SpicyChat AI – Like ChatGPT, Without Censorship





"Like ChatGPT, Without Censorship"


SpicyChat AI lets you chat, free of censorship, with an existing bot, or with your custom virtual characters. Uncensored chat + character creation + image generation + import from Character AI. Chat about anything.


  • 80+ adult chat categories
  • Easy to create your chatbot
  • AI-generated images


  • Long waiting queue
  • Limited memory
  • Limited tokens

What is SpicyChat AI?

SpicyChat AI is an AI sex chatbot site where you can chat with over 20,000+ bots, or create your own custom sex AI chatbot.

Our Verdict — Best NSFW Chatbot

Price: $5/month

The Best Part:

  • Chatting for life. You’ve got 20,000+ DFY chatbots to choose from, right outta the gate. If you want to, you can create your custom characters, or even import existing ones from Character AI.

The Worst Part:

  • Free? Queue. In the free plan, it can take up to 30 minutes to get a reply from the AI chatbot, if you’re chatting at “rush hour”.

Get it if you want the best NSFW chatbot.

I recommend you get started with the free plan, then upgrade to the $24.95/month plan.

(free trial)

Best For

SpicyChat AI is best for anyone who wants to have adult conversations with AI bots.

Top Features

  • Ready to go. With such a huge collection of AI bots waiting for you to start a conversation, all you gotta do is get started.

  • Custom bots in a minute. You can generate or upload an avatar with its name, title, personality, and even a scenario to start the conversation with.

  • It protects your privacy. You can have public or private conversations and delete your messages, bots, and accounts at any moment.

  • Get saucy images. When you’re on the True Supporter plan ($14.95/month) or higher, you can ask your bots for sexy images at any time.

  • Import your favorite Character AI’s. You can import your favorite bots from Character AI and have spicy conversations with all of them.


SpicyChat AI offers three pricing plans:

  • Get a Taste: $5/month for skipping the waiting line.
  • True Supporter: $14.95/month for longer responses and public AI-generated images on request.
  • I'm All In: $24.95/month for the fastest chat responses and private image generation.

Annual subscriptions provide a 16% discount.

Try SpicyChat AI today with a free plan.

How to sign up for SpicyChat AI?

Go to SpicyChat AI, click on the Signup button and fill in your email address. Click on the link in the confirmation email, agree with the terms of service, and start living your wildest fantasies on this popular chatbot platform.

Does SpicyChat AI allow NSFW?

Yes. SpicyChat allows almost a total freedom of expression. The terms of service and community guidelines prohibit a few illegal activities, like sexual activity between family members and child porn, for example.

Is SpicyChat free?

Yes. The core features, like uncensored conversations with virtual girlfriends, and a wide variety of customization options to create personalized chatbots, are free.

There are three pricing plans that give access to additional features, like skipping the queue, AI-generated images, and access to a smarter model for conversations with the AI-generated NSFW characters.

Does Spicy Chat AI have an app?

No. Spicy Chat is a chatbot web application. But you can access it on your mobile device with a browser and have the same seamless experience with ready-made chatbots and personalized chatbots as on desktop.

How to login and chat in SpicyChat AI?

Go to SpicyChat AI, click “Login” and enter your credentials. Then, choose from the wide variety of chatbot characters or filter the huge range of topics. Finally, click on a chatbot image and start the AI-driven conversation.

What are the features of the Spicy Chat AI?

SpicyChat AI has a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Users can have open and meaningful conversations with ready-made chatbots. 
  • The immersive experiences take place in public or private chats with fictional characters.
  • Content moderation through the NSFW filter and dialog feedback.
  • User privacy control, with, for example, the option to delete messages, conversations, or bots.
  • The chatbot creator tool can bring fully personalized virtual companions to life.
  • The AI-powered chatbots can generate images on demand.
  • The OpenAI API integration allows advanced users to get the most from this chatbot tool and integrate it with a code snippet or API key in other tools or sites.
  • Users can fill in the advanced creation option and make the bot sound like famous people.

What are the use cases of the SpicyChat AI tool?

SpicyChat has a wide range of applications, including:

  • The chatbot tool can be used as an unconventional source of amusement. Adult users can, for example, have conversations without censorship. 
  • The advanced AI technology chatbot platform is the ultimate destination for lifelike conversations and interactive storytelling with a wide range of characters.
  • Some users see it as a communication skills training tool to enhance conversations with real people. 
  • This uncensored content generation tool can also generate explicit images.
  • Some people use SpicyAI to enhance their romantic relationships in real life, or as an inspiration for modern pickup lines.
  • Fantasy and anime fans use the AI-powered platform as a fantasy chat tool that can generate role-playing scenarios and easily bring fantasy adventures with an uncensored chatbot to life.

How to create a character in SpicyChat?

If you can't find the ideal AI-generated NSFW characters amongst the wide variety of characters, you can also create a personal virtual companion as follows: 

  • Click “Create” to open the chatbot creator. 
  • Fill in a name, title, greeting, and personality for your custom chat AI bot. 
  • You can upload an image or use the AI-powered chat avatar generator to make the chat companion even more attractive. 
  • Open the advanced creation option and fill in a scenario to put the conversation in a context. You can also enter dialogs and make the AI bot, for example, talk like famous people.
  • Finally, choose to publish your AI-powered virtual friend companion chatbot publicly, privately or unlisted, if you want to share a link with anyone to have interactive conversations with your chat bot.

Is my privacy protected while using SpicyChat AI?

Yes. According to the privacy policy and the adult content policies, this chat character platform complies with privacy regulations, like the CCPA, GDPR, and so on. 

Users have total control over all their personalized messages, images, audio messages, and so on, that are compliant with the content policies.

What AI model is SpicyChat.ai using?

SpicyChat uses the Chronos-Hermes13b for SFW content. For explicit content, it uses the Pygmalion7b models, which is a smarter model than the one it used before.

The Bottom Line

SpicyChat AI lets you:

  • Chat about anything. Like Character AI, but with no censorship.
  • Create your personalized virtual characters.
  • Have control over your privacy

You can get started with a free account.


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