing to install.

You can get started starting at $14/month.


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