Rizz – Your AI Wingman That Never Gets Drunk





"Your AI Wingman That Never Gets Drunk"


Rizz lets you keep the conversation going when online dating. User-friendly + set the right tone + always available. Get unstuck on Tinder.


  • Everything in one place
  • 1-click email broadcasts
  • Collect recurring payments


  • Tendency to be overly-sexual
  • Misses the mark eventually
  • Lacks context at times

What is Rizz?

Rizz is a pocket-sized dating assistant that helps you know what to say on your Tinder chats.

Our Verdict — Best AI Online Dating Assistant

The Best Part:

  • It’s so easy. Rizz is a breeze. You can talk to it, or just upload screenshots and it will do its thing for you. It’s incredibly user-friendly.

The Worst Part:

  • Tends to be over-sexual. The suggested responses can be overly sexual at times, with the risk of you being too straightforward.

Get it if you want to have an AI wingman who’ll help you with ideas to rizz up your Tinder chats.

(7-day free trial)

Best For

Rizz is best for anyone who never knows what to say next on Tinder convos.

Top Features

  • Get unstuck. Know those times when you don’t really know what to say to someone? Never again. Rizz will help you find what to say next, every time.

  • Get openers. Upload a screenshot of someone’s profile, upload it to Rizz… and let it come up with ideas of how you can open the convo.

  • In your backpocket. You can download Rizz on your Apple and Android devices, so you’re never stuck not knowing what to say next.

  • Make it more. Whenever Rizz gives you an answer you think could be better, you can click a button to make it more funny, witty, flirty, poetic, longer…

  • Simple fix. Upload a screenshot of a conversation you’re having on Tinder, iMessage, or whatever, and get an instant reply suggestion from Rizz.

What do customers love about Rizz?

  • Finding witty replies in a number of communication styles
  • Using its intuitive interface to find sexual partners and even romantic partners, without sweating on what to say next
  • The fact that it’s developed by language experts who understand the nuances of everyday life communication
  • How it gives incredible advice to people who aren’t great communicators

The Bottom Line

Rizz lets you:

  • Find the perfect response to all your Tinder convos.
  • Let go of the anxiety about your communication skills.
  • Have a sidekick at your side, at all times.

You can get started with a free 7-day trial.


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