Promptchan – AI Image Generator for NSFW Content

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"AI Image Generator for NSFW Content"


Promptchan lets you create AI girls from simple lines of text. Create characters + edit photos + short videos + AI chat. Create NSFW content on a whim.


  • Incredible image generation
  • Badass photo editing
  • Chat with AI characters


  • Best features on top plan only
  • It’s a tad hard to edit fine details
  • There’s a learning curve

What is Promptchan?

Promptchan is an AI nude generator where you can create girls, edit photos, chat with AI, and create short videos.

Our Verdict — Best NSFW AI Image Generator

The Best Part:

  • Unlimited creative powers. When you’re on the Pro plan, you get unlimited generations on relaxed mode, so the party never stops.

The Worst Part:

  • Pro plan snobs. Most of Promptchan’s best features are exclusive for their highest plan. Upscaling, video, AI character, saving images to your profile…

Get it if you want to generate all kinds of NSFW image generation without censorship.

(free plan)

Best For

Promptchan is best for anyone who wants to create or edit NSFW images without any kind of technical knowledge.

Top Features

  • Photo editing on a snap. Promptchan is like a pro designer and a photo editing software, all in one. You tell it what to do, it does it all for you. Easy.

  • Looping videos. Create short looping video content on a wide range of styles, to bring your custom AI images to life.

  • Talk to them. Find or create AI characters with the looks, gender, age, and whatever else you’re looking for right now.

  • Use it for your bizz. If you could use Promptchan’s powers for your own business, they offer API access.

  • Your call. What do you want, right now? Realistic? Anime? Furries? Just ask, and you’ll receive.

What do customers love about Promptchan?

  • Bringing their dream girl to life via AI-generated images
  • Having access to advanced image editing techniques and image generation capabilities
  • Content creators can create a vast collection of naughty images, full of their boldest ideas and all their dream girls
  • Getting access to an AI-powered platform that allows them to create all kinds of uncensored AI images (unlike DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, for example)
  • Infinite creative possibilities to edit their reference images, with the Edit Mode
  • Having access to an AI-powered image generator that isn’t shy about NSFW ai image generation
  • Saying goodbye to boring characters and creating high-quality, customized content with hyper realistic images
  • Editing anime images and other types of AI-generated adult content in a wide array of styles
  • Being owners of their AI-generated imagery, being able to use them for commercial purposes
  • Creating their own AI-generated characters and enjoying their company with Promptchan's advanced chatbot
  • How easy it is to create stunning graphics for their marketing campaigns, commercial projects, creative projects, and more
  • Having endless possibilities of adult content creation, girl image generator, NSFW character designs, and all other kinds of AI-generated explicit content

The Bottom Line

Promptchan lets you:

  • Create all kinds of NSFW-friendly high quality images.
  • Enjoy an AI-powered image generation platform with advanced AI technology.
  • Create and edit AI images at will.

You can get started with a free plan.


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