SnapEdit – One-Click Photo Edits

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"One-Click Photo Edits"


SnapEdit lets you edit your images in many ways, all with unlimited usage AI tools. Image sharpener + photo enhancer + restoration powers. All in one photo studio.


  • Free plan
  • 20+ million users
  • Spa for your photos


  • Ads on the free plan
  • Low free plan limits
  • Not the best for advanced users

What is SnapEdit?

SnapEdit is an AI photo editor where you can enhance and retouch pictures with many photo enhancing, one-click tools.

Our Verdict — Best One-Click AI Photo Editor

The Best Part:

  • Blurry photos no more. SnapEdit automatically enhances blurry photos and makes them as sharp as a butcher’s knife, in one click.

The Worst Part:

  • Capped free plan. SnapEdit adds their logos on your images, and displays ads on the website, when you’re on the free plan.

Get it if you want to be able to enhance your photos like a pro, with a bunch of one-click AI tools

(free plan)

Best For

SnapEdit is best for anyone who wants a tool that can enhance all of their photos easily.

Top Features

  • Time travel. Turn old, wrinkly photos into beautiful, brand-new images, with SnapEdit’s “Restore Old Photos” tool.

  • Auto lights on. Turn dim, unlit shots into vivid images, thanks to SnapEdit’s image brightener tool.

  • Efficient images. You can compress your images and make them smaller in size, while retaining quality. Great for SEO or just to free up space.

  • Easy object removal. SnapEdit’s one-click AI detects and removes unwanted objects in your pictures, easy-peasy.

  • Many other tools. You get stuff like the background remover, sky changer, and remove line wire for example. Your pictures are in for a treat.

How much does SnapEdit cost?

SnapEdit offers a free plan where you can use a limited amount of tools. Paid plans start at $9.99/month on the monthly plan, with a 50% discount for annual plans.

Is SnapEdit safe?

SnapEdit doesn’t store your originals or edited images, and they claim they’re data leak safe. So far, they have done nothing to discredit their claims.

What do customers love about SnapEdit?

  • Using this amazing tool to turn imagination into art
  • Having one-click effects handy for quick light editing
  • Saying goodbye to pimples and photobombers with photo healing edits
  • Using the clone tool to remove unnecessary objects from their images
  • Having intuitive sliders to adjust their photos, from basic color to advanced edits
  • Knowing they have an AI-driven tool, full of intuitive tools that offer cutting-edge solutions for photo editing in their back pocket… at all times
  • Creating eye-catching visual effects with tools such as anime filters
  • How these exclusive AI tools are powered by deep learning technology
  • The peace of mind of cloud backup for all of their cloud documents
  • Editing on the go, with the help of SnapEdit’s mobile app version
  • Using artificial intelligence technology to remove objects from photos
  • Revealing hidden details in their pictures with the help of SnapEdit’s noise reduction models
  • Creating marketing images for their ecommerce platforms
  • Turning sad pictures in gloomy weather into scenes with beautiful lights
  • Generating photorealistic headshots for all kinds of uses

The Bottom Line

SnapEdit lets you:

  • Enjoy a 100% user-friendly AI photo editing app.
  • Make photos brighter, more colorful, more beautiful.
  • Restore old photos with one click, and remove unwanted details.

You can get started with a free plan.


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