Resume Worded – Tailor Your Resume to Any Job Description





"Tailor Your Resume to Any Job Description"


Resume Worded lets you improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, so you get more job offers. Instant resume analysis + LinkedIn boost + track record of happy customers. Land 5x more interviews, opportunities and job offers.


  • 1-click resume feedback
  • Optimizes LinkedIn in seconds
  • Cover letter generator


  • A tad expensive
  • There’s a learning curve
  • No resume writers

What is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an AI-based career platform to help you tailor your resume and LinkedIn account for the jobs you’re applying for.

Our Verdict — Best AI Career Tool

The Best Part:

  • Get in front of the line. Resume Worded’s increases your chances of getting through Applicant Tracking Systems — because it uses the same systems itself.

The Worst Part:

  • Can get pricey. In order to get the premium features, you’ll have to spend at least $49… which can be a bit too much for people who are looking for jobs.

Get it if you want a boost in your job search.

(free plan)

Best For

Resume Worded is best for anyone who wants to spice up their resume and LinkedIn profile, with the help of AI.

Top Features

  • Designed by top recruiters. The knowledge behind Resume Worded comes from people who understand the hiring process inside out. Your resume is in good hands. 

  • Land more jobs. Resume Worded has a track record of hundreds of people landing jobs at top companies like Google, Amazon, and PwC, for example.

  • Instant resume boost. Upload your resume to the “Score My Resume” tool, and within 30 seconds you get actionable steps to make your resume way more recruiter-friendly… and land more job interviews.

  • Sniper target. Use Resume Worded to analyze a job description and identify the right keywords and skills missing from your resume.

  • Linkedin boost. Get feedback to optimize your LinkedIn profile and generate up to 5x more jobs, leads and opportunities.

Who owns Resume Worded?

Resume Worded was founded by Rohan Mahtani, who’s also Resume Worded’s lead career coach.

Is Resume Worded genuine?

Resume Worded provides advice backed by real hiring data from over 5 million resumes. Customer reviews mention how useful it is for identifying problems in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, with detailed and actionable feedback, that really help with the whole job search experience.

How to check if your resume is ATS friendly?

To ensure your resume is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly, you can use a service like Resume Worded. It’s considered one of the best resume tools due to its detailed feedback and resume score system.

What do customers love about Resume Worded?

  • Choosing from a wide variety of professional resume templates to suit any industry
  • Getting expert feedback on their LinkedIn profile to make stronger first impressions
  • Receiving immediate feedback on their resume's content and formatting 
  • Having a powerful and user-friendly resume tool that makes everything much easier
  • Receiving instant feedback on their resume's content and formatting
  • Choosing from a wide variety of professional resume templates for almost every industry
  • Getting expert feedback on their LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Review feature
  • Using a powerful and user-friendly resume tool that simplifies the process of writing effective resumes
  • Getting the same quality as a professional resume writer from an AI-powered career platform
  • Leveraging AI technology and natural language processing to guide them through their job search process
  • Streamlining their job search with efficient tools and resources
  • Making the job application process easier with automated resume formatting and cover letter generation
  • Using the professional cover letter generator to generate position targeted cover letters
  • Increasing their chances of landing interviews based on data
  • Following through Resume Worded’s job search checklist
  • Getting resume review by real hiring managers
  • Seeing how hundreds of other people have landed their dream jobs with this platform
  • Feeling more confident when applying to job postings
  • Optimizing their resume to pass the screening process and get noticed by more recruiters

The Bottom Line

Resume Worded lets you:

  • Tailor your resume to each job position.
  • Boost your LinkedIn profile.
  • Have an advantage with ATS software.

You can get started with a free plan.


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